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How to Make English Become More Interesting my assignment essay help london Mathematics

English is the main language in world. It is the most often used language to communicate. You won’t be able to communicate with someone from America by using Indonesia language (as if you are Indonesian) or to communicate with someone in London ; the only language that usually spoken in communicating with everyone else from around the world is English. So, it is such an important thing to learn English.

But the problem is it is a little bit hard to make English it self be interest for students to learn. They think it is bored and confusing. This time I would like to tell you about some ways that english teachers can do to make English become interest to students. Try to add some english songs and ask students to sing it together. Everyone love music, love to listening either singing a song. To make english more interesting, the first-best way is to ask students to sing an english song with you.

You can tell them the lyrics so they would know some new english words and tell them how to spell all the words in the lyrics. Then ask them to sing the song. Besides they would enjoy the music, it will be also easier to make them understand how to speak english with a good pronounciation and they will be faster to memorize some english words in the lyrics. So it can increase their vocabulary. When students are getting bored but we still have lessons that hasn’t explained, don’t be worry.

Students will not be last long paying attention to the teacher when the teacher is explaining the lesson, therefore we have to do something to take their attention back. They need something spontaneous. In the middle of our explanation, we can play games. This kind of way will attract their attention. We can adapt Hangman or Jeopardy. Another great idea is to have the students themselves create a game that fits the text you are studying. They probably having fun and enjoy the class. The third thing that we can do is to tell more jokes in class. .

Mathematics Question

In this paper, you are asking to imagine a story and the life after you graduate. Here are few questions that you need to answer in this paper:
It is about the job. Details about how you got your job? What are you going to do in this job?I find this job in the CareerBuilder and answering the question based on the job description.
Then it is about apartment. How you found your apartment. What is so great about your apartmentAnswer should in the attachment named “apartment”.
About bank account. You are using Bank of America and talk about bank information.
About Budget. In the budget, I want you to talk about savings. You need to make a budget table and attach that in the last pages of your paper. In your paper, you can say how much will you save in a month, and the reason why you want to do that. (For example, vacation, down payment for your home). Show all Math
Based on your bank information and saving per month, tell me how much you will save in your account after a year. Show all math and save the last page as the budget page.
Talk about retirement, you can say anything you want. For example, “I am going to retired when I am 50”, or “I am going to have $500000 when I am 60 years old” and so on. It is about when will you retired and how much you plan to save before you retired, Then, show your math and how you got it. How many do you need to save in a month. Also put that in the Budget.
Finally, it is about credit card debt. Everyone would have $6000 in debts when graduate from school. You can talk about how you get make such$6000 debt. Talk about how you gonna to pay it off.According to the formula (left side), talk about how manywould you like to pay off each month and how many years will you pay for all debts (how would you like to pay off your credit card). Show the MATH
The idea is that you are just making a story. In the story, you will talk about your job, apartment, bank, money savings, retirement, and credit card. Please write it as an essay instead of just answering the question. The paper requirement is 4-5 pages long, double spaced and you must attach your budget in the past pages of your paper.
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