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Describe, in 200 to 300 words, the path food follows through the digestive system and how digestion occurs in each of the following parts of the digestive system. •Include descriptions of other organs or components of the digestive system, including: oLarge intestine oMouth oSmall intestine oStomach After food enters the mouth and after being chewed by the teeth, the food then transforms into a bolus. Bolus refers to the soft mass of chewed food that passes through the digestive system.

The bolus then leaves the mouth and moves into the pharynx. The bolus then travels down into the esophagus, which leads to the stomach. Once the bolus enters the stomach, it begins to mix with the acid secretions transforming the bolus into chyme. Chyme is the semifluid mass of partially digested food expelled from the stomach in to the duodenum. Depending on the size and type of meal digested, chyme usually empties from the stomach in 2 to 6 hours.The liver, gallbladder and pancreas begin to contribute to the digestive process once the chyme reaches the small intestine. A great deal of the digestion and absorption of nutrients from food takes place once the chyme or food reaches the small intestine.

Secretion of bile from both the live and the gallbladder aids with the digestion and absorption of fat. At the same time, digestive enzymes and bicarbonate secretions from the pancreas assist in the digestive process.The excess materials not absorbed in the small intestine then travel into the large intestine via the sphincter. Both the colon and the rectum are associated with the large intestine; adding the absorption of water, vitamins and minerals, once the material enters the rectum. The material that was not absorbed in the colon travel into the anus, then is excreted from the body in the form of waste products, known as feces. This digestive process can take anywhere from 3-5 hours up to 24 hours.

Effect of diversity on crime in police in a post-Ferguson era

Effect of diversity on crime in police in a post-Ferguson era.

Topic: Criminal Justice: Effect of diversity on crime in police in a post-Ferguson era


Paper details:

Please provide a five to seven page outline of the thesis including all of the required elements set forth in the Capstone Manual. The literature review section should contain just five to seven of the most important references in bibliographic format, no review required. The analysis and conclusion sections need present only what the results are expected to be. *This section contains only peer reviewed research that is related to your particular topic. I want to make it very clear, you should choose a topic that has many peer reviewed research articles for you to use. Do not choose something abstract where you cannot find anything. This is VERY important. It is very important that you check this out in advance using the online library. You have to make sure of this or you will struggle with the class. Peer reviewed research articles are those that appear in criminal justice or public policy related journal articles that have passed a rigorous review process to validate the research contained in the article. The review process for these journals involves forwarding the research study to several researchers associated with the journal and these researchers review the study for reliability and validity, bias, proper research policies and procedures, ethical treatment of research subjects, ethical practices of the researchers, etc. If all of these and other criteria are met, the study can then be published in that journal. This section is expected to be very thorough and substantial.


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