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How Are Aspects of Disorder Developed in ‘Hamlet’? college application essay help Geology homework help

Aspects of disorder are developed in actl through the state of Denmark and the character backgrounds. Firstly, the audience is told that the recently widowed Queen has remarried quickly, to Claudius, Hamlets uncle; this would cause confusion, shown when the King says “mirth in funeral and dirge in marriage. ” This shows confusion high up in society and could mean the whole state is confused. When Horatio, the wise scholar says “this bodes some strange eruption of our state” the audience would know that something isn’t right, because he is respected by all the other characters.

Disorder is shown in the first characters we meet, Barnardo and Francisco, the guards. Francisco says “sick at heart” showing that the guards aren’t feeling like everything is right. This isn’t good because if the guards aren’t looking after the royalty then anything could happen. When Hamlet describes the worlds as “an unweeded garden… rank and gross in nature. ” It shows how Hamlet is feeling positive about the world and he also agrees with Horatio, Just on a bigger scale, as Hamlet talks about the world but Horatio talks about the “state”.

We are also shown signs that characters are paranoid or have something to hide through the use and epetition of the word “seems” throughout Actl . Reasons for this are supported by Helen Gardener in “The Historical Approach to Hamlet. ” When she writes “Hamlet is moving in a world where there are no certainties. ” This causes the word “seems” to show that characters aren’t sure who to trust. Act2 focuses on Hamlets disorder, the antic disposition he is putting on. Hamlet describes Denmark as a “prison”, he then goes on to say “Denmark being one o’thworst.