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How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently college admissions essay help Powerpoint coursework help

A review on Deborah Tannen’s article on How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently which argues that males and females have different styles of communication.

The following brief review examines Deborah Tannen’s article on “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently” and asserts that the style of classroom communication supports how males learn rather then how females learn. This review argues that Tannen’s argument itself is biased towards wanting to show an unfair situation for females.
Tannen makes some excellent points in this article. Considering the current focus on equal opportunity, the point that one situation for everyone is not necessarily the best way is an important one.
Tannen effectively describes some of the ways that males and females are different, showing how the classroom is tailored to the needs of males. In this description, though, there appears to be a bias. For example, debate and participation are only two aspects of the classroom. Other aspects include written tests, reading assignments and presentations to class. These aspects that may be more suitable to female learning are not discussed.