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How to Work Within the Supporting Legislation extended essay help biology WRITING A BIOGRAPHY

How to work within the supporting legislation, regulation and codes of practice The legal framework for protection of children There are main children legislations that workers need to understand. All legislations always lead to benefits of children. Previous to rules of the Children Act of 1989 and 2004, there were many pieces of child care legislation which were too complex and incomplete, easier to understand, most of these rules are not 100% completely link to benefits of children’s needs. Legislations had updated because of people’s attitude and ideas.

For example: Nowadays, people are more aware of children abusing because it happened so fast and it happens everywhere. For another reasons were the deaths of many children who were victims of abusing ( Jasmine Beckfors”1985”, Kimberly Carlis”1985”, Tyra Henry”1985” and an inquiry into the handling of alleged sexual abuse in Cleverland”1987”) Legislations Human Rights Act, 1998 This Act came into force on 2 October 2000 and the details are based on people basic’s rights in our society. The Act make sure the rules have to cover every people safety and their rights.

Rules include the right to live, protection from slavery, the right to education and the right to marriage. Without Human Rights, our society might act differently. Even though many people are under the protection of Human Rights, there are others that live around the world without having their freedom, they are used as cheap labour and not allowed to have education. Basically, the Human Rights ensure that everybody have to be treated fair, equal, everyone allow to have their own opinion and though.