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How to break out of prison

This reflection can, incorporate your thoughts and feelings, course readings, and two journal articles you found that analyzes how men/women in transition from prison navigate life without financial means or viable resources.  Personal examples are great to highlight your reflections! There is no right or wrong way to reflect on this experience. Find two current peer-reviewed journal articles that discusses the economic problems men and women face when they leave jail/prison.  Current journals should be based in the U.S. and between the years 2011 and 2021.  Incorporate the readings in your CRJ assessment of the assignment.                                            Personalize your entriesPersonalize your writings to make your presence knownWrite each entry demonstrating your understanding with relevant literatureShow your creativity by introducing something new about what you learned and the specific service day or field work activity/eventIncorporate the course readings to your personal account .Develop a consistent structureHave an introduction, body, and conclusionNarrate and explain the main idea of the activity, the readings, and your reflectionsDemonstrate your understanding of the course readings as you may use quotes from the readings or paraphrase an author’s point to make a particular point clearer, but use them only when relevant and necessary.  Cite them properly, APA formatDemonstrate your own ideas, arguments, opinions in relation to the readings and reflectionsSummarize your pointsApply your critical thinking abilityWhat assumptions are the readings bringing to your writingsWhat facts/assumptions do the activities bring to your writingsDoes your personal account agree with your readings, are there alternative explanationsWrite in first person: “I” (i.e., I agree with the author in this reading, I realized that serving in this capacity…I felt good when I served…I felt bad when…)Give references to support

“The Ocean at the End of the Lane”

“The Ocean at the End of the Lane”.

 For this essay you will choose a prompt that interest you and create an argumentative claim to respond to the prompt. You will need to use outside sources as support for your argument. You will also need to support your claim with examples or “proof” from the novel “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” ( a mix of quotes,paraphrase, and summary). Prompt: Examine the novel as an archetypal hero journey. Explain each of the steps in the narrator’s monomyth cycle. In what ways does he fit the archetype of the hero? In what ways does he differ from an archetypal hero?

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Primary Source Analysis

How to break out of prison Primary Source Analysis.

Description A primary source is any document, letter, newspaper article, photo, drawing, object, or artefact from a specific historical moment. It is something by and/or for the people of the time in which it was created. Each PSA will include the following: • Citation: Full citation to the extent possible. For most of the primary sources in this course the citation will be included on the source itself so all you have to do is reproduce it. • Description: What is it (e.g., poem, legal code, letter, newspaper article)? • Authorship: Who wrote/created it? When was it created? • Purpose: What was the original purpose of the document? And who is the intended audience? You may have to extrapolate here. When possible, include specific details (evidence in the form of quotations) from the document that support the author’s purpose. • Significance: What does the document reveal about the historical moment in which it was created? You may also discuss how the document relates to the unit as a whole (readings, lecture, and other primary sources). Use examples from both the assigned readings and your document to support your claims. Be specific and precise. Notes: • Bullet points are acceptable where appropriate, however, questions 4 and 5 require complete and well-developed sentences/paragraphs.

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2 topic one paragraph each

topic 1
Describe authority and power within the context of the different political systems (e.g., monarchy, democracy, theocracy, and dictatorship). Evaluate the definitions of authority and power in each of these systems.
topic 2
Reflect on either your experience with peer pressure or someone else’s experience. What role do you think peer pressure plays in one’s life and social interactions? Use any personal experience, if appropriate, to help support or debate your classmates’ posts.

Discussion – Measuring Heart Rate and Exercise Intensities

Review what you can find online about the different methods of measuring heart rate and measuring exercise intensities. Post what you find and your thoughts on the difference between methods you find, compared to what is considered the ‘gold’ standard through ACSM.
If you are reading this and there are no discussion points posted, then post one!
Post links to articles you can find on the subject and discuss
Ask questions about the topic, there are no wrong questions or answers in these discussions, they are a platform to spitball, brainstorm, engage with each other to assist you with the class and in your projects.
Respond to other posts and create new threads of thought and interest.

The role of government

The role of government.

 [1] Explain the role of the national government in US society; [2] Explain conflicts and tensions inherent in that role; [3] Explain how such conflicts and tensions can be addressed as a practical governing matter; and [4] Conclude by explaining the implication of such conflicts and tensions for US democracy, going forward.

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Kader Attia’s recent exhibition, “Scars remind us that our past is real”.

Kader Attia’s recent exhibition, “Scars remind us that our past is real”..

Please write a research paper on Kader Attia’s recent exhibition, “Scars remind us that our past is real”. I hope that you will examine the exhibition closely, focusing on key works (such as “J’accuse”) and integrating relevant literature on how historical time is explored in contemporary art (such as through a comparison to Stan Douglas’ “Klatsassin”). I will attach some literature in the Additional Materials that I hope you will use/find useful. I will also attach the list of literature that my professor suggested might be helpful. Thank you very much. The assignment instructions provided by my professor are as following: Examine a 21st-century artwork related to one of the topics addressed in the course (i.e., historical time, the refugee crisis, the environmental crisis, violence, Black Lives Matter, the pivotal development of Indigenous art or the digital turn). Raise a hypothesis [a claim] about how this particular artwork is responding to the historical present. You may also examine more than one artwork or an exhibition. Develop and substantiate your claim by examining the artwork(s) and integrating relevant literature in your analysis of the artwork(s) [this literature must include at least one reading from the course-pack]. Some of the aspects you might want to consider when identifying the aesthetic strategies explored in the works include the following: – materiality – affectivity – montage or assemblage – perspective/point of view – scale – sound/image relation – the relationship between the observer and the observed – temporality – space/geography – human and nonhuman agency

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challenges of teaching to your classmates

challenges of teaching to your classmates.

Reflect on the creation and delivery of your demonstration lesson (250-300 words). Due one week after your presentation. Do not reflect on the assignment or the challenges of teaching to your classmates. 

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Throughout “The Importance of the Act of Reading”, Freire introduces the idea that “reading the world precedes reading the word” (5). What does he mean by this?

Throughout “The Importance of the Act of Reading”, Freire introduces the idea that “reading the world precedes reading the word” (5). What does he mean by this?.

Option 2:

Throughout “The Importance of the Act of Reading”, Freire introduces the idea that “reading the world precedes reading the word” (5). What does he mean by this? How can his insights about context further illuminate the connection between language and our perception of reality proposed by Orwell and/or Lutz? There are many possible answers to these questions, and many ways to approach such a response. You should draw on the primary texts from these authors (Freire, Orwell, Lutz), in articulating your own unique response, and you may draw on other course readings or outside research, if you wish (though this is not required). Follow techniques that will be taught in class over the next few weeks to offer a clear, nuanced argument with persuasive prose – a full list of required elements follows. What you argue is ultimately up to you – when defended appropriately, nearly all responses could be considered valid, including those that question the premise itself. The point is to clearly articulate a thesis and offer a persuasive argument for that thesis, building on what these thinkers have written.


Your essay should provide the following, at the minimum (based on course lessons and readings prior to the assignment due date):

3 o A thesis claim that is directly related to the main theme(s) of the essays

o Summaries and/or paraphrases that orient an unfamiliar reader to the ideas under investigation, including descriptive elements for a reader who may not have read the assigned essays o Quotations that are related to the claims you are engaging, and that are unpacked in a way that shows how you are engaging in conversation with the author being quoted

o A clear presentation of your argument o Illustrative prose that shows the rationale behind your interpretations o Specific engagement with Freire, and Orwell and/or Lutz o Incorporation of support for your argument through careful, nuanced argumentation and support from additional sources, if needed o An indication of what is at stake in the argument you’re making – this should be alluded to in your introduction/thesis claim, and then expanded upon in your conclusion 

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Identify and describe the five prerequisites” for urban industrialization.

Identify and describe the five prerequisites” for urban industrialization..

1. Please identify and describe the five “prerequisites” for urban industrialization. Then describe some of the social costs of urban industrialization, and some of the benefits. 2. Please describe the ways in which rapid urban economic and social change can influence patterns of suicides, accidents, and homicides in an early industrial city (e.g., Philadelphia). In your answer, please discuss how and why different urban groups (e.g., women, African-American men, children, and white men) experienced different patterns of suicide, accidents, and homicide in Philadelphia between 1839 and 1901. 3. Please see the following graphic, which is a categorical bar chart showing the distribution of homicide weapons categories over time in Philadelphia. Referring to the bar chart, please describe the patterns of homicides by firearm, blunt instrument, and fists, feet, body over the three periods of study shown in the chart. Next, please describe why weapons used to commit homicides have changed during the study period.

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