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HTM 310 Strayer University Week 8 Operating a Successful Restaurant Research Paper

HTM 310 Strayer University Week 8 Operating a Successful Restaurant Research Paper.

Operating a Successful RestaurantDue Week 8 and worth 180 points
In Assignment 1, you created your own restaurant. For Assignment 2, your hypothetical restaurant has recently opened. You will now create your operations plan.
Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:Outline a food safety plan which utilizes the seven (7) basic steps of the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. Provide plan details that are specific to your restaurant’s design / layout and menu selections.Document food production procedures for three (3) menu items. These procedures should include receiving of ingredients, storage of ingredients, and production steps for making the final menu item.Estimate food costs and food-cost percentage for three (3) menu items. Include a comparison of the restaurant’s breakdown costs for the individual ingredients in each menu item, the specific costs to the restaurant to prepare each menu item, and the overall cost to the patron to purchase each menu item.Prepare a plan for the staffing of your restaurant. Your staffing plan should include processes for recruitment, pre-employment testing, interviewing, and selection. Provide an example of the staffing process for one (1) management position and one (1) server position.Use at least three (3) quality references. Go to to locate those resources. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.
HTM 310 Strayer University Week 8 Operating a Successful Restaurant Research Paper

Chamberlain College of Nursing Violence in Ethiopia Essay.

InstructionsWrite a paper on a current event article that discusses restrictions on freedoms by a totalitarian state or an article on ethnic conflict within a nation. Summarize the article and explain why this issue is important to the global community. What outside influences might help change this issue? How? Is the article neutral? Why or why not?Be sure to include a scanned copy of the article in your submission in addition to citations. Articles may not be more than one month old.Writing Requirements (APA format). Refer to the APA manual.Length: 3 full pages (not including the title or references page)1-inch marginsDouble-Spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle and Reference page requiredAPA cite article with linkScan copy of article required
Chamberlain College of Nursing Violence in Ethiopia Essay

Avionics systems

Social media marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the marketing world. Choose a network, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram, and explain how you have been targeted by a product or service. Identify what segmentation strategy would be appropriate for this product or service. Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary. For this homework, the focus will be on Apple. After reading Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook, do some research on Apple, and identify how the company illustrates the concept of marketing and the marketing mix. Please explain how they have integrated the Internet of Things (IoT) in their marketing and consumer-buying efforts. Be sure to explain the technologies that Apple is using to revolutionize marketing and the customer experience. Your homework must include an introduction. You must also reference at least one journal article from the CSU Online Library and one article from a business-related source or news website; therefore, your homework should be supported by at least two sources. Your homework must be at least two pages in length and be double-spaced, not counting the title and reference pages. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. essay help I have to make my block diagram and I would like you to continue from there using the coursework brief as a guide in which I will drop down below together with the coursework brief . I have dropped a picture of my block diagram as well so if there’s any changes that can make the coursework better according to the course brief pls. You can use Microsoft word for the block diagram drawingIt’s written in the attached coursework brief I sent to you

Maxis Communications Berhad Is A Telecome Service Marketing Essay

i need help writing an essay Maxis Communications Berhad is a telecome service provider with both ixed and IDD business and other Internet services. Maxis is the number one cellular service provider company in Malaysia. Maxis Communications Berhad (Maxis) is a mobile focused telecom service provider with fixed line and IDD businesses to support its wireless operations. It is the number one cellular service provider in Malaysia by quality and quantity of subscribers as well as profitability. The major part of my research on Maxis will focus on its mobile division because this currently comprises the bulk (over 90% of the total revenue) of the company’s operations. The company is well placed within an expanding and stable Malaysian telecommunication market, which should support continued fundamental expansion off an already impressive base. Given what Maxis has already achieved, the company will likely remain one of the foremost Southeast Asian oper Introduction This paper reviews the performance of Maxis Communications Berhad (Maxis), a mobile focused telecom service provider with fixed line and IDD business to support its wireless operations. It is the number one cellular service provider in Malaysia by quality and quantity of subscribers as well as profitability. The major part of my research on maxis will focus on its mobile division because this currently comprises the bulk of the company’s operations (over 90% of total revenue). The review period covers 5 years from 1998 to 2002. INDUSTRY DYNAMIC Telecommunication Market Structure Telecommunication services in Malaysia have been traditionally provided on a monopolist basis. Since 1996 Malaysia has adopted a general liberalisation model in order to develop its telecommunication sector. Over the past years, the government has issued licenses to several new operators – each a powerful corporate group. As a result, the industry once monopolised by Telekom Malaysia now has panoply of players offering fixed line and wireless services. Beginning of last year (2002) there were 5 licensed telecommunication companies; Telekom Malaysia, Celcom, Maxis Communication, TIMECel and Digi. The telecommunication operators have since been consolidated into three major players namely Maxis Communication, Telekom Malaysiaand Digi. ince Maxis is involved in both the post-paid and prepaid market segments, it should take steps to customise the marketing efforts of segments to achieve optimal results. While both services attempt to portray a premium image within each segment, the separation of the two ensures that the perception among lucrative business segments and high-income customers is not lessened. Maxis’s strategy is to focus on quality rather than quantity advertising by selecting the appropriate media and ensuring that the content of the message is effective and consistent with the Maxis premium brand image. Maxis could leverage on its relationship with sister companies such as Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) and Astro to advertise its product. These are the two most important channels of communication as the majority of its audience are made up of the younger generation, working adults, housewives and senior citizens ‘ incidentally the targeted consumer groups for this prepaid product. Apart from media, advertisement could also be made via the television and radio, outdoor billboards, selected magazines and newspapers. People Maxis recognises the importance of developing an effective human resource strategy to support and sustain its growth. The company operates on a number of key performance indicators (KPI) such as overall service level, processing time and problem solution time. These traits are inculcated into its staff force. Maxis also provides mandatory customer care classes and attachment in customer-facing operations for all its employees. Maxis believes that these training initiatives would further promote Maxis’ customer-oriented culture. In its effort to retain and attract quality workforce, Maxis introduces competitive employee remuneration, performance-based bonuses, while offering a wide range of training programmes through the Maxis Academy and external courses with high quality working environment. Furthermore, the Maxis senior management team possesses the combination of skills and multinational experience necessary to grow a mobile operator in a highly competitive environment, particularly in the areas of marketing, branding, technology and financ The Malaysia cellular market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, posting 15%, 39%, 74%, 44% and 21% growth per year through 1998 to 2002 to reach 9.1 million subscribers by end 2002, implying about 38% penetration in the market. The recent strength is largely due to the popularisation of economical pre-paid services within the market as well as falling costs for handsets and a recovery in economic factors. The subscriber growth data is provided in the table below. Customer service – from subscription through after-sales service ‘ is critical to subscriber retention and premium brand maintenance. Maxis’s customer focus should be in providing better customer management, easier access to Maxis support and services, expanding top-up channels and differentiating Maxis from its competitors. Maxis could use its existing service channels such as Maxis centres, Maxis Authorised Service Agents (MASA), Maxis i-centres, Maxis contact centres and Maxis e-customer services. The functions of each channel are as follow: Maxis centres: These centres would be located at convenient locations across Malaysia and should offer a complete range of standard customer services. MASA: Maxis could utilise its authorised agents to complement maxis centres. The agents could provide customer services such as payment facilities, information on the latest value-added services, responding to enquiries, etc. Maxis i-centres: These centres should be equipped with Internet kiosks for customer access to Maxis Internet services and display the latest mobile equipment.

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge In The Amazon Rainforest In Brazil Marketing Plan

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge In The Amazon Rainforest In Brazil Marketing Plan.

The nature of this task involves a thorough business type analysis of the
brand or firm that you choose. Since the product/service is unique and out of
the box, your analysis will likely uncover a series of reasons and or
circumstances that led to its current state (mission / values / vision). Go to
your firm’s website and/or any necessary library resources and answer the
following questions. Firm name: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil1.Do you see evidence of growth strategies, new products? Evaluate and Explain. 2.Describe the external environment variables (e.g.,
economic, technological, sociocultural etc) would affect your firm and its
strategy? How? Be specific and be sure to include all components
of the external environment. Knowing
that the hospitality, tourism and service industries are the first to be
affected in an economic downturn, how will the economy impact your firm? What does
your firm do to handle, respond and or anticipate these potential threats?
Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge In The Amazon Rainforest In Brazil Marketing Plan

Overcoming Anger to Improve Communication Report

Overcoming Anger to Improve Communication Report. Communication is an interaction between people, and it is an inseparable part of our everyday life. Sometimes we take interaction with other people for granted and do not understand what great role communication plays in our everyday activities. Interaction with people makes us parts of society. Moreover, successful communication makes a valuable contribution to our future development. We all appreciate our relationships with parents, friends, colleagues, and teachers. But sometimes, our actions and emotions can be the obstacles that interrupt our communication. One of such emotions is anger. I believe that every person noticed that it is very difficult to control anger and this feeling is the one that affects communication the most. Few persons are perfect in communication. However, it is the skill that we should work on to become better communicators. From my own experience, I can say that anger can be very destructive. It can harm our relations with close people and, what is more important, our inside world. It appears without any warning. I noticed that I become angry when people ignore me, unjust towards me or if there is some conflict. Being anger, we do not control our emotions and words. Some people cannot even control their behavior. When anger passes, we feel that we were wrong and regret our actions. But rarely if ever we can fix it, and very often our relations with people come to an end. It is a paradox, but often we offend close people more than unfamiliar ones because we know their week points and say can it during a quarrel. It is very important to know to control anger, and there are several techniques that can be very helpful. For example, when I feel anger, and I understand that I am going to say something really bad, I count to ten before saying something. It helps as I have the opportunity to think over my words. Sometimes, I am just trying to take a break from the person and go to my room and listen to music. Some people advice doing physical exercises to release anger. It is also a helpful way. Humor is a wonderful means to “defuse the situation” it can even help stop the conflict. Also, I always try to be self-aware and think about what I am saying and why. I try to ‘get into the other’s shoes”; in other words, I try to understand the point of view of the other person. Finally, it is very important to be ready for compromise. These tactics often help me when I communicate with my friend and relatives. There were many situations when my anger was the reason for a break up with a friend. I very appreciate that I know these tactics because they helped me maintain good relationships with many friends. Moreover, today I have even more friends. I believe that it is the best motivation to work on myself. I also learned that controlling anger is beneficial not only for my communication but for my well-being and good mood as well. Improving communication skills is important for every person. It enhances our future development and, what is more important, our relationships with other people. I learned that self-control, self-awareness, humor and positive thinking could help in controlling anger and developing communication skills. Overcoming Anger to Improve Communication Report