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HRMN 302 UMGC W7 Group Communication Teamwork and Leadership Analysis

HRMN 302 UMGC W7 Group Communication Teamwork and Leadership Analysis.

Think of a problem encountered in the past by a group of which you are a member. Begin your analysis by defining the group. What type of group was it? At what stage of development was the group? And then share your thoughts about how the group communicated to solve the problem. Use the Seven-Step Framework we learned about this week and identify which step(s) the group utilized in their resolution efforts. Do you think that if the group followed the full seven-step framework, resolution would have been quicker or less contentious? Develop and post your analysis and then share thoughtful comments on two classmate’s ideas.
HRMN 302 UMGC W7 Group Communication Teamwork and Leadership Analysis

TRSCNJ Music and Philosophy Offering Harmonies and Expressing Emotions Essay.

I will be able to provide any of the PDFs in question. But I am struggling with this course and need to pass. Thank you. Topics:1. As a newly hired director of a famous Concert Hall, you must plan for the grand openingnight. You need to prepare a 90 to 120 minute Concert Program, as well as write up ProgramNotes. You need a theme (thought-out reason for your choices); you need to fit the pieces inthe allotted time, with an Intermezzo (intermission). You must select music examples fromFolder 6 (files 1 and 2), or Folder 8 (file 2). You may also choose different music examples thatare not included in these folders, but they must still be from one of the composers listed in thefiles. Your Program Notes must clearly describe your reason for the selections, with a touch ofhistorical/conceptual support for the selected compositions, including dates, information onthe pieces you select, as well as a juicy anecdote or two about the selected musicians. You maycite from Folder 12, for deeper conceptual issues as well. Here are links to orient you aboutConcert Programs: – as well as Program Notes will upload a few images of Concert Programs on our Shared Drive (for inspiration), but since2you only have four pages for this topic, your Concert Program must be written as your firstparagraph. After that, you may begin your “Program Notes.”2. Select a passage, statements, terms, or position from my Virtual Lecture # 7 (Parts 1 through4) that you would like to further develop. It is your task to develop it, by i) explaining theposition, statement, or passage, then ii) adding a specific musical example from Folder 6, theniii) cross-reference terms/concepts from any of my VLs, and iv) adding further support fromone author that was mentioned in the Virtual Lecture. This can easily break down to therequired full four pages. Using one page per each section (i, ii, iii, iv), will hand you the fourpages. For this topic, you may use footnotes to cite references (primary text, or article) fromthe one author you selected (for section iv).3. Select two authors covered in my any of my solo days that you would agree with on a specificissue(s) about music. Then, i) track that mention from my Virtual Lectures, and our PDF LAPreadings (in Folder 4), with your added explanations, and development, and then, ii) furthersupport your choice and reason by citing and explaining parts of a primary text, or article, byyour two selected authors. In the end, your task is to give clear reasons to a future student ofmusic & philosophy for the need to look into these authors as important theoretical positions.Using two pages for each of the sections (i and ii) would lend you four pages with ease. For thistopic, you may also use footnotes to cite references (primary text, or article) from the twoauthors you selected (for section ii).Topics 2 and 3 are already broken down for what is clearly required, so that you can plan yourfour pages with ease. The issue with these (as it was with Topic 1), is to have read, or listened toenough of the materials to know where to go fishing for a catch. In the end, as I noted in my“General Advice” … select carefully what works best for you. I wish there were actuallyquestions in class on Tuesday (11/24), but, thanks to one of your classmates, and theirwonderful question/concerns, I thought to share this with all of you so that it may help.Remember, we (as a class) are like an orchestra, we have our shared score, our parts, and ourinstruments (think, our voices, concerns, views), and only when this plays in unison (or close tounison), is music made. If not, well, then there remains only empty, voiceless enclosures, like a110’00” cage.
TRSCNJ Music and Philosophy Offering Harmonies and Expressing Emotions Essay

Key to leadership assignment

Key to leadership assignment. I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

The Key to School Leadership: The Principal
Researchers continue to conduct studies to identify the key characteristics found in the principals who are leaders of successful schools. For example, in our first article, The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning (The Wallace Foundation, 2013), the authors discuss the importance of vision, creating a hospitable climate, cultivating leadership, improving instruction, and managing people. Meador’s (2013) article identifies leadership, people skills, balancing “tough love” and earned praise, being fair and consistent, being well organized and well prepared, possessing excellent listening skills, and retaining a sense of vision.
As you can see, the two authors seem to have identified some similar and somewhat different characteristics in determining what makes a principal successful. In addition, after you have watched the brief videos from Great School Leadership in Action (The Wallace Foundation, 2013) , you may have more ideas on what it takes to be an effective leader.
List your six selected characteristics and in two to three paragraphs, address the following:

From the characteristics identified in the articles and from the video, select the six you believe are the most important. Explain why you selected them?
Which of these would have the greatest effect on school improvement?
Think back to our discussion in Week 1. How do the six characteristics you selected align with Ron Edmond’s work on Effective Schools? Would Edmonds also find your choices to be essential in the leadership of effective schools?

Reference from Week 1 Discussion for this assignment
Edmonds, R. (1979, October). Effective schools for the urban poor. Educational Leadership. Retrieved from…

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
Click here for information on Course Rubrics
Meador, D. (2016). Seven characteristics of a principal. Retrieved from…
The Wallace Foundation. (2013b). The school principal as leader: Guiding schools to better teaching and learning. Retrieved from…
The Wallace Foundation. (2013c, April). Video: great school leadership in action [Video File]. Retrieved from…

Key to leadership assignment

Who are the threat agents who will be most interested in attacking Web applications created through AppMaker?

python assignment help Who are the threat agents who will be most interested in attacking Web applications created through AppMaker?. Help me study for my Computer Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

There are two parts for the discussion:1. Briefly respond to all the following questions. Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least two references.
Using Figure 5.4 in the attachment document Spring 2020 ISOL 536 Week 3 Individual Assignment 3_1_.docx as the target architecture, who are the threat agents who will be most interested in attacking Web applications created through AppMaker?

2. Since we know that this particular instance of the AppMaker implements a customer-facing store that processes financial transactions, how does that influence which threat agents may be interested in attacking it?

Who are the threat agents who will be most interested in attacking Web applications created through AppMaker?

Harvesting the Web Intro and Scrape Marymounts Website Simple Python Coding

Harvesting the Web Intro and Scrape Marymounts Website Simple Python Coding.

Using the code on Harvesting the Web Intro1. Scrape Marymount’s website for any news stories and display their title in the console.Harvesting the Web IntroIn many jobs you will be required to perform some simple data analysis to solve an open question your company of boss may have. You can see this in our fist Data assignment for instance if your company wanted to quantify how secure their users were being with their passwords.Often the data is not as readily available as a nice .txt or .csv file. You need to go out and collect the data. If it is a page or two, you may spend an hour and just got collect the data manually. If you need to do some repeated behavior across thousands of sites, this becomes a larger issue. For instance if I want to collect all the recipe names of a recipe website: I could go through and copy and paste a few thousand times or … we could write a python program to do it for us.We will start off this week using the simplest of the libraries which is requests . This library simulates a web call such as going to and what packet of data is sent back.Let’s start with importing the libraryimport requestsThis library may not be installed on your system so you will need to either use ‘pip install requests’ or if you are using pycharm, install the library through the GUI. For how to do this, see (Links to an external site.)Once we have the library we can make our first web call.response=requests.get(‘’)We are doing two things in this call. w=Our library is going to the marymount webpage and returning the html/javascript/and full network response. We are assigning the response to a variable called ‘response’We’ll look at two things first, the headers and the status:print(response.headers)print(response.status_code)The headers gives alot of information about the request/response such as encodings. Some of this information will be uised in advanced scripting. The Status Code is more useful immediately for us as it tells us if we correctly loaded the page. a code of 200 is SuccessfulYou can see all of the possible status codes here (Links to an external site.)Some you should know such as 404 not found.Ultimately what we are looking for is some text or attribute of the website. In order to get that we need the text.print(response.text)This will return a whole mess of text. If you have had web programming it should look familiar if not it may look like greek. What is returned is anything that is consider ‘client-side’ code. This includes mainly HTML, Javascript, and CSS. This code is what your web browsers (chrome,firefox, safari,..) need in order to render a screen. Unfortunately web systems do not know inherent meaning behind text since every developer styles and structures their page differently. So in the end we get a blob of text and code. HTML does have a structure though so in order to get some information we just need to look for patterns …. which should make you think of regular expressions!For instance if we wanted to scrape Marymount’s sites for all events happening we would look at the page and the text give to use and see this line in the html<a href=”/Home/News-Events/Calendar-of-Events/Event?eventid=1719 (Links to an external site.)”><h6>Sciences, Math, and Education Webinar</h6></a>and another<a href=”/Home/News-Events/Calendar-of-Events/Event?eventid=1744 (Links to an external site.)”><h6>Virtual Pizza and Conversation- Life transitions. Wh…</h6></a>What pattern do these have? The events are inside an H6. That is good but there are other H6 tags on the page such as <a href=”/Home/saints-on-the-go/news?newsId=52 (Links to an external site.)”><h6>MU student named 2020 Honors Scholar of the Year</h6></a></br>and that is a news item not an event.So we could define a pattern that is is an h6 preceeded by the word eventidimport rematches=re.findall(r’eventid=d+”><h6>([w,s]+)</h6>’,text)for event in matches: print(event)This regular expression captures all the events going on at Marymount according to that pattern. The regular expression breaks down as followseventid=d+ This means the literal String eventid=followed by 1 or more numbers”><h6> this is the end of the event tag and the start of h6 literally in the text([‘w,’s]+)</h6> this is looking for any combination of letters spaces and commas after the previous <h6> and the parethesis tells the regular expression to return this value via grouping. After this statement it must end with </h6> which is the enjd of our patternAs you can see , detecting these patterns can be tricky but they are feasible. This makes webscrapping and data collection and unique but very useful skill in the new economy that we are in.______________________________________________________________________________2. Fix the error in the codes Rewrite Assignment 1: Dog Years to be a function called calculate_dog_years()It should take 3 parameters (firstname, lastname, age)First name will have a default of John, Last Name will default to Doe, and Age will Default to 18It should print out the same results as Lab 1 except this time enforce that the first letter of both firstname and last name are capitalized. So nathan becomes Nathan and green becomes GreenThese commands should workcalculate_dog_years(“Nathan”,”Green”,37)calculate_dog_years(lastname=”Green”, firstname=”nathan”,age=37)calculate_dog_years(age=21)codes:def calculate_dog_years(): #print(“Hi”,first_name.capitalize(),last_name.capitalize(),”you may be”,your_age,”years old but in dog years you are”,age_in_dog_years,”old so get busy living!”) first_name=input(‘please Enter your First Name ‘) last_name=input(‘please Enter your Last Name ‘) your_age=input(‘please Enter your Your Age ‘) age_in_dog_years=int(your_age)*7 print(“Hi”,first_name.capitalize(),last_name.capitalize(),”you may be”,your_age,”years old but in dog years you are”,age_in_dog_years,”old so get busy living!”)calculate_dog_years()
Harvesting the Web Intro and Scrape Marymounts Website Simple Python Coding

Equations and Graphs of Linear Relations

Equations and Graphs of Linear Relations.

Summarize a strategy that can be used to graph
each of the following.a.   y = mx + bb) Ax
+ By + C = 0c)
  y – y1 = m(x –x1) d.  Py + 1 = Qxe.   A linear relation using technology2) State the domain and range of y = 6. 
Equations and Graphs of Linear Relations