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How to Solve Police Violance

How to Solve Police Violance. Paper details The essay should focus on how the police violence and the inherit police brutality within the institution should be solved. The essay should answer these questions by including the main arguments of the attached documents. The citations should be done only from the attached documents. The essay should answer the question of how do these scholars in the attached documents argue that the police brutality be solved? Is the answer more reform? Defunding the police? Community control? or Abolition of the police? The far-right tendencies and sympathies within U.S. law enforcement. Law, state power, and “white-collar” crime. Corporations and corporate crime.How to Solve Police Violance
Adventist Healthcare Brent Staples Just Walk On By Essay Analysis Essay.

you will type an essay that responds to the ideas and claims in Brent Staples’s “Just Walk On By.” Please follow the outline below in your essay:Paragraph 1: Introduce the text, author, and where and when it was published. Then, describe the speaker, occasion, audience, and source of this text. You may organize this information in the best way you see fit.Paragraph 2: Begin by stating the purpose(s) of the text. Then, in 3-4 more sentences, paraphrase the main ideas of the text in your own words. Please include an in-text citation after each paraphrased sentence. End paragraph 2 with your thesis statement.Paragraph 3: Develop the first point of your thesis with at least one quote from the text to support your ideas. Be sure to respond to the text with your personal experiences and observations. Be as specific and detailed as possible.Paragraph 4: Develop the second point of your thesis with at least one quote from the text to support your ideas. Be sure to respond to the text with your personal experiences and observations. Be as specific and detailed as possible.Paragraph 5: Write your conclusion. If you have time, try to “move beyond” your thesis in some way. Consider thinking about this text in terms of agency, for example.Works Cited: Make sure you include an appropriate works cited entry at the end of your essay. Follow this format:Author, “Title of Text.” Title of Magazine, year, pages.(In this case, you can write n.p. for “pages” since we don’t know the exact page numbers.)
Adventist Healthcare Brent Staples Just Walk On By Essay Analysis Essay

Staffing ( Discussion A)

Staffing ( Discussion A). I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

taffing Models/Strategy and Planning
Background Information:
Welcome the first discussion. In this course, you will be introduced to a topic in the discussion below. The first week of this module you will write about your initial thoughts after reviewing the resources. The initial post should be at least 300 words. Where possible back up your position with cites and references form the resources provided. You are encouraged to use the Stratford Library for additional resources.
You will then reply to at least two of your classmates. Your replies should be at least 150 words and you are strongly encouraged, where possible, to use cites and references from your resources to strengthen your position. See the discussion rubric in the Important documents folder for more details on grading.
1. Complete the Following:

Read Chapter 1: Staffing and Models in Strategy and Chapter 3: Planning in your Staffing Organizations Textbook.
Watch: Southwest Airlines Employee Video:Play Video

2.Initial Discussion Post (Minimum 300 words):
Answer the following questions in a scholarly post of 300 words or more by Wednesday:

Part 1: Why is it important for the organization to view all components of staffing (recruitment, selection, and employment) from the perspective of the job applicant?
Part 2: Are some of the 13 strategic staffing decisions more important than others? If so, which ones? Why?

Staffing ( Discussion A)

IAM( Identity and Access Management) CLOUD STRATEGY

essay help online IAM( Identity and Access Management) CLOUD STRATEGY.

Please only bid if you understand the content of this work and have a good knowledge of the subject matter. This is Cloud Presentation. I need about 6 or 7 slides (power point) about cloud IAM strategy. You can include diagrams or charts if needed.Content should be around Guiding principle / guard rails – (Things to consider or best Practices) For example, exercise the principle of least privilege Custom roles Network – read to subscription, write to network security group, vNet etc. AD – read/write to Azure AD, read to audit log, etc. Storage – write to provision storage, read/write to storage account etc. Actual examples of what custom roles should contain Hash vs Pass-through What are those Pros and cons of each Recommendation for which one (if possible) Company to Company Cloud to Cloud) federation view – what are best practices here?
IAM( Identity and Access Management) CLOUD STRATEGY

Reading question (2)

Reading question (2).

READING 8.1: Temporary Help Agencies and the Making of a New Employment PracticeREADING 8.2: Assessment Instruments for the Global Workforce1. COMPLETE What are the major strategic choices an organization faces concerning staffing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? (Critical Thinking Question 3, page 355, in the textbook.) Prepare a 600 word paper.READING 9.1: Confronting the Bias Against On-Line Learning in Management EducationREADING 9.2: Becoming a Leader: Early Career Challenges Faced by MBA Graduates2. How is training likely to change in the future? (Critical Thinking Question 4, page 398, in the textbook.) Prepare a 600 word paper.
Reading question (2)

Butea Monosperma Medicinal Uses

Butea Monosperma Medicinal Uses. LITERATURE SURVEY Butea monosperma (Lam.) Taub. (Fabaceae) 1. Botanical synonyms Butea frondosa Koenig ex Roxb; Erythrina monosperma Lamk. 1.2. Common names Bengali: kinaka, palas, paras, polashi; English: flame of the forest; Gujarati: kakria, kesudo, khakara, khakharo, palasso, phullas; Hindi: chinchra, dhak, palas, paras; Kannada: brahmavriksha, mathuga, mutthugada mara, muttuga, palasa, plashu, thoras; Malayalam: brahmavriksham, mukkappuyam, palas, palasin samatha; Marathi: palas, paras, phulas; Oriya: kinjuko, palasa, polas, porasu; Punjabi: chachra, dhak, palas; Sanskrit: kinsuka, palasa, palasha; Tamil: murukkan, palasu, punamuruku, purasu: Telegu: modhugu, moduga, palasamu ; Urdu: palash, palashpapra. 1.3. Description It is a straight, medium-sized, 12-15 m high, deciduous tree with a curved trunk and asymmetrical branches. It is slowly increasing its height and diameter year by year, at the age of 50 years its diameters would be 5 to 8 m and its height about 20 to 40 cm. The wood is greenish white in color, weighs approximately about 14 to 15 kg per cubic foot. The bark is grey colored. The leaves have 3 foliate, big and stipulate, 10−15 cm length petioles. Leaflets are obtuse, glabrous at the top, finely silky-smooth and noticeably reticulate veined bottom with cunneate or deltoid base. The calyx is dark olive green to brown in colour and densely silky outside. The corolla is lengthy with silky silvery hairs in outer surface. The bark of the palash tree is fibrous and bluish−gray to light brown in colour. When incised, it exudes a kind of red gummy juice. The leaves are compound, with three leaflets. The texture of the leaflets is rough, coriascious with the surface glabrescent on the top and hairy silky at the bottom. The figure is obliquely ovate and generally elliptic. The leaves fall off by December month and re-emerge during spring. When the tree is leafless, it generates orange to red colored flower. These flowers begin appearing in February and keep on forming up to the end of April month. The size is approximately about 2 to 4 cm in diameter. These tend to be firmly gathered on leafless branches. Flowers are large, inflexible racemes 15 cm long with 3 flowers jointly form the tumid nodes of the dark olive-green velvety rhachis. The calyx tends to be dark grayish like the supporting branch itself. The upper parts are orange red. The flowers on the superior portion of the tree make the appearance of a fire from a distance. The fruit of the palash is a horizontal legume, pods stalked 12.5−20 by 2.5−5 cm, solidified at the sutures. Immature pods have a bunch of hair and a silky cover and mature pods fall down. The seeds are flat, from 25 to 40 mm length, 15 to 25 mm width, and 1.5 to 2 mm thickness. The seed cover is reddish-brown in colour, silky, and wrinkled, and encloses two large, leafy, yellowish cotyledons. The hilum is conspicuous, and situated near the middle of the concave edge of the seed (Mazumder, 2011). Butea monosperma (Lam.) Taub (Syn. Butea frondosa; Family Fabaceae) generally known as ‘dhak’ or ‘palas’, usually known as ‘Flame of forest’, Bastard teak, Bengal kino (Kirtikar, 1935).This is moderate sized deciduous tree which is largely distributed in India, Burma and Sri lanka extending in the north west Himalayas (Chopra, 1958). This plant is often described as flame of forest due to its bright red-orange papilionaceous flowers (TandonButea Monosperma Medicinal Uses

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