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1. Lacking of support: People think that the human resource planning is unnecessary and time consuming. Workforce can be arranged anytime whenever needed with attractive benefits and incentives so why human resource planning. They thought it is an easy task to manipulate the workforce in the organization. It is matter of surprise that this kind of perception conceived by the top management of organization.

2. Wrong perception about Human Resource practitioner: In this competitive business world it is so a difficult task to compete the rivals without strategy and formulating strategic planning is challenging. It is supposed to that the people who formulated the human resource plan are not expert about business as result they might make error in overall strategic since the human resource practitioner formulated the human resource plan.

3. Incompatibility of information: A strategic plan is set for achieving the long term goal or objectives of the organization. At the time of formulation strategy the used information are long time oriented and on the financial basis, but the human resource planning formulated using the short term information. So the information of human resource does not often match with the information of strategy formulation.

4. Confliction between short term and long term need of Human Resource: In an organization there are need of Human resource for short term purpose and long term purpose. The short term purpose can be met by hiring people for short term period but to meet the long term purpose organization must prepare its own capable skill workforce. Individuals must prepare to meet the long term purpose has to prepare skill people to run its work smoothly that can fulfill the long term needs of organization. If it is think that skills are available to meet the short term needs the long term needs are avoided.

5. Approach confliction: In formulation of human resource planning it must consider that how many people and how efficient people will be needed for the smooth functionality of the organization. Among the human resource practitioners some emphasis on number of employee and some emphasis on the quality of the employee where both approaches are equally important for the organization.

6. Absence of operating managers’ co-ordination: There is no doubt that Human Resource planning is a major function of Human Resource Management that means Human Resource department and it is also inevitable that successful planning is depending on the co-operation of all the existing department. Mainly the operation managers’ coordinating exertion plays an important role in the succession of Human Resource Planning.

Conclusion: From the above discussion we have got some problems among them few are created by the involved person in the organization and few are created from the miss-perception of idea perceived by the managers at different level or be deficient in synchronization with the planning in different department. But which may be avoidable.

Organizational Minor Project 2

Organizational Minor Project 2.

 Description Project: Consulting article: Details: Write a popular press article for a leadership or consulting journal that explores issues of diagnosing change, selecting the right tools, and appreciating the sense of urgency within the organization. Your article should engage the reader and offer insights into diagnosing a change in consulting engagements. This should not be a theoretical discussion but an applied piece that offers concrete examples and applications in a contemporary setting. Offer helpful tips, suggestions, and make recommendations that practicing consultants can immediately apply. Familiarize yourself with what the magazine or journal editors are looking for in submitted articles. Please submit the submission guidelines as part of this assignment. Note: If the submission guidelines request a 1,000-word article then write 1,000 words. If it requests 1,200 then write 1,200 words. This assignment will be graded in part on the submission guidelines that you submit.

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