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How powerful is a state? How powerful should it be? These questions have been debated

In your essay, you should:Write an introduction outlining the basic argument of state powers versus national powers. You may want to turn to the Constitution itself to find material. Write a brief summary of why each document was written. What is the historical context of the documents? You will probably want a paragraph for each document.Write a paragraph of what the two documents have in common. Write a paragraph of what the difference in the two documents is. How does the “South Carolina Exposition and Protest” differ in its argument from the “Kentucky Resolution”?Write a conclusion that answers whether or not a state should have the ability to nullify a national law, and if so, under what circumstances? If not, why not? This last paragraph will be your opinion, but remember do not use “I” in any form. State your opinion as if it were fact.

Marketing Plan project

Marketing Plan project.

The complete marketing plan

2. PowerPoint presentation

The completed marketing plan should include:

1. Introduction Paragraph containing detailed description of the purpose of the marketing plan and what it will


2. History of the business, organization or agency

3. Organizational philosophy (values, mission, beliefs)

4. Description of the facilities, programs, products, and services available

5. Overall strategic goals and objectives of the agency/organization/program

6. Literature review on the organization/program/agency OR the services that provided by the

organization/program/agency (minimum 10 references)

7. Historic marketing materials and organization image: quality issues, marketing materials (current message-

slogan/logo, design – what marketing has been done in the past)

8. Write a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) about the


9. Discuss the use of Internet marketing and Social Networking/ what can be developed

10. Develop a press release for the agency/program/organization

11. Design a new brochure/ Facebook page/ website/ or other marketing material that is not currently being used

by the agency

Once your Marketing Plan is created it should be presented to the agency administrator or the board of


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How to improve the quality of life of people with dementia through technology?

How powerful is a state? How powerful should it be? These questions have been debated How to improve the quality of life of people with dementia through technology?.

Questionnaire and hypothesis testing must be included in the report. There is a research report sample and a hypothesis testing note for reference. The questionnaire must be at least 8 questions.

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Pollution and mental health in China

Pollution and mental health in China.

 Environmental Problems Project: Students will complete a project that examines an environmental problem OUTSIDE of the United States. I must approve topics by 19OCT19. The project will 1) Focus on a specific and identifiable problem 2) Address the environmental principle(s) at issue, all sides of any social/ethical conflicts, adequately describe the important Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of this issue, and include a map indicating the site or area(s) involved 3) Include some interpretation of scientific data. I don’t expect you to be a statistician, but you will need to include a graph, table, chart, flow diagram etc. that YOU produced from data you have found in your research 4) Contain information from at least 1 book (yes, one that is not your text book), 1 peer-reviewed journal (The Journal of Environmental Biology, Journal of Wildlife Management etc.), 1 item of the popular press (Time, Newsweek etc.), and 1 legitimate Internet source (no blogs or Wikipedia, etc). 5) Use proper citation in APA, MLA, JWM or another standardized format of your choosing. 6) Be a well-written, college-level document with proper grammar, word choice, and sentence structure. 7) Be 4-5 typed pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pitch, with a one inch border. It will include a separate executive summary (abstract) of no more than ½ page single spaced. [The required map and graphic(s) do not count toward the page limit.]

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STEP 1: TOPIC SELECTION **I have chosen the following topic***

Sculptures of Ancient India and Greece 
Compare Sculptures of Ancient India and Greece. Compare the way gods and humans were depicted in sculpture in ancient India and Greece, and identify the cultural values and ideals that these art works reflect in each case.


In your first paragraph, establish a clear thesis about your chosen subjects that addresses:

    • Who or what you are comparing
    • The dates covered for each
    • 3-4 sentences on the reason for your choice


Help: When comparing subject A with subject B in a comparative essay you should be mentioning both subjects in your paragraph. Please do not do the first half of the essay on subject A and then the second half on subject B–that will seem like two (2) separate essays and comparisons will tend to get lost. 

Using reasonable and scholarly resources:

    • Compare 2 ways your choices are similar
    • Compare 2 ways your choices are different


Help: Remember to compare subjects directly, versus separating your discussion about each.

Consider your findings on the similarities and differences mentioned earlier and what it might suggest about differences between the subjects’ cultures. Using reasonable and scholarly resources:

    • Compare 3 ways your choices’ cultures are different


Using reasonable and scholarly resources:

      • Suggest a modern day example of your first choice, and provide a rationale for your suggestion
      • Suggest a modern day example of your second choice, and provide a rationale for your suggestion

Make sure you answer this: ****For Sculptures… Where today would you find likeness or real sculptures… city hall, schools, buildings, churches 


In a concluding paragraph, summarize 2 things you learned that in some way ties together with your original thesis.    


Include a reference page that identifies at least 3 references. The class text may be included in the list of 3 or more.

In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or quoting another source. (i.e., STEPS 3, 4, and 5 above)


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Nominal Group Technique (NGT) as a method of collecting or generating data

Nominal Group Technique (NGT) as a method of collecting or generating data.

Order Description

Education Essay
The requirement:
Choose a method of collecting or generating qualitative data that interests you. Design a small piece of data collection related to an aspect of education that is of interest in your work place. Trial this method of data collection and analyse this trial in terms of
• your own developing expertise as a user of the method
• the strengths and limitations of the method
• consideration of how you might develop your use of this method in future work
Guide to length: 3000 words
Marking Criteria:
• Critical analysis of the method considered. Tight focus on method, rather than research topic
• Critical and reflective use of a range of literature in developing your themes
• Reflective insight into the strengths, limitations and use of the method

Now, I have selected NGT as a method of collecting or generating data.

Please note:
1) Do not use questionnaire
2) NGT for researching is necessarily different from the original conception of its use for managerial decision-making. So, write accordingly.
3) Use references for whatever you say.

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Understanding Strength and Conditioning A

Understanding Strength and Conditioning A.

Create a video or script demonstrating your understanding of Strength and Conditioning training. The video or script should be completed within the following guidelines: 1. Introduce yourself by name, school, or association that you work for, etc. 2. Identify the athlete and sport you are coaching and the athlete’s position in the training cycle. 3. Introduce the layout of the training program and then begin training. (NOTE: Training should be specific for the athlete’s needs.) 4. Walk through training techniques with both verbal explanation and physical demonstration. 5. Include both a warm-up and cool-down routine with both verbal explanation and physical demonstration. If you are unable to create a video demonstrating your understanding of Strength and Conditioning training, you will need to write a script for the video you would produce if you had the resources. Requirements for the script: 1. The script should be 1500+ words typed and submitted in a Word (.DOC) or PDF format. For ease of review, please used Size 12 font in Black. 2. Format should be easily readable. The reviewer should be able to read your script and get a mental image of what is trying to be relayed. See sample play scripts or movie scripts for sample formats. 3. Since you will not have visual examples, the script will need to convey your vision. Be detailed but concise.

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An element America’s Infrastructure

An element America’s Infrastructure.

Paper details Breaking news: There have been recent reports of a serious potential terrorist threat to an element of America’s infrastructure in your community. Suspicious actions by an individual who seems to be gathering information about a particular infrastructure section has been observed and reported to the police. In this assignment, you will address the question, “What makes critical infrastructure…….critical?” Assignment Guidelines Address the following in 7–9 pages: Take a look at the various components of critical infrastructure in your own community, and ask yourself the following questions: What sector or sectors seem to be most prevalent in your own community? For example, a city near a river will be more affected by the dams sector than others. What are the 5 most critical components in your community? Consider systems, networks, and individual assets in your response. For each of the selected components, explain the immediate short-term and long-term effects on the community if the component was destroyed or rendered inoperable. Be very detailed in your responses, and fully support your arguments. Consider local, state, and national implications of the critical components.

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Writing Question

Now that you have read about the importance of the following Cases:
Marbury vs. Madison
Dred Scott vs. Sanford
Archy Lee vs. CA
You are now to provide analysis from these cases.
The PromptWithin a 2-page essay, you will write about how the Supreme Court utilized its power to interpret the law. These three cases have a common theme – a decision was made based on procedure. Consider how did the court use the procedure of the events within the case to have an outcome.
The implications on these cases helped shape law and other cases for decades. Conduct some research on each of these cases to understand the implications of these cases. How did it shape future Supreme Court case decisions? How did this influence how laws were created even in Congress?
RequirementsYou need to follow these requirements:
(1) 2 page essay
(2) APA format
(3) Utilize all 3 Supreme Court Cases with evidence
(4) Research to understand the implications of the 3 Supreme Court Cases
(5) Cite your research with a Reference page

Social media and eating disorders/body image

Social media and eating disorders/body image.

Your research paper project begins with a fact finding search on some current issue to advance your knowledge. After you brainstorm about possible subjects and then select one, narrow your topic down to a manageable issue. Investigate possible approaches to your chosen topic and map out your strategy. Your final product will be judged on how well you succeed in producing a well thought out, clear paper which shows you can interpret and intelligently discuss the issue and how well you can back up your findings with evidence.

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topic;American Government Core;please answer the following question

topic;American Government Core;please answer the following question.

American Government Core

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