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You can support care routines by sticking to the same routines throughout every day of the week so then the children in my setting get used to the times of the day when they do a specific task. This is useful because they will get used to the routine that they have to follow so then they will start to recognise a routine and so this will enable them to do things straight away when they are told to do them. Additionally, you can also support care routines by communicating with the children I my setting about what it is that they would like to do at a specific time of the day. This is useful because it includes all of the children in the options and the discussion about what they would like to do and it also allows the children in my setting to express their opinions in a safe way.

Play can be integrated into play routines by making the type of play that you are doing fun so that it will make the children feel like they will want to join in with the activity that you are doing. You can also integrate play into routines by having the children practice things but by using objects that they would play with. For example if you want a child to wash their face then you could get a doll and get the child to help you to wash the dolls face and then see if they will wash their face as well. This will make keeping themselves clean like a game and it will also make it fun for them to take part in an activity like this. Also, you can integrate play into routines by just making time so that the children will have free time to play with things that are in your setting.

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