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How do Religion, Culture and Ethnicity Affect the Success or Failure of a Global Enterprise in China? Analytical Essay

There are many factors that would tend to have a significant impact to the success or failure of global enterprises or businesses operating in international scenes. As a matter of fact, these factors are highly regarded in every segment of the modern business world, considering their significant impact on businesses. These factors would tend to serve as perfect guidelines for global entrepreneurs in their business plans, especially when they intend to venture into new markets or when planning to expand their businesses to other regions. There is no doubt that these factors form part of the most important things that global entrepreneurs would consider when laying planning for their businesses. This paper observes some of the ways in which factors such as religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of global enterprises. In order to offer valid information of how these factors may influence global enterprises, China is used in this paper as the country to research. The paper also highlights the factors that could impact upon the decision making of the global entrepreneur in the selected country. Cultural and ethnic diversities in China and their Impact on Global Enterprises China is not only recognised as the fastest advancing economy in the world, but also as one of the most multicultural countries in the world today. The multiculturalism of China would come as a result of globalization and other factors that would include technological changes, an aging workforce and high demand for knowledge and skills in various areas. Globalisation simply refers to the constant process through which different cultures, societies and economies interact with each other on global scales. Globalisation is said to be synonymous with the economic development and success of a nation, and this is evident in China where various aspects of globalisation have continued to play a significant role in transforming every sector of the economy (Combs et al. 2006, p. 517). Ever since the era of globalisation, China has undergone a massive social and economic transformation. The industrial revolution was arguably one of the most important periods in the globalization timeline. This period would see a significant improvement in the quantity and quality of commodities in various regions of the world. This, in turn helped to improve global business relations between countries through exports of products. The first phase of globalisation would come to an end after World War I. This war had brought adverse implications on the economic scenario, leading to a number of major crises that would affect the world in the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these crises are the gold standard crisis and the Great Depression.. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Globalisation in the modern era, which occurred after World War II, has had a greater impact to the global business scenario, compared with the previous phase of globalisation. The global leaders had used this opportunity to enhance economic ties between countries allover the world. More importantly, it was also in the course of this time when many major countries came to attain their independence. Following this significant advancement, the involved countries would start their own bilateral systems which served as avenues for economic relations with the rest of the world. These developments helped to strengthen the global economic situation, thus leading to improved trade relations among countries. Other significant developments whose occurrence had been facilitated by globalisation include the establishment of the United Nations Organization (UNO), the World Trade Organization, creation of global corporations, and blend of tradition and culture across the nations. These factors played a key role in making China a multicultural country as people of different ethnicities found their way into the country mainly for economic-related reasons. As various scholar and researchers have concluded, the largest impact of globalisation on countries would occur in the course of the modern age. For example, it was during this era when widespread development would take place in all sectors of China’s economy. This has further contributed to increased interactions between China and other countries, and in that case, sharing of cultural aspects, ideas, and traditions would occur, putting a direct influence on the country’s globalisation process. In a matter of decades, China has changed from a determinedly Chinese nation to one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. As it would be observed, the aspect of cultural diversity has had far-reaching implications for the Asian country. China’s diverse cultures have significantly continued to impact many aspects of the way the nation relates with other countries around the world, especially in matters to do with business and commerce. Multiculturalism is a construct that would tend to bring significant implications to societies (Cox
Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Motivation Team work Conclusion Reference List Introduction Organizational behavior can be viewed as the way in which individuals, groups and the structure affect (and are affected) by the behavior within an organization. The organizational behavior plays a pivotal role in determining the performance of an organization. A clear understanding of the concept of organizational behavior can significantly affect the productivity of an organization. A good understanding of organizational behavior within an organization can significantly help in reducing problems like absenteeism, employee turnover hence improving productivity, and increasing employee job satisfaction. Robbins and Judge (2010) observed that motivation have a great impact in developing employees’ moods and emotions, which may determine their performance in various areas within an organization. Discussion The ability to recognize one’s perspective or mental framework is itself a fundamental leadership dynamic. This understanding is very important in an organization as it helps in improving the overall productivity levels. As an employee, one of the major recounting issues I face in an organization is absenteeism. This problem is very prevalent in our organization, which has a large number of employees. As a result, the company has lost a significant amount of resources through absenteeism. This behavior has been prevalent in our organization, a situation that has resulted in much efficiency in the organization. There are several ways through which this problem can be overcome. One of the most effective ways is by integrating effective organizational behavior aspects in the organization’s operations. This can help in promoting positive behavior among the employees by increasing the overall performance. One of the main aspects of organizational behavior is the organizational culture. Organizational culture significantly determines the way employees conduct themselves in an organization. It is necessary to enhance an organizational culture that will help to maximize the productivity of employees while minimizing the total expenses. Organizational culture bonds employees together as one, a thing that facilitates realization of organizational goals. This close bond also motivates employees to work towards the realization of organization’s objectives and missions. In the process, the level of absenteeism will be minimized. Culture has a powerful influence on members of an organization. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It can influence the behavior of individuals in an organizational environment in a number of ways. However, culture is an outcome of continued interactions among the people and is shaped by the people’s behavior. In other words, culture reflects the behavior of a certain group of people. In every organization, change is very important in maintaining a top performing organization. As an employee, it is important to learn how to adapt to organizational change. Organizational change is an important factor in organizational behavior. It is important to facilitate the necessary changes in order to promote employee commitment in the work place. However, organizations may change in a manner that the new changes promote employee misconduct. In every organization, organizational change plays a significant role in determining the organization’s success both in the long term and short term. In the modern business world the level of competitiveness of an organization is determined by its ability to handle necessary changes in its operations. The process of change is not always easy as one would think. It involves adjustments in an organization, which may affect day to day activities. As an employee, one is supposed to shape their behavior in such a way that they are in line with the organizational goals. Culture is of great importance in every organization, culture plays a major role in directing the conduct of employees. Employees will always tend to behave according to the cultural specifications within an organization. For instance, if there is a tendency for employees’ failure to report to the workplace, then this trend will develop and finally will be incorporated into organization’s culture. When the culture develops, even new employees will tend to adopt the culture through interaction with other employees. This implies that this culture may have long term impacts in an organization. Development of the culture of absenteeism will therefore have adverse impacts on an organization. One of the most surprising aspects of the organizational culture is that we can encounter similar organizations under the same environment and in some cases with similar technologies but with different organizational cultures. As already noted, organizational culture assists new employees in an organization to know the correct way in which to conduct their behavior. We will write a custom Research Paper on Organizational Behavior Role in the Organization Performance specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This significantly reduces inefficiencies that are associated with absorption of new employees. Therefore, creating and sustaining a culture in organizations is very important in promoting the success of various organizations. Organizations should pay a critical attention in creating as well as sustaining organizational culture. Motivation Another way through which this problem can be solved is through motivation. The rate of absenteeism can be reduced significantly if the organization can adopt the necessary motivation measures. Motivated employees will tend to report to the work place accordingly. There are several ways through which employees can be motivated. The choice of the motivation measures will be determined by the prevailing circumstances. Motivation can be defined as the set of reasons that affects one’s decisions to engage themselves in particular behaviors. When employees are motivated, they will become more committed to their respective duties because they believe that their hard work is recognized. They will be motivated to work harder in order to maximize the returns of an organization. When their efforts are recognized, employees will get a sense of identity with an organization. They will somehow have sense of ownership of an organization. Consequently, they will be committed to meet the organizational goals. In the long run, the organization’s profitability will increase from the increased employee productivity. One of the ways through which employees can be motivated is through compensation. In every organization, workers play a pivotal role in promoting its well being. The more productive the workers, the better will be the performance of an organization. However, employees need motivation in order to maintain a high level of performance (Schermerhorn, Hunt and Osborn, 2008). One way through which this can be done is through compensation. Compensation is the reward to employees for the amount of work they have done in a specific time period. Through compensation, employees feel more attached to their organization and they will not be encouraged to skip their duties without necessary reasons. In the modern world, people’s view on employee compensation has significantly changed. In the olden days, people were more concerned about the wages with less attention given to the working conditions. This is despite of the significant impact the working environment can have on the overall performance of employees. No much attention was paid in an effort to motivate employees. In fact, employees were viewed like any other instrument in the organization that can easily be replaced. In other words, employees were not valued in those olden days. This may lead to increased tendency of absenteeism in an organization. Not sure if you can write a paper on Organizational Behavior Role in the Organization Performance by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More With time, the situation has completely changed. Employees are more concerned about the working environment that has forced the employers to pay more attention on the measures that leads to employee motivation. These changes were triggered by increased cases of strikes; violence, labor disputes, work slow down and absenteeism. Consequently, this has forced employers and other concerned parties to put more emphasis on the issue of employee motivation. In order to be able to motivate their employees effectively, it is important for an organization to employ the appropriate management practices and behaviors. Management practices and behaviors is one of the most appropriate tools that can be used to increase the employee’s productivity and enhancing employee morale and commitment, which helps in decreasing the rate of employee absenteeism. Despite of these advantages of employee motivation, the process is faced by a number of problems. These problems have significantly affected the success of employees’ motivation. For instance, in order for any organization to have a successful employee motivation process, it has to assign a substantial amount of money. It will cost an organization, for instance, to buy presents for the employees or to carry out any incentive in order to motivate employees to work harder. In most cases, it becomes very difficult to measure the returns that a certain employee-motivation practice will bring to an organization. For example, how much will an organization gain for every unit of resources allocated to employee motivation? This question brings about controversies in an organization’s efforts to motivate its employees. Employee motivation affects the productivity of employees in four dimensions. That is, effort, persistence, direction and goals (Scribd, not dated: 4). Effort refers to the strengths of an employee in the work related behaviors. On the other hand, persistence refers to the determination that employee’s displays in applying effort to their work and duties. Direction refers to the quality of the worker’s behavior related into how they conduct themselves in carrying out their duties or tasks. Finally, goals refer to the ends through which the workers direct their efforts (Scribd, not dated: 5). All these aspects will help in shaping the conduct of the employees. Team work Team work is another necessary aspect within an organization. In every organization, the success of various activities is determined by the effectiveness of the teams, leadership and the norms guiding the conduct of employees and various stakeholders involved in various activities. The effectiveness of the teams will significantly determine the performance of an organization. The leaders also play a pivotal role in determining the success of certain activities in an organization. The more committed the leaders are, the higher are the chances of achieving the committee goals. As an employee, one is encouraged to conduct themselves appropriately in order to realize organizational goals. Norms are also important in a certain organization. This is because they have a significant impact on the people’s conduct. There are several advantages associated with working with a team in completing the assigned tasks. One advantage of working with teams is that people will be able to exchange ideas on various issues. This will significantly contribute to the success of the project. When people have a chance to exchange ideas, it becomes easy for them to perform their various duties (Miner, 2007). This motivates employees and reduces the chances of absenteeism in an organization. According to Pritchard (1994), people become more productive when working for a common goal collectively rather than working individually. Therefore, cooperation will facilitate the realization of the goals of the program efficiently. Meanwhile, employees will be more determined to meet organizational goals. This will discourage absenteeism within an organization since every employee will be determined to work to achieve the best for an organization. As a leader at this point, I have the responsibility of balancing the participation as well as provision of the necessary guidance. This will prevent any chance of decrease in efficiency as members desire to please one another. Some of the team expectations include commitment towards reduction of any differences, communicating constructively and optimist that the program will be successful. By integrating all these aspects within a team, every member will be committed towards meeting the objectives of a team. Since every member has his or her role to play in the team, they will be determined to achieve the best in their positions. Conclusion This discussion has clearly revealed the importance of various perspectives in promoting the productivity of employees by suppressing the cases of absenteeism in the work place. An organization can achieve optimal contributions by its employees by promoting effective organizational behavior. For instance, absenteeism can be discouraged through motivation where employees develop a sense of ownership. Team work is also important in improving the level of employee satisfaction. Through teamwork, an employee will have his or her part to play. Therefore, each will be determined to play their parts effectively and the chances of absenteeism are very low. It also discourages negligence. Reference List Miner, J. B. (2007). Organizational Behavior: From Theory to Practice. New York: M.E. Sharpe. Pritchard, P. (1994). Teamwork for Primary and Shared Care. U.S.A.: Oxford Medical Publication. Robbins, S. and Judge, T. (2010). Organizational Behavior. New York: Prentice Hall. Schermerhorn, J., Hunt, J., and Osborn, R. (2008). Organizational Behavior. New York: John Wiley
PSY111 Research Paper.

Expand your annotated outline and write a research paper.Your Signature Assignment requires you to complete the following:Provide an overview of the selected topic; AUTISM. The topic autism must span across both childhood and adolescence.Review the theories that help individuals understand autism across childhood and adolescence.Explain how the three domains of development interact with one another in this topic across childhood and adolescent.Provide examples of research recent, in the last 10 years, on this autism.Conclude by considering the role that Positive Youth Development could play in understanding/addressing autism.*USE THE ATTACHED ANNOTATED OUTLINE TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH WRITING THIS PAPERLength: 12-15 pages, not including title and reference pages References: Include a minimum of 10 scholarly resources. Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.
PSY111 Research Paper

Sainsburys: Strategies for Customer Retention

CHAPTER (1) Abstract My research paper basically seeks to understand the priorities of customer in Sainsbury of selection of products while shopping. And Sainsbury’s efforts to work on their new products with maintenance of their class and reasonable value to give best services to their loyal customers. My research also seeks to highlight the consumer behaviour which makes them to keep visiting Sainsbury’s. UK retail market is the best example of competitive market. Research need to understand the product class which leads to quality of product and categorization of products, secondly the product value which shows pricing with different aspects in the UK market and specially in Sainsbury’s. And I am also going to research about the failure strategies of the Sainsbury’s. I will conduct this research by the one to one interview with the senior manager of Sainsbury’s as well as there would be a deep research which will be taken out from the questionnaire with the customer of Sainsbury’s. Basically the interview will give me the basic line of action of the marketing strategy of the new product of Sainsbury’s and also it will identify the different products class and with their different values. Questionnaire from the customer will highlight the requirements and basic theme of the consumer that what they think, what they plan and how they choose. I shall also discuss the last two years of the Sainsbury’s progresses about the products because in past two year Sainsbury has improved their activities under the new management. Introduction United Kingdom is one of the most fast growing markets in fast moving consumer goods in the world. Market opportunities are comparatively very better than the other countries. Resources and legal GOVT. policies are very helpful for the new entrants in the retail market even though the UK five hundred retailers are enjoying about 85 percent of the whole market and rest of 215000 retailers are struggling for remaining market shares. And this trend or market competition encourages or forces the retailers to focus only the customer needs. This trend gives the opportunity to big retailers to make the huge supermarkets. That all the fast moving products include food and noon food item, home appliances and much more under the same roof to fulfil the customer needs and these supermarkets proved more convenience for the consumers. In early 19 century in UK, the retail market had different shape which calls co-operative movement where the multiple retailer or group of retailers comes under one management for working together to sell their products in reason able price to their customers. This trend of co-operative movement started in UK by Rochdale, Lancashire in 1840 and later in north of England’s retailers. But this merging was only for the customers who purchased the products in bulk. After Second World War when the economy of United Kingdom was rebuilding, that was the perfect time for the investors to invest in the different fields of business and retailers also made their positions. Like after four year of war end Marks

Sharon Olds’ “Rites of Passage” Poem Essay

assignment writing services In her poem “Rites of Passage”, Sharon Olds describes the children who have gathered for her son’s birthday party. All boys, most of whom are either six or seven, one would expect to be told about the clowns and balloons, games of tag or hide and seek or other such child-time activities. Olds gives her topic an ironic treatment, though, in her continued comparison of the young children with their older, adult counterparts. She emphasizes their youth through mention that they are ‘short’, they are ‘in first grade’ and they have ‘smooth jaws and chins’ (3-4). However, throughout these statements, she also continues to call them ‘men’ rather than ‘boys’ and characterizes their actions as being very much like the actions of their elders, “hands in pockets, they stand around” (5). Not completely clear whether she is referring to the characteristics of young boys or older men, Olds relates their actions, “jostling, jockeying for place, small fights / breaking out and calming” (6-7). If not for the inclusion of the small fights, it would be difficult to determine the age of these ‘men’ as these are characteristics inherent among groups of men of all ages in most settings. It should also be expected that small children gathered together would instantly break into some sort of physically active activity, yet these children “clear their throats a lot, a room of small bankers, / they fold their arms and frown” (10-12). Their conversation is not the carefree conversation one might expect from small children but is instead concerned with violence, which child might be capable of beating up another child. When they finally do settle upon an activity, it is to play war, which itself seems an ironic means of celebrating a child’s life. There are several similes in the poem that help to characterize it within the world of the adult, continuing to illustrate this seven-year-old’s birthday party as a rite of passage from one stage of life to another. This transition from one point of life to another is the subject of the first simile as Olds compares the dark round birthday cake with the formidable fortifications of a castle turret: “the dark cake, round and heavy as a / turret, behind them on the table” (14-15). Having already presented the boys as a group of older men in characteristic business behavior, this comparison serves to bring into focus the concept that while the speaker’s son is ostensibly the ‘king’ of the castle, it remains to be seen which of the boys will emerge as the proud leader, the true noble at heart. What remains to be seen is how this will be determined. Rather than being the smallest on the totem pole, these children now recognize that they have passed onto the next rung of the pecking order. The speaker’s son is the focus of the next simile, “my son, / freckles like specks of nutmeg on his cheeks” (15-16). The comparison of the boy with the spice nutmeg calls to mind images of gingerbread cookies and baking in the kitchen with mom. Freckles are often associated with innocence and lack of business-like concern. Thus, the boy emerges from the man-like image that has been presented through the poem, but only for an instant. Immediately following this information about the son is the third simile in the poem, “chest narrow as the balsa keel of a / model boat” (17-18). Because we, as readers, are still thinking about the innocent freckles and sweet-spicy face, the first impression of a chest like a balsa keel gives us an impression of something light and airy, hollow and delicate. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, then we are confronted with the reminder of balsa’s most well-known use, the creation of models. This is followed in our minds with the reason why balsa wood is used for model building. Although it is very lightweight and easy to work, it is also very strong and capable of withstanding tremendous pressure. This sets up the final simile and celebrates the successful passage of the young man. For the first time, the young boys are cognizant that they are not the smallest people around, as is illustrated through their grown-up actions. As they tussle among each other, trying to determine which one could beat up which other ones, the speaker’s son takes charge of the group and points out that they are now all capable of beating up two-year-olds. In other words, he finds a way to unite the troops together by pointing out that they have all advanced a step in the hierarchy. With this thought on the table, “the other / men agree, they clear their throats / like Generals, they relax and get down to / playing war, celebrating my son’s life” (23-26). The son has emerged as the young king while his friends take up the position of generals after having been troop soldiers, accepting a new responsibility and sense of maturity with this passing of the year.

CNWCC Cloud Computing Risks & Different Approaches in Data Mining Discussion

CNWCC Cloud Computing Risks & Different Approaches in Data Mining Discussion.

1)There are many different approaches in Data Mining. Explain and provide an example of the “Statistical Procedure Based Approach” in Data Mining?You must make at least two substantive responses to your classmates’ posts. Respond to these posts in any of the following ways:· Build on something your classmate said.· Explain why and how you see things differently.· Ask a probing or clarifying question.· Share an insight from having read your classmates’ postings.· Offer and support an opinion.· Validate an idea with your own experience.· Expand on your classmates’ postings.· Ask for evidence that supports the post.Discussion Length (word count): At least 150 wordsReferences: At least one peer-reviewed, scholarly journal references.Reply Post When replying to a classmate, use 3 – 5 sentences offering your opinion on what your thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of their choices.2)After reading the article this week, please answer the following two questions.What are some of the potential risks involved with cloud computing?Does the research and model in this article propose a viable solution to cloud-based risk management?
CNWCC Cloud Computing Risks & Different Approaches in Data Mining Discussion

Electricity Markets

Electricity Markets.

This assignment build on Electrical Engineering concepts. You will use Matlab and your own workProblem 1 Why there is no competitive real time electricity market in WA State yet. Provide all
the reasoning in your view? Also provide the progress made towards establishing
NW WA electricity market using the literature and web resources. Problem 2 Develop a MATLAB program to compute LMP components for energy, losses and
congestion for 3 bus system shown in example 3 at page 6 of following:
Yong Fu, and Zuyi Li, “Different Models and Properties on LMP Calculations” Please see the attachment
Electricity Markets