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HRM 498 University of Phoenix Human Resources Strategic Plan Paper

HRM 498 University of Phoenix Human Resources Strategic Plan Paper.

Review the Week 5 Individual Knowledge Check. You are acting as a HR Consultant. Develop a strategic plan of 1,050 word or more for Global Plastics, Inc. Human Resource department to address the issues Janet discovered and achieve the goals outlined in the scenario. Your strategic plan should include all elements of a strategic plan and address the following:Align each of the issues with the goals in the company’s strategic plan.Establish metrics to measure attainment of each of the goals.Evaluate how the strategy will address each issue identified in the scenario.Tip: Identify each issue, consider them from an operation’s standpoint, explain why the issue is a problem, provide a recommended solution, provide the rationale for the proposed solution, provide a metric to measure progress for each issue/solution. Tie this back to the overall HR and organization strategic plan. Keep in mind HR concepts/principles and employment law. It will help to start the paper with a critical analysis of the situation reviewing the facts of the case, considering the economical situation of the organization and the human capability issues.Include a minimum of 3 sources to support your work comprised of the course text and 2 peer reviewed journal articles (see Announcements section for definition of a peer reviewed journal source). Government and professional organization websites are good sources but will be considered as additional sources to the 3 required. Keep in mind that usage of the text must extend beyond merely citing the scenario.For further study: Trivedi, A. (2015). HR Metrics: A Benchmark towards Effectiveness. International Journal of Recent Scientific Research, July, 6(7), 5215-5218.Chhinzer, N., & Ghatehorde, G. (2009). Challenging relationships: HR metrics and organizational financial performance. The Journal of Business Inquiry, 8(1), 37-48.Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.Format the paper to APA standards. There is a template in the Announcements section to help with proper formatting of the cover page. There is another handout posted in the Announcements section that has the main general rules of APA.Signature Assignment: Strategic HRM Planning ScenarioScenarioJanet is the newly appointed HR Representative with Global Plastics, Inc. This organization operates in the United States, Europe, and Asia and has fared worse than its competitors during a recent economic downturn. Janet’s predecessor retired after leading a major reduction in force, causing a significant exodus of key talent. With revenue, quality, and productivity down, management set several goals to address the human resources component of the company’s strategic plan: quickly re-invent the Human Resources functionreposition it as a strategic partner to the business improve employee perceptions of her departmentretain top talent and develop a steady but highly-qualified stream of candidates to fill regular as well as critical positionsIn her first month on the job Janet discovered the following issues:The recent departure of several mission-critical employees disclosed no systematic means of capturing expertise from employees; when they left, their knowledge left with them.HR’s participation in the onboarding process of new employees was limited to having them attend a half-day orientation session where, between a video and a slide presentation about the company, they filled out benefits-related, payroll, ID and other paper forms. The new employees departed the session with little understanding of the mission and the respective role they each play in supporting and moving the mission forward.Aside from providing a coordinating function, human resources had outsourced recruiting to third parties who presented candidates based on their internet postings and other sources. No matter the level of the open position, human resources rarely conducted interviews or assessments before or after handing over the resumes from the outsourced recruiter to the appropriate hiring department. Human Resources would get involved again only when a candidate was selected. Training and Development (T&D) had largely been outsourced to several companies that provided generic on-line courses. The assessment of these courses added little value to the employee’s respective position.Job titles didn’t reflect the work people did, and were used instead as a framework for budgeting and compensation. Many employees were doing unique work requiring different knowledge and skills.Job descriptions were inconsistent, long but vague lists consisting of high level duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.The Performance Employee Evaluation Program didn’t align with anything, was viewed by managers and individual contributors alike as a burdensome annual chore that interfered with people’s “real jobs.”Attracting the top talent remains a continual challenge especially in its overseas operations. The turnover rate remains 20% higher than at Global Plastics US divisions.OSHA violations continued to increase over the past 24 months even after the organization committed to reduce the number of workplace safety incidents.
HRM 498 University of Phoenix Human Resources Strategic Plan Paper

Grossmont College Food Insecurity Problem for College Students in USA Essay

Grossmont College Food Insecurity Problem for College Students in USA Essay.

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Topic ChoicesChoose one of the following topics:the food waste problem at restaurants (or at a specific restaurant where you have worked)the food waste problem at stores (or at a specific store where you have worked)the food waste problem in consumer’s homesthe food insecurity problem for college students in the USAthe food desert problem in the USA (or in your neighborhood, city or hometown)RequirementsIn your essay, develop a plan for solving the food problem that you are writing about.Use a variety of rhetorical strategies that you have learned this semester to convince your audience to adopt your solutions.I encourage you to include some of your own creative solutions. I’m not looking for a “right” solution; there are many ways to solve these problems, so I encourage you to share your own unique ideas. You may also add personal observations and even compelling personal experiences to convince readers.Incorporate at least 5 sources into your essay. These are the required sources:at least two credible sources from Grossmont’s library databaseat least one credible source from your google searchat least two of the sources we have read in class:”Wasted””Reducing Hunger on Campus”“The Impact of Poverty, Food Insecurity, and Poor Nutrition on Health and Well-Being” “Barriers to Food Security and Community Stress in an Urban Food Desert”Let your ideas and creativity dominate the essay rather than the research. The research is just meant to enhance what you think could be done to solve the problem you’re writing about. You may also incorporate information from the videos we watched in class. The videos are posted under 10.4, 11.5 and 12.5.Organize your essay in a way that is easy for the reader to follow. Use transitions to help the reader follow your ideas, and smoothly incorporate quotations from the articles. Use in-text citations after any quoted or summarized material from your research.On a separate sheet of paper include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay that lists all of the sources you cited.Type your essay, and use MLA format: 12-point font, Times New Roman font style, double-spacing, and one-inch margins.Proofread your essay for grammar and punctuation errors.Guide for Structuring Essay 3 Paragraph 1: Brief Introduction Use a hook at the beginning of your introduction to grab your audience’s attention.Identify the problem that you are writing about.State your thesis (your ideas for how this problem should be solved).Paragraph 2: Overview of the Problem Include one paragraph where you give an overview of the problem in order to convince your audience that this problem is worth caring about.Explain some negative consequences this problem creates in society that you’ve experienced or observed yourself, read about in your research or in the articles from class, and/or seen in the videos you have watched in our class.Paragraphs 3, 4, 5 & 6: Explanation of the Solutions Include at least four paragraphs in which you explain your solutions to the problem you are writing about. Here are some ideas for how to develop each body paragraph:Identify in your topic sentence one of your solutions from your thesis. Explain why this solution is needed.Describe the solution.Explain how this solution could improve the situation. Optional Counterargument ParagraphYou could also add a counterargument paragraph in place of paragraph 3, 4, 5 or 6 and use the “refuting the opponent” rhetorical strategy.First explain the opposing view (the counter argument).Then “refute the opponent” and explain why the opposing argument is flawed, unfair, weak, or misguided.Paragraph 7: Conclusion In your conclusion, you could summarize your most important points that you want your audience to remember.You could make a prediction about what might reasonably happen if your audience does not adopt your solutions.You could end your conclusion with something very powerful, something you really want to stick in your audience’s mind.Works CitedOn a separate page at the end of your essay, create your Works Cited and list in alphabetical order all of the sources you quoted and summarized in your essay.
Grossmont College Food Insecurity Problem for College Students in USA Essay

should write answers to the following questions make connections between the content and ideas from the textbook and our class discussions. PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! Please read the link given in the instructions most important and answer each question fully. Thank you again

essay writing help • Every student should write answers to the following questions make connections between the content and ideas from the textbook and our class discussions • Where possible, include examples in your answers to further help make your arguments. • Include a title page that clearly provides your name and student number with your submission. • If you make any assumptions in order to answer a question, please include a written explanation of the assumption(s) being made to start your answer. Questions This question set requires you to read an article and then answer four questions. Begin by reading the following article: generation/534198/ 1. In the Atlantic article on ‘smartphones,’ the author suggests that one of the defining moments – arguably THE defining moment – for the Gen Z (or iGen) consumers is the ubiquity of smartphones. Using ideas from our discussion of family and consumer behavior, and drawing on information from the article, how has the ‘smartphone’ changed the way iGen consumers move through life stages? 2. Markets are often seen as both good and bad in terms of their impact on family life and relations. Using the idea that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Bitmoji, and other social media apps are “the market,” outline at least 2 ways in which these apps POSITIVELY facilitate family relationships and family life, drawing on information from the Atlantic article to back up your ideas. 3. Consumer socialization is a process by which young people acquire skills, knowledge, and attitudes relevant to their functioning in the marketplace. This is especially important for understanding how children develop purchasing behaviors. Drawing on evidence from the Atlantic article, how does the widespread use of ‘smartphones’ amongst children, teens, and young adults alter their socialization as consumers? 4. Using the Atlantic article on ‘smartphones,’ describe at least two rituals that children, teens, or young adults are engaging in that involve ‘smartphones.’ Explain whether these rituals involve transformation of the self in some way, drawing on evidence from the article.

Website Critique paper, political science homework help

Website Critique paper, political science homework help.

There will be one (1) website critique report due during the semester. The length of the report should be between 1-2 pages. Basically, I would like you to find a national government-related website and review it critically, kind of like you would do with a book review. By “national government”, I mean any site that originates from the federal government or interacts with the federal government. For example, sites dealing with interest groups, political parties, think-tanks, political organizations, etc.would be fine as long as they are not directed at the “state-level”. As part of your report, let me know if the site has good information, if you found it useful, if you would recommend it, etc. This assignment will exercise your “surfing” skills and ask you to research and evaluate information available on a national government-related website. This report will be worth up to 50 points. Check out the “website critique report materials” folder below for links to website evaluation criteria that you should use as you critique your website, as well as a link to a sample report for you to review.The grade that you receive on this report will be based upon how well you follow the criteria and how complete you make your reports. Do keep in mind that not all of the criteria listed will necessarily be applicable to your website. However, do try to follow as much of the criteria as possible.
Website Critique paper, political science homework help

Week 3 Final Project Topic and Literature Review Related to Topic

Select one of the below-listed topics to use for your final project. Submit topic choice and a minimum of three references related to your topic to your instructor for approval. References should be five years or less since publication and be listed in the current APA Style. No Blog sites, WIKI, or another school of nursing references, please. Nurse managers must work with staff to foster respect of different lifestyles. As a future manager, how can you provide culture-centered leadership to influence your team members and care for a culturally diverse patient population? Please incorporate concepts of cultural humility, sensitivity, or competence and one cultural theory into your response.   Use Kouzes and Posner model to show how the nurse manager on a 30-bed rehabilitation unit would decide the best approach to finding out the cause of increasing urinary tract infections (UTIs) on her unit over the past 6 months.  Quadruple Aim of Healthcare What are the guidelines for the quadruple aim? What is the importance of achieving the quadruple aim? What outcomes may be seen from promoting the leader-follower relationship? The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of an acute care hospital is interested in becoming a Magnet-designated hospital. The CNO would like to create a strategic plan for nursing excellence. If you were the CNO, what would the mission statement for nursing say? What would the vision statement for nursing say? What would be the core values of the nursing department? Create an Incivility Statement/Policy.  You are assigned some risk management activities in the nursing facility where you work. In investigating incident reports filed by staff, you discover that this is the third incident this week in which a patient has fallen while attempting to get out of bed and sit in a chair. How would you begin to address this issue? Decide how you would start a more complete investigation of this issue. For example, is it a facility-wide issue or one that is confined to one unit? Does it affect all shifts or only one? What safety issues are you going to discuss with your staff, and how are you going to discuss these issues? Do these falls involve the same staff member?  Analyze differences among research, evidence-based practice, practice-based evidence, comparative effectiveness research, outcomes research, and quality improvement. How do these practices affect nursing and patient outcomes?  Review the educational program TeamSTEPPS. Identify two strategies you can incorporate into your practice. Present your rationale for selecting those and create an action plan to incorporate those strategies into your practice. 

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