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Thesis: Everybody should know how to give a CPR on cardiac arrest patient to increasing the rate of survival. Introduction: 1. Importance of proper CPR and defibrillator. How can you save the life just listening me for 7 minutes. . What is the cardiac arrest? Making decision if patient need CPR. Interesting and important to know heart, because that makes a live at this moment. 3. Give CPR and defibrillator. Step by step, understand process of the CPR and defibrillator. Body: 1 Importance of proper CPR A. How many people die without proper or no CPR? There are lots of people die because of heart failure in non hospital setting. Which means some of them could have saved by giving CPR B. Not giving CPR in proper way.

Lots of people know about the CPR (might seen in TV) but it is very important to give the CPR in correct format. You will learn how you might be able to do that. C. Availability of defibrillator. This is the device that you use after CPR or whenever it is available to you. You will also learn how to use it properly and safely. 2. What is the cardiac arrest? Making decision if patient need CPR. A. Function of heart. First I will explain, what is the function of heart in body? which is circulating blood. B. Problem occurs.

There might be some problem which disturbs the normal process of heart. Give some example C. Stop working and that is the cardiac arrest. This is the situation when patient need CPR (can not do it himself so you gotta help ) 3 By learning the proper method of CPR and defibrillator. A. Open the airway. Making sure that nothing has stuck in patient mouth which might block the air way. Simply tilting the head, you have helped patient breathing. B. Assesses breathlessness. Check for the pulse, is patient has no pulse then…