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How Literature Displays Positive Character Trait Through Characters essay help service Website Design essay help

Traits Through Its Characters It is known that a piece of writing can do more than tell a story, but can also portray indirect ideas to the reader. A narrative piece is able to show positive traits, presented through its characters. Literature can display a variety of positive attributes, through different characters, and situations. This is demonstrated in the story, “The Blue Bead,” through Sibia’s acts of selflessness, and again in the text “Long, Long, After School,” through Miss Tretheway’s acts of kind-heartedness. In the story “The Blue Bead,” an example of how literature shows positive raits through its characters, is composed by Sibia’s displays of selflessness when saving a woman from an attacking crocodile. In the text, the narrator states, “Sometimes it had seemed difficult to cross these stones, especially with the big gap… But now she came on wings… and in a moment, she was beside the shrieking woman (pg. 61). ” This shows selflessness because Sibia, usually hesitant on the slippery stones, flies across them making rapid footing decisions, throwing herself towards to woman being attacked, aware of the fact that if she falls, she could harm herself severely.

Another piece of evidence is shown when the narrator states, “Its eyes rolled on to Sibia. One slap of the tail could kill her. (pg. 61). ” This shows selflessness because the young girl willingly put her life at risk, to save one that was not her own. Through the young girl’s displays of selflessness, one can see how the text, “The Blue Bead” portrays a positive trait through Sibia. Throughout the text, “Long, Long After School,” Miss Tretheway shows kind- heartedness through acts presented in the story. An illustration of this is when a flashback occurs, back to when Miss Tretheway states, “Why, Marilyn, Wes’s hands re much cleaner than yours. Maybe Wes doesn’t like to get his hands dirty… (pg. 114). ” This shows kind-heartedness because though Miss Tretheway is Wes’ teacher, she stood up for him when his classmate insulted him in front of his peers. Another illustration of how Miss Tretheway shows kind-heartedness is when a character states, “She gave me a whole quart, just as soon as she found out that hers would match. ” This shows kind-heartedness because one was willing to give up blood, an element that signifies life, almost immediately to save someone who with the woman shared a student-teacher relationship.

Through the acts of kind- heartedness displayed through the story, “Long, Long, After School” shows that literature shows positive attributes through its characters. A piece of writing can portray positive traits through its developed characters. Sibia shows selflessness through her acts of saving the woman being attacked by the crocodile, putting one’s own life at risk. Miss Tretheway displays kind-heartedness by standing up for a student, and giving the aforementioned student a much needed blood transfusion. These examples show that positive traits can be demonstrated through characters presented in literature.