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How can Artificial Intelligence benefit medical Procedure?

In India, for example, it has helped them see diabetes eye.

State and Local Government Finance and Fiscal Federalism

State and Local Government Finance and Fiscal Federalism.

State and Local Government Finance and Fiscal Federalism

Final Project

The Final Project serves as a culmination and synthesis of what you have learned during this course. You are to build on the work done in previous activities, while using the project to reflect and refine the previous assignments. Refer to the Final Project Overview document for complete instructions. In 15 pages (double-spaced), 8 References analyze and evaluate your chosen local government jurisdiction. Your Final Project must respond to the following questions:

Public Policy and Finance for local Government Jurisdiction-Hyattsville, Maryland.

I chose the location of Hyattsville, Maryland to be my subject for this project. The best website I found for the jurisdiction was Hyattsville, Maryland has a total population for 18262 residences and is consider to be the second largest county in Prince Georges, Maryland. How did you determine, from the budget and associated financial information, the three major policy issues facing the jurisdiction you have chosen? How is the jurisdiction choosing to address these policy issues, and what are the criteria driving the decision making? What are the decisions being made regarding the revenue sources they are choosing to use? Are there explicit decisions being made between taxes and user fees? What is the basis for these decisions? Are services being subsidized for some segments of the population from the revenues derived from another segment of the population? If yes, describe what and how. Are services or programs being provided by this jurisdiction that you think would more appropriately be provided by some other level of government? If yes, describe them and explain your reasoning. From the insights you have gained in this course, how would you evaluate the performance of this jurisdiction? Are there policy changes you would recommend? If you were in a leadership position within this jurisdiction, are there programs or changes in direction that you would propose? Is the jurisdiction expressing any uncertainty about the coming year? Does it have contingency funds set aside for unexpected situations or initiatives/issues not yet defined? If yes, do they identify the possible uses that could occur?

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The Spin Pop”

How can Artificial Intelligence benefit medical Procedure? The Spin Pop”.

The “Spin Pop” belongs to the “improvements or revisions of existing products” category, as it is a revision of the previously introduced Ring Pop. Several candy companies compete in the novelty candy products (candy/toys) category. Kandy Kastle’s new-product development strategy is targeted at the new novelty candy market segment that arose in the wake of the faltering toy market of the 90s. Kandy Kastle has sought to capture this market by employing a multi-faceted new product approach with the primary focus on innovation. Their company goal is to introduce a new candy product to the market every three months. Kandy Kastle considers bringing innovative candies to market on a frequent basis its competitive advantage. Come up with the next great new product idea for Kandy Kastle. You can come up with an entirely new product or revise an existing product. Evaluate opportunities for increasing sales and profits using STP (segmentation, targeting, and positioning). When using STP, you must first divide the marketplace into subgroups or segments, determine which of those segments you should pursue or target, and finally decide how you should position the new candy to best meet the needs of those in your target audience. Questions: 1. Post the name and description of your new Kandy Kastle product. 2. Provide three different segments of the population you will market towards and why. 3. From the list of market segments you have selected, who will be your primary target audience and why? 4. How will you promote your new candy product to the market segment you selected? Create a tagline, slogan, or jingle for your new candy/toy product that will resonate with your target audience.

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Team-Building and Communications

Team-Building and Communications.

Instructions: Team-Building and Communications Proposal

You have just been hired as a consultant to the chief executive officer (CEO) of a health care organization. Your duty is to improve the management tools and practices needed to work in teams, build cross-functional teams, and facilitate collaborative decisionmaking. You need to identify elements found in an effective health care work group and identify barriers to communication that may cause conflict within a group. Suggest some types of communication techniques that can be used to avoid conflicts within a team. You need to address ways to improve communication among departments in an organization to avoid conflict. Finally, identify strategies that may be used to avoid recurring conflicts and ways a leader can prevent conflict within the team in the organization. Based upon what you have learned in this class, prepare a 1,250–1,500-word paper in which you propose a quality improvement plan to present to the CEO addressing these issues.

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Disease Process: Describe the pathophysiologic manifestations of the disease(s)

Disease Process: Describe the pathophysiologic manifestations of the disease(s).

Assignment Objectives:

•Describe the pathophysiologic manifestations of the disease(s). •Identify and select appropriate interventions including diagnostic tests and nursing interventions. •Analyze physiological and psychological responses to illness and treatment modalities Purpose: Examine case studies related to endocrine system and answer the assigned questions. This assignment should help refine your clinical/critical thinking skills. Assignment Description: Answer the questions related to each of the patients provided. Your answer must follow APA 6th edition format. Submit the answer in the assignment area of your course.

Patient 1 – The parents of an 11 year old girl bring her for an office visit. She has been developing normally and has been healthy and active. Her parents report that for the past several weeks, she has been feeling tired and weak, drinking more fluids than normal, and has been urinating so much she has wet the bed at night. Two days ago, they noticed that her breath smelled “like fruit” and she lost 8 pounds these last weeks. Yesterday she began breathing fast and deep. a. Present your initial diagnosis. b. Describe the pathophysiologic explanation(s) to support your diagnosis and the clinical symptoms presented. c. List the test(s) you would perform to confirm your diagnosis, the rationale for each test ordered, and the results you would expect if your diagnosis is correct. d. Describe your recommended treatment(s) and the rationale to support your recommendation(s).

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Pilgrimage and Practice in medieval Islam

Pilgrimage and Practice in medieval Islam.

The independent assignment is an 8pp. writing an assignment, which can either be a short research paper (using three to four academic articles or two to three books) or based on a critical reading of a primary source (in translation). Define the research question. “Pilgrimage and practice in medieval Islam” You might choose to address any number of issues raised by the author or select passages in particular from the work that you believe highlights the author’s doctrinal stance (i.e, as a theologian, a mystic or a philosopher)

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Analyze the impact of sociocultural, economic, and environmental influences on health care policies to understand consumer challenges related to equity, access, affordability, and social justice in health care

Analyze the impact of sociocultural, economic, and environmental influences on health care policies to understand consumer challenges related to equity, access, affordability, and social justice in health care.

Completion of this assignment will demonstrate your achievement of the following course outcomes:

4. analyze the impact of sociocultural, economic, and environmental influences on health care policies to understand consumer challenges related to equity, access, affordability, and social justice in health care

5. evaluate the political advocacy process to identify opportunities for nursing professional involvement Assignment Guidelines Identify at least five sources pertinent to the consumer challenge you identified in the first part of this project. At least three of the sources must be articles from professional peer-reviewed publications.


In a 5–6-page paper, complete the following: Synthesize your findings from the literature. Based on your findings, identify evidence-based solutions to the problem. Describe methods of advocacy that you could use to present your recommendations. Use APA style for your citations and reference

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