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How do people describe poverty

The first deliverable is a 3-item questionnaire that you will administer to two people to gather information that will help you formulate a tentative answer the research question of how people today define poverty in America. The other deliverable is a brief (300-500 word) essay that explains the survey methodology and results of your studyDeliverable # 1Design a three (3) item questionnaire to be used to interview two respondents to find out how they define poverty in America. The questionnaire should have a one or two sentence statement introduction that explains the purpose of the interview (i.e. I am conducting this research for my Purdue Global sociology class. I am collecting data to understand how people today define poverty in America). Under the purpose statement, list the three questions you will ask to determine how people today define poverty in America. Note: The questionnaire copy that you turn in should not have any information from your respondents on it. It should be a blank questionnaire. Deliverable # 2Brief Essay — The 300-500 word essay should contain the following labeled elements:Introduction: State the research question to be answered. Explain how survey research methodology will be used to answer the research question. Specify whether you will use structured or unstructured interviews, and sure to give a referenced definition for each of these two types of survey research. List the three questions that were asked of each respondent.Research Methods: Describe who was interviewed (i.e. sex, approximate socio-economic status, and age). Explain the conditions under which the respondents were interviewed (i.e. at work on break, by phone, over dinner at home, while exercising at the gym, on the way to work in the car pool). State the approximate time that it took to administer each questionnaire.Results: In a couple of sentences, summarize the findings from the data that you collected from the two respondents. In a few more sentences, discuss the similarities and differences in their answers to each question. End the Results section with a definitive statement of what your research suggests about the way people today define poverty in America.Conclusion: Restate the main points of your paper, including the research question asked, the methodology used and the tentative results. End with one question for further study on the issue of how people today define poverty in America.

Industrialization, Imperialism, and America’s Entry Into WWI

Industrialization, Imperialism, and America’s Entry Into WWI.

Describe the basic industries of America’s Industrial Revolution. Explain what made the men who controlled them so successful, and analyze the role of immigrants in industrialization. How did imperialism play a critical role leading up to World War I? Discuss the foreign policy of the US and the events that drew the country into World War I.

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Html / CSS Question

How do people describe poverty For this task, I need you to write the codes for each page and make sure it is clear please and make sure there are no mistakes in the codes. And please make sure that you don’t do professional work make it simple.
Here are the specifications for this assignment – follow them exactly and completely

This should be a professional-looking page — IT IS ONLY ONE PAGE
It should have examples embedded and inline-style
It should have a favicon
It should be about a hobby you enjoy (Soccer)
It should have a picture with text with a left float
It should have a picture with text with a right float
One of the divisions with a float should have a picture larger than the text. You will use a clear float on the heading below that float
It will have a background image in the header
It will have a gradient color in one of the divisions
It will have 3 divisions with headers
It will have a footer with copyright
It will have a main with a border
It will have a figure with a caption separate from the two pictures in the float
Run the page through validator – print result

International Finance and Financial Management

International Finance and Financial Management.

; 1,800 words)


On November 11th 2015 Anheuser-Busch InBev (Belgium/Brazil Brewer) announced its intention to formally offer to acquire SABMiller (South African/American Brewer) in a £71bn deal. The potential deal had been extensively discussed in the press for months leading up-to this announcement. Due to the size, scale and the number of markets both companies are involved in, the acquisition (dubbed “Megabrew” by financial writers), had by May 20th 2016 (six months later) only just cleared European Commission regulatory approval. Further regulatory challenges based on market share and market power concerns still had at that point to be resolved. 


In an academic essay format, you are to consider the AB InBev acquisition of SABMiller. A Financial Times “clippings list” of a number of newspaper articles, and links to Financial Times video analysis regarding the acquisition can be found below to support students:








You are expected to use these articles and videos as the starting point in your wider investigation and research into the deal. You should be using further resources beyond this initial starting point. 


Specifically, you are to choose two of the following three tasks (25 marks each) and write a single integrated academic essay which addresses both of the tasks selected.


1. You are required to critically discuss the impact of cost of capital & capital structure on the ability of companies to generate acceptable returns for shareholders. Your answer should display a thorough and extensive engagement with appropriate academic literature and come to an informed judgement regarding the ability of managers to adjust their capital structures to generate higher returns for shareholders both generally (i.e. for all companies) and specifically for AB InBev’s acquisition of SABMiller.


2. You are required to critically evaluate the literature regarding the success or failure of merger and acquisition activity and conclude with an informed judgement as to whether the evidence would suggest that shareholders should welcome or be wary of M&A activity generally (i.e. for all companies), and specifically for AB InBev’s acquisition of SABMiller.


3. You are required to come to a judgement regarding the ability of investors to judge the value of their equity share investments when investing in the stock market. Your answer should specifically show an engagement with the academic literature regarding both the efficiency of the stock market and share valuation. Your answer should conclude with recommendations as to how holders of SABMiller’s shares should have valued those assets at the point of announcement of AB InBev’s formal bid (11/11/2015).


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