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Human Beings Are Capable of Both Great Good and Great Evil essay help service Science coursework help

A brutal persecution has been presented on the family, who of which appeal as kind natured people. As Felix finds an unconscious daughter of the late family, he executes a brave proceed, risking his own life for this young girl- ‘I haul the unconscious girl up onto my back, and stagger through the smoke and sparks. ’ Now not only does this young boy have himself to care for, to protect, to feed, and keep alive, but also a young girl, who has already seen too much. Great evil was surrounding the lives of many during the holocaust.

The twitch of a trigger ending the life’s of hundreds of thousands of Jews. ‘The cobblestones hurt my face. The gunshots hurt my ears. I start crying. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t got any more stories. ’ As Felix has reached the city after being captured by the Nazi officers, His beloved friend Zelda, who he saved from a house fire, got captured by Nazi Germans with, walked for days in pouring rain, seeing far to deeper versions of evil, and assumed things weren’t right with; had just slipped through that slim line, of life and death.

After a Nazi officer has held a gun to the young girls head, it has suddenly snapped to Felix, that the Nazis are evil, and want to see nothing less or more than pain. His brave self has once again put another before himself, speaking up, begging for her life to be unharmed, only for his plead to be replied to with a gunshot. Unaware of whether Zelda was alive, Felix laid on the cobblestone road. In this example, an act of both great good, and great vil have been perceived, whilst Felix was fighting for his life, trying to get his head around what was happening, Nazi officers are shooting at any Jew they wish, treating them like fish in the sea- plentiful. Their heartless selves laugh at the shooting bullets results. Felix doesn’t yet fully understand what is going on ——————————————– [ 1 ]. The holocaust was a time surrounding WWII, where genocide against all Jewish people in Poland occurred; the massive killing lead by Dictator Adolf Hitler. [ 2 ]. P. [ 3 ]. P. [ 4 ]. P. 73