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How important is education in the development of a country history essay help Agricultural Studies online class help

One of the crucial elements which contribute to the development of a person is education. People should be surrounded with good opportunities throughout their lives, and having received a good education gives them a greater chance of doing so, because education enables them to have more welfare in life. As people live in prosperities, the development of a country will be carried to a good level in the future. In my opinion, education is the single and most important in the development f a country.

First of all, education is something that follows us as we grow up to be adolescents. Children start school generally when they are 4”6 years old, and in that process of going through their childhood and teenage period, they structure their outline of life from their experiences gained at school. Many decisions are asked and required by and from the students, and dreams and goals are also concepted at school. These decisions and visions construct a person’s character, habits, and one’s way of thinking.

If inadequate education were to meet a student during this phase, then the potentials that one might certainly pertain in a normal educational environment might not be possible. Going on, the gap between the well educated and less educated is evermore becoming a great problem in many countries around the world. Well-educated people are thought of as a valued asset in accordance to their country and society. As these ‘well-educated’ people continue to gain a higher status in society, the gap between them and the less educated people tend to widen, thus resulting in omething similar to the familiar ‘gap between the rich and poor’.

An equal chance at education is necessary to keep the stress level in between at minimum, and give hope to those who have less chance in attaining high status through education. Moreover, having received a good education can help people attain a good Job. A lot of uneducated people generally go on to run their own businesses, but as this can run the risk of failure and bankruptcy, it is usually not a guaranteed career. With good education however, one can actually guarantee his future with a great Job.

For example, one can be a doctor, teacher or lawyer with the right education. The quality of life can drastically increase with sufficient education. In conclusion, people should get to know that education is definitely one of the vital factors in the development of a country. People simply cannot achieve dreams and goals without learning, leaving the country to be unable to develop any further. They must be aware of the importance of education, and when doing so, they will certainly see its benefits on the human life.