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Hul Vijeta writing an essay help Networking

Taking learnings from earlier years, a successful redemption programme was implemented, reducing liability substantially. To maximise redemptions by all whoselsalers in the network in the most efficient manner, thereby reducing HUL’s liability. Challenge: To overcome problems faced in previous redemption drives i. e. poor attendance, long waits and wasted agency resources for visiting cities with gift/ rewards vendors. And to maximise redemptions, given the background and geographical spread of venues. Objective

Challenge Target Audience HUL’s wholesalers, ( Vijeta Programme members) primarily small businesses, who have stiff targets and are wooed by schemes from competition. They earn reward points on every purchase and can redeem them for gifts. “Redeem your points for rewards in your own city “- that was the theme. Given that it is an annual event, the task was to create ‘a difference’: This was done by creating a dedicated • Vijeta AV • Invites to event.

Event collaterals:Backdrops A 74 city redemption drive over 2 days in the cities with maximum points’ liability. . Day one for Platinum and Gold members, Day 2 for Silver. 2. A formal invite with members’ Vijeta points personalised, sent well in advance. 3. 3 Teams of 4 students each per zone ( instead of Agency resources) managed the redemption events with daily reports to a Direxions coordinator. 4. HUL received transaction reports within 48 hours of the transaction being done!

Direxions coordinated with vendors to ensure that the value, quality and supply/ quantity of products was commensurate with expectations and demand. 6. A soft copy of all points in each city to enable correct rewards being redeemed 1. 30,000 reward requests requested nationally 2. Rs. 100 Million worth of rewards redeemed.

American West

In this assignment, you will curate your own exhibit of digital artifacts How has the American West impacted our understanding of America today? consider how it relates to the core values of personal development and responsible stewardship. You’ll compile 10-12 digital artifacts (ranging from personal photographs to ad campaigns, sound clips, professional or artistic images) into the PowerPoint. Each image must include a one to two-sentence caption. Though the expectation is that your topic is evident through the collection of images, you’ll include a brief written introduction of 2-3 paragraphs that provides the connection to our core values as well as the background and context for the selection of images, utilizing as support two written texts from course materials course materials include
Carter, M. (2016). Myth of the Western: new perspectives on Hollywood’s Frontier Narrative. Kramer, S. N. (2015, October 12). High Noon [Video]. YouTube.

Banet-Weiser, S.,