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How the Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Differ college application essay help Algebra online class help

But in the Virginia colony, they were quite numerous. African Americans were needed more in the Southern Colonies because they needed laborers to work in the fields. Massachusetts had fewer slaves because their land was less fertile. The slaves they did have were used more as indentured servants. Massachusetts’s slaves had a more relaxed way of life compared to the slaves of the south. The slaves of the south did strenuous work in the heat for many hours a day with little food and clothing. Lastly, in Virginia, the English manors became southern plantations and in Massachusetts, the New England village became the New England town.

The huts of Jamestown were soon replaced with lavishing brick houses. In the seventeenth century, the “colonial” style emerged in Virginia. These mansions had spectacular gardens and glass windows imported from Europe. These plantations were also known for their grand, moss-covered oaks. The Virginian farmers were known for their luxurious living and exceeding hospitality. The people of Massachusetts initially lived in tee-pee or cave-like structures. These houses gave way to small-framed houses made from clapboards. Massachusetts has snow-filled winters, so they had very steep roofs that were covered with grasses.

By the end of the seventeenth century, New England houses were centered around a fireplace, and like the Virginia Mansions, had glass windows. It is easy to say that both of these Colonies are vastly different. I think that without these differences, America, as we know it today could be substantially different. When looking back on the societies and economies of these colonies I see that no matter how religious or non-religious, agriculturally inclined or otherwise, we as a people have our intuition and aptitude to bring us through whatever hardships we may face. I think that is what makes this country so great.