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Several studies have explored HRD activities in different countries. These studies conclude that HRD principles applied around the world have originated from the United States (Elliott, 1998; Harada, 1998; Hilton & McLean, 1997). The definition of HRD varies “from one country to another, and national differences are a crucial factor in determining the way in which HRD professionals work” (Hilton & McLean, 1997). The clear implication is that to understand the context of HRD practices in different countries, it is necessary to study a country or region’s cultural and national values.

Consequently, a study of the significant historical influences of different regions and nations will help in understanding their cultural values and beliefs. As a cross-national and cross-cultural study, this article will notably contribute to the understanding of HRD from a global perspective. To understand and know the profile of contemporary HRD across the world calls for a detailed comparable study on a global scale. Diversity in perspectives has emerged as a need for survival and success, in organizations and in creation of a broader point of view to the literature base of different fields.

An observer of diverse cultures understands that this diversity educates them to an understanding of their own culture. No field or discipline has all the answers for understanding the dimensions of human nature and its development. In the field of HRD, there is a great need for high-level collaboration with other disciplines. This article has drawn on the history of human development to inform the field