How to motivate students to involve in extra curriculum activities

Education is the key factor for the success of each student. Parents force their children to acquire knowledge for their better life. For that, they send their children to school, tuition classes, and vacation classes etc. They never think to provide a world outside the books and studies. But this knowledge is not enough to become a best personality. Most of the parents focus on the academic marks; they never try to realize the interest or extracurricular abilities of their children. But the fact is that, extracurricular activities can influence students both academic as well as personal life. Basically students who involved in extracurricular activities are smarter than those do not take part. These kinds of activities help students to improve their confidence level and self worth. By motivating students to participate in extra curriculum activities, we can find the particular abilities or talent that they already have. It also builds so many important skills in students such as time management skill, work as a team, leadership qualities etc.

Most of the parents and students don't know the importance of the extracurricular activities in student's life. Many academic teachers request parents to motivate their students to participate in extracurricular activities. But the parents always think that, it will distract the studies of their students badly or students will reach their home at late. Also some students are there, they also disobey to involve in extra curriculum activities because they need only to concentrate on their academic studies. But we should try to understand the importance of extracurricular activities that influences our academic life. Students will get lots of benefits while involving in extracurricular activities. Some of them are listed below:

Became skilled at new and beneficial skills: It is important that each students must learn new and beneficial skill for their throughout life period. With participating in extracurricular activities, students learn many skills such as leadership skill, good team worker, social awareness etc. All these are beneficial skill for students at any stage of their life. A bookworm can get successful life only with the knowledge that is in books. Practical skill is necessary for the better succeed of life.

Build good commitment : Students who active in extracurricular activity have one important characteristic such as good commitment to whatever they are involved in. Suppose they are involved in any extracurricular activities such as single or group activities, they give their maximum effort for the better result. This is because of their commitment towards those activities. This commitment will extend throughout their lives.

Build good responsibility in students: There are lots of activities that need to control by students such as leading an NSS group, scout group, organizing the school annual day or any other function etc. The control of these activities only depends in the hands of students. So while actively participate in these kinds of activities, good responsibility skills develop in each student. These kinds of activities boost the sense of responsibility in students and help them to succeed their life without any difficulties.

Provide more opportunities for students : In most of the educational institute they provide priority to the students who are involved in extracurricular activities. It improves the chances of getting admission in many reputed schools and colleges. They provide the value for extracurricular activities at the time of admission process also. Most of the school expects some extra talent from students other than academic studies. Also, many universities offer scholarship for students because of their extra talent such as sports arts.

The essential aim of accruing education is not only make aware of knowledge that in books, but also to develop different feature in students in all aspects for their better future. So it is the responsibility of teachers and parents to motivate their children to acquire different skills other than knowledge in books. For that motivate students to participate in those activities. Then a question arises in our mind, how to motivate students to involve in those activities. Here are some tips:

First of all discover the activity that students showing their special interest. It is important to discover their special interest because if we force them to do any extracurricular activities that they are not interested, they will not enjoy to perform that and they can't find success through that also. There is no use to force them to participate in those activities; this will not provide any benefits for their future life. So try to understand the interest of the students firstly. Some may interested in sport and if we force them to participate in arts category will not provide good result t in students. It is the responsibilities of teachers and parents to arrange all the facilities that suited for their children's achievements. If students fail to present their best performance t first attempt then encourage them to overcome the entire struggle next time. This will create a positive inspiration in students to they will try their best at next time also. In anyway, extracurricular activities are important for improve and build good confidence in student's life.