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HRM 590 What are HR metrics

HRM 590 What are HR metrics.

The purpose of the Session Long Project (SLP) at Trident University is to give you the opportunity to explore how each module is relevant to your own life and work, and to see how the otherwise academically rigorous presentation of a topic may, with more or less work and/or trauma, become “up close and personal”. This is done in a number of different ways – sometimes it is accomplished with cumulative papers, sometimes with hands-on application using a tool of some sort, and sometimes using reflections on one’s workplace or life. Modality notwithstanding, the common thread is that of personal application, aimed at demonstrating a cumulative knowledge and understanding of the course material.In this module, and in those to follow, you will be asked to look for examples of how metrics and analytics have been, could be, or should have been, applied in an organization you are familiar with. Each module will approach these questions from a particular point of view – some general, some specific.This first SLP requires that you describe your organization and its HR functions. This information will be used as a baseline for writing the SLPs over the remaining modules. Having identified your organization and its HR functions, find out through observation, interview, or policy review what the organization’s position is on HR metrics. Are HR metrics and analytics being utilized? If so, which ones? If not, why are they not being used? For any metrics that may currently be in use, discuss how they are tied to organizational outcomes. What other comments, suggestions, or recommendations can you offer regarding the nature of HR metrics and analytics as they are used (or not used) within and across your organization?Bring in at least 2 library sources to help strengthen your discussion.
HRM 590 What are HR metrics

How To Develop Pricing Strategy For A Product Marketing Essay

This Paper tries to link between the first two components of a marketing mix: product strategy and pricing strategy. In order to help decision makers to define the optimum pricing strategy for product mix. Marketers broadly define a product as a bundle of physical, service, and symbolic attributes designed to satisfy consumer wants. Therefore, product strategy involves considerably more than producing a physical good or service. It is a total product concept that includes decisions about package design, brand name, trademarks, warranties, guarantees, product image, and new-product development. The second element of the marketing mix is pricing strategy. Price is the exchange value of a good or service. An item is worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it. In a primitive society, the exchange value may be determined by trading a good for some other commodity. Pricing strategy deals with the multitude of factors that influence the setting of a price. Table of Contents Introduction This paper will review each of the variables that affect the optimum pricing strategies of a product, the researcher will start with defining The product and exploring how product classification can affect the product mix decision in the firm, then researcher will study the product life cycle and how it can affect the pricing and marketing strategies during the different stages of the cycle. Secondly the researcher will tackle the pricing as one of the marketing strategies and what can affect the pricing strategy either internally from inside the firm or externally from outside the firm, finally researcher will define the linkage between pricing strategy, marketing strategy and the product mix. Problem Statement How to define the optimum pricing strategy for product mix as part of the firm marketing strategy Research Questions What is a product and how product classification can affect the Product mix decision for a firm? What is the linkage between the product life cycle and marketing strategy? What are the different pricing objectives? What factors are affecting the pricing strategy for a product? What is the linkage between pricing strategy, product and marketing strategy? Marketing Strategies Marketing Planning begins with formulating an offering to meet target customers’ needs or wants, where the customer will judge this offering by mainly two elements; product features and quality, and price. (Kotler

Budgeting And Budgeting Constraints Accounting Essay

essay writing help Budgeting And Budgeting Constraints Accounting Essay. A budget is a quantitative or monetary plan for a period of time that aids the effective and efficient management of resources, by encouraging the effective planning, controlling, organising and controlling of resources. A budget is defined as ‘a quantified statement, for a defined period of time, which may include planned revenues expenses, assets, liabilities and cash flows'(DaviesBudgeting And Budgeting Constraints Accounting Essay

Colorado Technical Online Crafting in The Field of Human Services Response

Colorado Technical Online Crafting in The Field of Human Services Response.

Response GuidelinesRead the posts of the other learners and respond to the initial post of at least one. Explore additional considerations for pursuing program sustainability. Support your recommendations with references to at least two additional resources.Student post down below:Those in the field of human services desire to help the community around them and perhaps beyond. It all starts with a spark of an idea that gets crafted into an organization. The crafting process takes some creativity and plans for sustainability. Sustainability for a human services organization is their well thought out plan to keep their doors open and continue to grow as an organization. The call for action inspired by Riverbend City is to create programming for youth who have dropped out of high school and/ or for youth who are on the verge of dropping out. Each school year, these students need support and hope that they can aspire to be high school graduates and for that reason alone, my human services organization needs tools that are effective to keep our doors open for business. As Program Director, I must consider benefits, institutionalization, and development when crafting my plan for sustainability. The program related advantages or benefits are what will make the program attractive to my stakeholders which will attract more clients and funding. Throughout the course of the program, I can make program evaluations and provide questionnaires to the clients and community to help with development. The feedback can aide in modifying the program to implement any necessary changes. Also from the feedback I will know what parts of the program are a success and apply institutionalization- a continuation of original program processes and structures. All three considerations will only strengthen the program and ensure that we are able to provide service to our community for years to come.
Colorado Technical Online Crafting in The Field of Human Services Response

Rutgers University Growth Strategy Report Executive Summary Paper

Rutgers University Growth Strategy Report Executive Summary Paper.

I’m working on a entrepreneurship question and need guidance to help me understand better.

I have my business idea with me i will provide you the idea and the related projects with the idea like funding project but in this project you need to provide the growth strategy of my business idea i am attaching the pervious project and idea and also an example for this project you need to make a growth strategy on my business idea.this is my business idea :- Among the challenges I have encountered in life that may present a business idea is having accessible transportation for elderly adults. My neighbor is an elderly womanwhose age cannot allow her to drive by herself. She often goes for check-ups in the hospitalweekly. It is hectic to access public transport considering that she is elderly and may notunderstand the current technology to get a cab. Moreover, security is another issue. Therefore,coming up with senior transportation services would be a good business idea. Although this mightnot be very innovative, it is a practical business idea. Allowing senior adults to move from theirhomes to grocery stores or out for coffee with ease will be a welcome idea. Such a business ideamay be challenging in the initial stages because older people have to trust a person beforeattaching is the funding project for my business ideaprovide me with the good growth strategy for my business idea.The second is the example of growth strategy project.
Rutgers University Growth Strategy Report Executive Summary Paper

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