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How and why did Hawaii become a part of America? Term Paper

Table of Contents The annexation The war Becoming a State Conclusion Reference List American planters had a profound effect on the annexation of Hawaii. They not only brought laborers from their own country to the small monarchy and making original Hawaiians a minority in their own land, but also succeeded in overthrowing the Hawaiian monarchy for purposes of securing a market for their sugarcane. This eventually led to the annexation of Hawaii by the United States in 1898. Later in the mid 1930s, plans to make Hawaii part one of the states of the United States started in earnest. The island of Hawaii was not only a good farming location for the planters, but also an ideal location for military strategists, who liked the strategic location of the island next to the pacific quadrant (Kent 1993, 10). Led by Sanford Dole, the Americans forced a new constitution on the islands during the reign of King David Kalakaua. In 1887, they made the King to sign the Bayonet constitution, which drastically reduced his powers and consequently gave native Hawaiians a voice in subsequent government (Pitzer 1994, 34). The same year marked the formation of the Hawaiian league, which was more of a secret society with an approximate 400 people (mostly from the United States and missionary descendants). Their sole aim was to bring a new governance structure to Hawaii in order to secure their interests in the Islands. To the public however, the league said that they wanted to reform the monarchy (Halsey 1912, 155). Unfortunately, the native Hawaiians loved their monarchy just the way it was. They loved the King, the queen and respected them for their education, intelligence and social graces. They were also comfortable with court ceremonies and other social norms that ensured that peace and justice prevailed in the Islands (Pitzer 1994, 35). The last thing they needed was a constitution imposed on them. The Bayonet constitution took all the powers from the King and made him just a figure head. Executive powers were placed on the cabinet, which again courtesy of the same constitution, was predominantly made of Hawaiian league members. The King had no powers to dismiss any cabinet member and the powers to amend the constitution were given to the legislative. Apart from this, the bayonet constitution was also intended to reduce and curtail the dominance of Native Hawaiians polling powers and consequently reduce the numbers of their representatives in the legislature (Pitzer 1993, 40). This was done by giving European and American foreigners the rights to vote, while denying Asians (even those who had taken up Hawaiian citizenship by naturalization) the power to vote. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To further keep native Hawaiians away from governance, the Bayonet constitution stipulated that the House of Nobles be voted during the polls. Previously it was the King who appointed its members. People who wanted to vie for elective posts had to meet specific income requirements or property ownership. The voters were also subjected to the same income and property requirements thus locking out two-thirds Hawaiians who could not meet the requirements (Campbell 2007, 49). Prior to voting for the preferred candidates to the House of Representatives, native Hawaiians had to swear that they would uphold the new Bayonet Constitution. It did take long for the native Hawaiians, the Asians of Chinese and Japanese origin to start petitioning the King regarding the reduced participation of the natives in the governance of the monarch. Unfortunately, the King had no powers and therefore could do nothing about the situation. There were calls for the revocation of the Bayonet constitution, but once more, the Hawaiian League had beat the natives to this one too; only the cabinet could revoke the constitution. Hawaii continued being governed as a monarch ruled by Queen Lili’uokalani who took over after the King’s death. She started drafting a new constitution for the monarchy immediately she took over power (Campbell 2007, 38). Before she proclaimed the new constitution however, the Hawaiian league leaders summoned a Committee of Thirteen, which came up with the plan to overthrow the queen. With the support of John L. Stevens, who was a minister in the United States, the league members got 150 marines and sailors from a visiting ship from the United States to come onto the island. This led to the Queen being overthrown by Americans in January 17 1893. She let go of the monarch mainly because Hawaii did not have an army and therefore knew her monarch could not put up a fight against the marines and sailors (Campbell 2007, 38). Historians cite sugar interests as the main reason behind the American actions. The Hawaiian monarchy had always ensured that there were favorable treaties between the United States and the Islands since the US was the chief importer of the sugar from the islands. Earlier in 1826, the United States government had acknowledged the sovereignty of the Hawaii, albeit indirectly by imposing tariffs on sugar imported from the island. This did not seat well with the American farmers who realized that the taxes would have a negative effect to profits obtained from the sugar. To avoid this tariff and restore their profits, the American planters saw it necessary that Hawaii becomes part of the United States. The Hawaiian League was at the fore front of this plan (Kent 1993, 10). We will write a custom Term Paper on How and why did Hawaii become a part of America? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The queen petitioned President Grover Cleveland when she travelled to Washington the same year saying that she gave up powers peacefully for purposes of avoiding hurting her people. Dole had threatened to use the US navy warships located on Honolulu harbor on Hawaii if the queen resisted giving up her monarchial powers arguing that he was promoting stability and democracy in the region (Campbell 2007, 39). Cleveland issued an order to Dole, telling him to reinstate the Queen. He is quoted as having saying how ashamed he was of the whole affair. Dole who had already assumed the presidency of Hawaii said that Cleveland was interfering with the internal affairs of Hawaii and therefore did not do as ordered. Although they did not receive immediate backing from the US government, the US plantation owners had made their intentions known and further planted the idea that America could indeed lay aside its anti-colonial policies to take advantage of the strategic location that Hawaii has it on the Pacific Ocean (Campbell 2007, 35). In 1893, the debate on whether to annex Hawaii was introduced in Congress. It took eight years before the joint resolution of the annexation was reached (Kent 1993, 7). However, the urgency in which the annexation resolution was reached raised suspicions especially considering that the senate had always rebuked the attempt to annex the islands, while the public had completely ignored the debate. This was despite 1860s attempt by secretary of state William Seward and president Ulysses Grant’s 1870s attempts to have the resolution passed. In 1892, one of the main annexation planners, Lorrin Thurston had received an assurance from President Benjamin Harrison that his administration would support the annexation (Pitzer 1994, 45). President Grover Cleveland had categorically refused to the annexation idea, but William McKinley, who succeeded him agreed. This was the final stroke that led to the annexation of 1898. The annexation After the Hawaiian league success in overthrowing the Monarchy, they pushed hard for the annexation of the islands, claiming that such an action would benefit the Island greatly. The reasons they put forth were political stability, greater economic benefits, and profits to people of Caucasian origin in Hawaii who run businesses (Robinson
Florida National University Advanced Practice Nursing Discussion.

Roles of Advanced Practice Nursing in Safe PrescribingIn most states, advanced practice nurses have got thee prescriptive authority, with others being legally authorized to prescribe substances that are controlled, including opioid painkillers. Both state and federal agencies have set limits on prescriptions, with the advanced practice nurses being urged to prescribe with caution. They have got a comprehensive assessment of prescribing treatment drugs. They also need to examine a wide range of treatment options when prescribing to their patients to enhance their safety. According to Kooienga and Wilkinson (2017), advanced practice nurses should vigilantly follow up and mitigate the substance’s possible use. Nurses in practice are always in the position to align the practice and research to optimize drug treatments, thus minimizing the risk of abuse. Nurse practitioners are in the front line of care delivery and are well-positioned to prescribing to the patients being guided by the policy. The nurses usually take coursework in pharmacology, thus better understanding the effects of pharmacological agents on patients. The curriculum of nurse practitioners also explores the responsibilities that are associated with prescribing medications and medication safety.Prescribing Barriers of APRNsAPRNs describe challenges faced when it comes to accessing relevant information in the prescription of medication and incorporating this information into the practice. The software fails to have the function key for assessing the patient’s prescription safety. The limitations include lack of interoperability as the software interfaces other technology of health information. Other physician-related issues involve the physician professional organization believing that nurse practitioners do not have enough training to prescribe drugs safely to patients. According to Mastarone et al. (2020), state licensure is also another barrier as it regulates nurses’ practice to the fullest extent of their education and might limit them from prescribing drugs.ReferencesKooienga, S., & Wilkinson, J. (2017, January). RN prescribing: an expanded role for nursing. In Nursing forum (Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 3-11).Mastarone, G. L., Wyse, J. J., Wilbur, E. R., Morasco, B. J., Saha, S., & Carlson, K. F. (2020). Barriers to Utilization of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Among Prescribing Physicians and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses at Veterans Health Administration facilities in Oregon. Pain Medicine, 21(4), 695-703.
Florida National University Advanced Practice Nursing Discussion

Methanation Process Of Producing Methane Odourless Colourless Gas Biology Essay. Methanation Process Of Producing Methane Odourless Colourless Gas Biology Essay

Management Of Change Within Mcdoanlds Restaurant Business Essay

Management Of Change Within Mcdoanlds Restaurant Business Essay. McDonalds is the world’s largest fast food chain serving more than eight million customers daily. It starts its operation by giving franchise right, affiliated company and starting its own unit. Source of revenue generations are rent, royalties received from franchise or sales units operated by McDonalds. Main products of McDonalds are hamburger, chicken, cheese burger, break fast item, soft drinks and deserts. It is rapidly growing organization; it generated 9% more net income in 2007 than the year 2006. In order to sustain its sell in the market and make company more profitable McDonalds is focusing to bring some changes. It is utmost priority of every organization that it should improve itself in order to strengthen its capabilities and sustain its competitive advantage. It strives for the attainment of this purpose in shape of introducing change management in the organization. In order to remain in the market with full potential management of the organization and lower staff must be ready to bring the change because environment is dynamic and it is rapidly changing and businesses are going to be complex. It is necessary for the organizations to bring changes to operate and keep itself competitive in this dynamic environment. Business world is continuously changing and new technologies and innovative products have been introduced on daily basis and most of the organizations are accepting theses change even they are not willing to accept. It is because of change benefits, changes bring improvement. When a person accept change and cope up with changes and equipped himself / herself then he/ she becomes different from other. His worth exceeds than that of the person who does not keep himself / herself up to date. If any employee enhances his/ her skill with new technology, his/ her efficiency increase, can perform better than previous, increase the productivity of the organization. That’s why it has been observed in the most of the organizations that they adopt changes quickly because they understand the worth of change. They try to equip their employees with modern technology as their performance gets improved. Change is very important for every organization. Companies and business adopt change and incorporate it in their organization for fulfilling the needs of suppliers and customers and to remain competitive in market. We can define change as implementation of new activity; the main purpose of that activity is to enhance the productivity by applying new policies and procedures. Change management process and change implementation has different strategies to change, so the change process is very complex and comprehensive. The most important approach in change implementation process is one which brings accomplishment. Changes in organization are essential at different activates such as modification in management system, change in operations, change in organization structure and change in other activities which management may consider important. Change in necessary when management is facing problem in current system or for getting better the performance of the organization the management may modify the current system or implement change in any activity. The factors that may bring change may be internal and external. Different activities and different new strategies can be introduced tat different level, and these changes and modifications may be restricted or unrestricted, common or general in nature. Internal factors for change may include the following: Change in structure of organization Increase in business needs Alteration in business plan Modification in goals of business External factors for change may include: Technology growth Changes in economic conditions that affect the profitability or value of money Requirement of electronic and technological services It is the primary responsibility of the McDonalds to bring changes in order to achieve organizational goals and objective in effective manner, due to that it must plan from initial stage of change to proper implementation. For the effective implementations of the change and successful results of the change organization must focus on Individuals and their relationships and continuous improvement system is introduced in which change is carried on properly. In order to improve the organization and bring change successfully, McDonald should consider the issues wisely and come up with positive solution that may break hinders. At each stage organization should take action to overcome the resistance and implement change properly. NEED FOR CHANGE The extent of the change management in McDonald as company’s marking plans is restricted to execution of incorporated marketing communication. For bringing new things and new activities in organization, the marketing, advertising and promotional operations of the organization must be focused. Normally different communication mediums are used for marketing and advertising and considered as aid for offering services and ideas and products. Different kinds and different types of communication media are used for marketing and advertising the products. The concentration shall be given on marketing, advertising and promotion in integrated marketing operation. The part of new marketing plans of the McDonald, integrated marketing operation shall be highlighted by this change and new modification. The basic idea of the integrated market operations is to implement change related to health, which spread the information about current development in health and the increasing ration of fatness among children and adults for creating target marketing. The objective of integrated market operation is to launch new products for children, and to reduce the effect of growing bad perception about McDonald among the individuals. The marketing approach which focuses on the people’s heath will provide information to parents and children about the new product of McDonald McKids, and about differences between new product and existing products. If the integrated marketing communication system is successfully implemented, then it would provide successful marketing, advertising and public relations operations for efficiently introducing the new products of McDonald to general community. The organization should form a team for bringing new activities that would handle the necessary issues for this change. The new dietary material information of new product has also uploaded on McDonald (Bahrain) website. This change will mainly concentrate on marketing and sale promotion. Nowadays, the menu of McDonald for children has facing the problem of criticism. The integrated marketing communication has been implemented by the McDonald for changing the perception of people about the kid menu of McDonald. Through integrated marketing communication, it will also be ensured that the mission and vision that the McDonald is utilizing has been highlighted in every advertisement or promotion or not. RESISTANCE TO CHANGE It is the well known fact that when any organization brings changes, it faces difficulties while implementing these changes. Resistance may occur before implementing the change, during implementing the change and after implementing the change. that’s why these changes are carefully managed as organizations can avoid adverse outcomes of the change because change is brought for the betterment of the organization and management expects some thing better from that change, if it is not properly implemented and it get victimized of extreme resistance then the expected result would be inverse. It is the priority of the organization that it should manage the change proper way and for this purpose open talks with employees are conducted in order to know the view of the employees because change will directly effect on the employees and if they do not accept it, organization would not achieve desired results. Now it is the responsibility of top authorities to find out ways that can bring organization up as well as they must terrace out he ways through which that change will be implemented successfully. McDonald is striving to encounter the environmental changes by bringing changes in its promotional activities, by making changes it can respond the external and internal factor that are rapidly changing. Change will be made in promotional activities in which organization will boost its image in the mind of customer. Because of that change McDonald is facing some problems to implement the change that is resistance from employees’ side. Problems that have been encountered by employees are misperception and negative reaction by the customer and employees, culture is not supporting for these changes. Major problem is reaction by employees and customer regarding the implementation of this change. a few of the employees are in favour of changes, they want that integrated marketing communication should be implemented. Others are resisting implementing that change. They are opposing change because they fear that company is going in wrong direction. They think company what ever is expecting would not attain it but it would encounter more problems due to this change. It is also a problem that those who suggested the change to be implemented are not able to properly convey the outcome the organization would gain from that change. Though technology is rapidly developing in these days, information technology has grown more rapidly than any other technology. specifically in the information technology, if organization purchases computers and uses it for marketing purpose as McDonald is expecting to bring the changes but the issue is that, with the passage of time these computer would be outdated and company will have to replace them. It may cause severe losses for the company. This issue has been raised not only by employees but also by customer that’s why they are opposing to bring changes. This has created big issue for the McDonald’s because it would not be able to achieve desired results that it is expecting from that change. Company may lose the key employees those who basically operate that change because due to resistance many of the employees may quit the McDonald and McDonald may require a number of other employees who can operate and run this change. It is purely technical task and only IT literate person can handle it. Every organization faces barrier when it comes with innovative idea as McDonald is going to implement new change it also facing barriers and organization’s success depends upon the change. Barriers may not be in shape of resistance but they may be resources that required bringing change. Stakeholder may resist because they may not rely the proper usage of that communication media, there may short fall of amount because its implementation requires finance. MANAGING THE RESISTANCE It is the responsibility of McDonald’s that how wisely it deals these issues because these issues are not as bigger as they are perceived, for this purpose it must ensure the employees that the change is not going to hurt them rather it would be beneficial for the organization and if organization will move in right direction then ultimate benefit will be given to employees. Major problem that is with this change in technology that McDonald is going to introduce is not long lasting because computer is rapidly changing, the growth ration in this sector is high. So stakeholder fear that if this change is brought then it would not be the permanent solution, organization may have to change in future. That’s why it should be considered wisely that technology should perform long lasting duration. Information regarding the change will be provided to the employees would be accurate and every one can easily understand. Third issue that McDonald’s have to ensure that after implementation how this program will be carried on, the follow up of this program will be ensured by the top authority of management. Necessary training must be provided to the employees who would directly interact with this change and handle all the activities that would occur after change. McDonalds should provide necessary things to carry on the functions that would be run by the employees. There are differences in cultures among the employees who are working in McDonalds. They would not synchronize the activities with the changes because of their differences in culture that’s why it would be more difficult for the management of McDonalds to implement the change properly. Apart from that this is most difficult type of conflict; the reason for this conflict would not be change. While implementing the change McDonalds must ensure that who would be responsible to manage the change if any cultural difference is found it must be observed and they must terrace out subcultures to overcome this problem. They must identify that that would be empowered by this change. For solving these types of problems, the executives of McDonald should form a successful culture of the organization, and tough organization by the use of good control of the stakeholders in organization; they should also provide their needs and wants which they require for the motivation of stakeholders which benefit the stakeholders as well as company. For certifying or confirming the continued success in change implementation, some elements are part of human capital management strategy and plan. These elements include processes and procedures for work, design and structure of organization, management performance and program for providing compensation. Some of the customers of McDonald have also created problems in implementation of change in organization. The McDonald should introduce governance process for ensuring the equality among employees and controlling the people of different cultures. The managing and controlling of people in organization is very difficult and challenging task, if we give careful consideration, attention and focus, on it then it will increase loyalty of employees and hardworking which will benefit the organization and employees. If the management provide reasonable time, advance information, incremental peoples for doing job effectively and provide extra hands and minds then the employees work more than what is expected from them. The not availability of any support in achieving the success from processes is the main clash in execution of change. Change can be implemented in different phases; it can not be implemented just by any decision. The people which are involves in change process must go through their experiences for realizing the objectives of the modification. For success in implementing change and solve these types of clashes the management of McDonald should that the information regarding the change objectives and purposes has been properly distributed to all stakeholders and these all stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, staff should realize that they are m ain source and vital for these changes. The management must be able to identify and predict problems which may be faced by organization and those problems may hamper the employees and other stakeholders from supporting the change. RECOMMENDATIONS To shifting the behaviour and perception of the children about healthy fast food may be very complicated, so success of these changes is very doubtful. There Is also indications to be successful in change implementation because of good features of integrated marketing communication. McDonald should ensure that the new advertisement for the new image has been reached to every child in all countries where the products of the company are available, for this the company may use different types of media that disperse the information. These new advertisements for building image of McDonald should also reach to the parent because these are the parents who purchase the food for their children, and these advertisements should persuade the parents to encourage their children for eating healthy and dietary food. There are many ways for changing and innovation, the more concentration is given to research and development. Novelty can be achieved by less formal changes in the job by exchanging and merging professional experience or other approaches may also be used. Innovation can be defined as new ides, new goods, new activities, new services or practices initiated by organization which are useful in achieving the objective of the business. Innovation is much debated area in modern world, whether the innovation is based on new knowledge or expertise or based on needs of societies or communities and market requirements. The common factor in successful innovation is acknowledgement of demands rather than acknowledgement of technical problems. This innovation will positively result for McDonald; it should try its level best to implement this change any way. For the implementation of this change if it has to encounter few problems its must concentrate on it and try to resolve this problem. There are many possibilities for the McDonalds that it would bring revolution in the food industry and will gain competitive advantage. Thought it is food producing company if it crates this promotional activity not only it would attract customer but also affects positively in the minds customers. CONCLUSION It is utmost priority of every organization that it should improve itself in order to strengthen its capabilities and sustain its competitive advantage. It strives for the attainment of this purpose in shape of introducing change management in the organization. It is the primary responsibility of the McDonalds to bring changes in order to achieve organizational goals and objective in effective manner, due to that it must plan from initial stage of change to proper implementation. The extent of the change management in McDonald as company’s marking plans is restricted to execution of incorporated marketing communication. For bringing new things and new activities in organization, the marketing, advertising and promotional operations of the organization must be focused. Normally different communication mediums are used for marketing and advertising and considered as aid for offering services and ideas and products. Resistance may occur before implementing the change, during implementing the change and after implementing the change. that’s why these changes are carefully managed as organizations can avoid adverse outcomes of the change because change is brought for the betterment of the organization and management expects some thing better from that change, if it is not properly implemented and it get victimized of extreme resistance then the expected result would be inverse. Information regarding the change will be provided to the employees would be accurate and every one can easily understand. Third issue that McDonald’s have to ensure that after implementation how this program will be carried on, the follow up of this program will be ensured by the top authority of management. This innovation will positively result for McDonald; it should try its level best to implement this change any way. For the implementation of this change if it has to encounter few problems its must concentrate on it and try to resolve this problem. Management Of Change Within Mcdoanlds Restaurant Business Essay

Technology as a Form of Material Culture Research Paper

best assignment help Technology as a Form of Material Culture Research Paper. Introduction Culture refers to socially transmitted rules for behavior. It generally refers to the way of thinking about and doing things (Schlereth 356). We inherit our culture from the teachings and examples of our elders and our peers rather than from genes, whether it is the language we speak, the religious beliefs that we subscribe to, or the laws that govern our society. All such behavior is reflected in subtle and important ways in the manner in which we shape our physical world. In a general sense, material culture is usually considered to be roughly synonymous with artifacts. It comprises the vast universe of objects used by mankind to cope with the physical world, to facilitate social intercourse, and to benefit our state of mind. A somewhat broader definition of material culture is useful in emphasizing how profoundly our world is the product of our thoughts (Schlereth 357). This definition includes all artifacts, from the simplest, such as a common pin, to the most complex, such as a space vehicle. The physical environment, however, includes more than what definitions of material culture recognize. According to Upadhyay and Pandey, material culture is defined by shape and can take into consideration things like homes, schools, means of communication, mosques, dress, temples, industries, weapons, technology, synagogues, and so on (347). Clearly, material culture is the manifestation of culture through material productions. This paper looks at technology as a form of material culture and its role in people’s lives. Technology as Material Culture Technology refers to how human beings make use of what is available to them for their own personal benefit and beyond what is possible to accomplish without it (Headrick 3). Over the years, technology has been used by human beings to move from one stage to next. Typically, the advance in technology is necessitated by the desire of human beings to perform efficiently and to make life more comfortable. This is what has made the world to move from the days of Stone Age to present. Often times, older technology is replaced by newer, better technology for more efficiency. Better technology gives people the power to carry out more with less energy and faster. It also facilitates smooth communication and breaks the barriers usually created by distance. For those who can afford, technology creates an opportunity for longer, healthier lives. Typically, technological innovations are associated with Western civilization. According to Headrick, the distribution of technologies is usually quite skewed (6). This gives an unfair advantage to those with technology as they can choose to use in whatever way they want. While some people might choose to share their technology with those without, others may to do the contrary. They might, for example, deny others the opportunity to access it or even use it to harm them unnecessarily. This, however, may depend on the reason for coming up with the technology. Role of Technology in People’s Lives The power of technology to change individual lives is considerable. Its impact is magnified when one considers its uses in business, organizations, and governments. Competition in the market place is fierce, and technology is the primary tool for gaining an edge. Businesses are continuously redesigning themselves to take advantage of technological advances. Technology supports an increasingly distributed workforce, where portions of product development may be accomplished in different parts of the world. The goal is always to produce the most attractive product at the lowest possible cost. As noted by Mohr et al., the world of technology is filled with both promise and peril (4). Promise arises from the potential advantages that technology offers such as to alleviate human suffering, to enhance people’s lives, to make business more efficient and effective, and to solve social problems among others. On the other hand, peril results not only from the risks of technology through unintended consequences or misuse of technology but also from the risk faced by the technology itself. The largest risk is commercial failure and the inability to deliver on its promises. Most social change caused by the application of technology has both benefits and costs. A student benefits from the ability to talk with a friend on a cell phone at the conclusion of the class but may miss out on an opportunity to meet someone new sitting in a neighboring seat. Citizens benefit from the use of technology in law enforcement by living in safer conditions but may pay a price in terms of personal practice. Big businesses benefit from outsourcing labor at the expense of the job market at home. The benefits and costs range from personal to global. Balancing benefits against costs and determining which outweighs the other is highly personal and subjective. Clearly, it is almost impossible to isolate technology from our daily lives in the present world. In the area of commerce, for example, technology has provided access to vast quantities of merchandise to merchants. No longer confined to dealing with local merchants, consumers can now use the Web to find the lowest price in the world (BaldaufTechnology as a Form of Material Culture Research Paper

Novel A Passage To India English Literature Essay

A Passage to India. The Novel a passage to India by E.M.Forster explores the difficulties both men and women faced to understand each other and the universe in India when British was the government at that time. The author E.M.Forster not just explores the difficulties people faced or understanding India but man’s quest for ultimate truth. A passage to India describes the life Indian had under British rules and how they wanted a change. It is not just a novel based on Indian vs. British but also describes the relationship between Indians and Muslims. The literary device that describes this novel a passage to India by E.M.Forster is realism. The main three things that happen in the novel are friendship, culture clash and religion. Firstly, Friendship in A passage to India can be described asrealism. The friendship between the Indians and British was not up to mark back in days which can be known as realism because the friendship between Indians and British is still the same. Dr.Aziz who is Indian Muslim men meets a British lady Mrs. Moore. They both meet at a Muslim temple in Chandarpore in India; Where Mrs. Moore visited the temple. The two soon find that they have much in common and they immediately become friends. Dr.Aziz and Mrs. Moore feels at comfort with one another and exposes their souls while their commonalities may bring them together but their race and background only split them apart, this is also good example of why friendship is realism because in today’s society the Indians and British friendship is still split due to background. “You understand me, you know what other feel. Oh, if others resembled you!” Rather surprised, she replied: “I don’t think I understand people very well. I only know whether I like or dislike them”. “Then you are an Oriental.”(Pg. 121, Forster). in this Quotation Dr.Aziz tells Mrs. Moore that she is “Oriental” because she bases her friendship on sensitivity rather than knowledge. Dr.Aziz not only hasa British friend Mrs. Moore but also have a very close and personal relationship with Cyril Fielding who is more important character and more important to Dr. Aziz in the novel. Fielding treats Indians as a group of people Individuals who can connect through mutual respects, courtesy and intelligence, another example of why friendship could be described as realism because back in days the British did respect Indians as we see how Fielding treated them and this can be realism because there are still some British that respects the Indian in today’s society. Both Dr. Aziz and Fielding treat each other as worthy individuals who connect through, Honesty, intelligence and good will. Aziz friendship is proved when he shows Fielding his wife picture, with this act he ensures his trust and confidence in Fielding. “I believe in the purdach, but I should have told her you are my brother, and she would have seen you, all men are my brothers and when one behaves as such he may see my wife” said my Dr. Aziz. (Pg., 128) This quote explains how Aziz and Fielding’s friendship is sealed by Aziz sharing off his wife picture. The author ties the trust and friendship between Aziz and Fielding to realism because some Indians and British have trust and good friendship between them till now. Secondly, in the novel a passage to India, Culture Clash can be described as realism due to the fact that today Hindus and Muslims don’t respect each other cultures. Culture clash is also very important subject in the novel a passage to India. The author ties culture clash to realism theme because till now the Hindus and Muslims don’t respect one another religion. The clash is between two different cultures east and west. “East is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet” said by Rudyard Kipling, who was born in India. With this quote it clearly explains how the two cultures didn’t like one other. The west is represented by Anglo-Indians in Chandarpore. Anglo-Indians are the British supervisors while the easts are the Indians. The west culture goes hard at the east because they have no desire to understand the Indians but are only good to those Indians who servant the east culture. The culture clash is not just between the east and west clash but also between Hindus and Muslims. The Hindus are stronger at the Muslim cultures as there are more Hindus in India. The Hindus culture doesn’t patch up with both British culture and Muslim culture and wants both to leave India. Dr. Aziz who is a proud Muslim considers Hindus as unfamiliar. The author ties this paragraph to realism because a culture effect is still a problem in India which is between Hindus and Muslims. Thirdly, religion in a passage to India is also realism. For example, fights took place between Hindus and Muslims due to the different religion both culture have, which can be known as realism theme because religion is still a problem and both the Hindus and Muslim don’t respect one another religion. However in the novel a passage to India religion clash is not just between Hindus and Muslims but also between Hindus and Christians. The three parts of the book “Mosque”, “Temple” and “Cave” corresponds to these religions; Where Mosque is for Muslims, Temple for Hindus and Cave for Christians. The author ties this paragraph to realism theme because Mosque, Temple and Cave still exits and is in reality.Dr. Aziz who is Muslim loves his religion a lot and feels special every time he goes to Mosque. For example in chapter 2 when Dr. Aziz goes to mosque there he feels renewed. His body and soul are united in Mosque and he is trustier to Islam then to his country India. This paragraph also ties the realism because Muslims in India are more loyal to Islam then to their country India.”A mosque by winning his approval let loose his imagination, Islam an attitude towards life both exquisite and durable, where his body and his thoughts fin their home” said by Dr. Aziz(pg.165,Forster) this clearly shows Aziz’s personal relationship with Islam. The Anglo-Indians are the Christians, who in the book follow their religion not that much but Mrs. Moore is very religious women. As a Christian she feels that god loves everyone. There are some Christians that follow their religion and feels that god loves everyone and Christian is a peaceful religion and that relates to realism theme because some British have the same taste in Christian as how Mrs. Moore had. For example, in chapter 5 she tells Ronny about how bad British treat the Hindu’s as they should not because Christian don’t do that and also tells him that “god loves everyone and since India is part of earth, god loves them too.” This clearly explains that she not only loves her religion but also loves the Indian religion as well. “India is part of the earth, and god has put us on the earth to be pleasant to each other, God is love. God has put us on earth to love our neighbours and to show it, and god is universal, even in India to see how we are succeeding”. Said by Mr. Moore (pg. 302, Forster) this quote clearly explains that Mrs. Moore is Christian and that god loves all things. The author fits this paragraph to theme of realism because those British who are religious as Mrs. Moore is, has respect for Indian the country and their religion. In conclusion, a passage to India by E.M.Forster fits into the theme of realism due to friendship between the Indians and British, culture clash and religion between the Hindus and Muslims. The author E.M.Forster does well to describe the relationship, culture and religion between the Indians, British and Muslim in India.

The Family Breakup Elements Of Society Sociology Essay

The family is the main element of the society, but, also are the two themes most important in the books, “The Ellen Foster” and the “Lovely bones”, in these books talk about the family but in different contexts for example in the book the “Ellen Foster”, we found that the main character, Ellen is always in search an family for example, she wants the Scarlett’s family, although was a black family, however in the book, the “Lovely bones”, has another concept about the family, for example, in this family found that is a close family, but nowadays, what is the real concept of the family?.According with the society the family is the base of the education, because is the main source of information when we are children. Other definition is obtained by Universal declaration of human rights this explain in the next sentence “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State” [1] from this point of view, the family have an important role inside the society, nowadays we are living different changes inside this society because each day the human have more necessities, and this entail that we forget of spent the time with the family, and this have as consequences the family breakup a big problem in this era. The family breakup is an event of the society that lie in the breakup the different bonds emotional and materials, in the same time is the breakup and dissolution of the marriage based in the common life between parents and other members of the family mainly in the children. One example is in the book “Lovely bones” in this book there is a family that has a quiet life, but unfortunately one day their lives have a drastic change, a member of the family is raped and dies, this event have with consequences the family breakup, because as a result of the family little by little begins to separate, because after the death the parents begins to have different problems provoking a lot tension in the family. In the real life the tension is an important stage for the family breakup, because mainly the parents when they arrive of their jobs and they have some problem they have bad humor, relieve it in their house, causing an uncomfortable atmosphere and provoke another situations that can disrupt family relationships if not addressed calmly, wisely and in a healthy manner, but also the growing tension between parents leads to physical separation and the decision to divorce. Another common event in this era that provoke the family breakup is the divorce or separation because when the parents are separated should give more affection of the necessary and appropriate for their children, despite what happens, the children always need to have someone to guide them and guide them through the right path because if they feel alone only can lead to other problems. For example in the book the “Lovely bones” when the main character, Susie Salmon dies, some days after her mother leave her family, this event is hard blow for the family because the others children don’t know what happen and why her mother has this attitude, there are in real life many cases when a member of the family leave it, this event is sadly for all family and is the main reason for that many families breakup. Abandonment entail that relation between parent and children little by little could be affect, because other important element is the communication between this elements, parents and children, the communication inside of family is important because through communication can share feelings, longings, desires, material goods, based on a real community but what happen when this communication becomes in lack of communication. The lack of communication is another element that is aforementioned with family breakup and the same time there is an example in the book “Ellen foster” in this book stand out the relationship between, Ellen the main character, and her father, both have a cold and distant relationship, her father takes refuge day by day in the alcohol, and Ellen constantly search a family who fill the emptiness that has left her mother’s death, as the book shows a lack of communication makes family breakup, and what is worse than a child affected by this, until the point as to move from family to family or in this case of adoption for adoption. When a family breakup the society also is affect because the human naturally is sociable, sometimes the society is the reflection of the a families, nowadays the society is going through a critical state, this critical state is hart for the family because always only is one a prose the happiness of the family, also as my point of view the society each day is more and more individualist, as example inside book “Lovely bones” show us the Susie’s mother the independent part of the book, because after the death of her daughter she has leave her family because is part of her personal change with a real person, but without family, actually the society change maybe the concept of family as well the individualist each day has more weight, until the point that the family is a obstacle for obtain the personal objectives, creating also a society individualist where the work in team doesn’t exist. The society play an important role inside own life because somehow a measure of our performance, so what do the society for fight the family breakup as well is important for our growth. For example in the “Ellen foster” book the society had a role important because it built the concept of the perfect family even thinking that one day she would find a mother like women who went to church. Sometime to be part of the society is a little complicated because the society is “a group of people living or working together, the origin of the word society comes from the latin societas, a “friendly association with others.” Societas is derived from socius meaning “companion” and thus the meaning of society is closely related to what is social. Implicit in the meaning of society is that its members share some mutual concern or interest in a common objective. As such, society is often used as synonymous with the collective citizenry of a country as directed through national institutions concerned with civic welfare.” [2] From there the family is an essential part of good development for society as it not only helps with affection, also provides the basic foundation of society, so adding individuals to develop positive action within society resulting in social growth, helping to have positive changes in the same way with other individuals. In this case show us an example the book “Ellen foster” because the society and contact with this make that Ellen change her way of thinking about black people, in the same time this action I think that help to Ellen because in the future her children will not be racist, contributing this way to a change family that simultaneously will have a positive change in the society, but what happened when the society didn’t contribute in this change and also the family didn’t also anything for make the change, both could be affected. “Ellen foster” and “Lovely bones” are two books that have an element in common, the family breakup, these writers write the novel in different time, but , we can that the family breakup is a topic that affect the society all the time, because the family always is an important part of the society. The same time the books represent the concept of the family in different way, the writer of “Ellen foster” shows the cruel side of the society, because she tell us as a society can make irresponsible when it comes to deal with a problem that society often doesn’t help solve the problem, and just try to justify it, family breakup is now a matter of concern, today’s young society does not want any children because this new society think they may not realize their personal goals a cause of the family , or don’t want to repeat the same patterns as their parents, because almost a quarter of the population in Mexico is divorced, with the consequence of family breakdown. The book “lovely bones” reflects another point of view about family breakup, because in this case the family breakup occurs when your character dies, causing emotional imbalance inside the family, since parents did not know how to react the tragedy, forgetting themselves also their other children. In real life this too often because like anyone how to be parents also can learn to act when a child dies the pain that the family has to gradually be separating like in the book “Lovely bones”, The writers mention some examples of the consequences about family breakup brings, both agree with the loneliness that this generates. The loneliness in the family owes to the lack of communication little by little to the lack of attention since always we think only about us themselves, leaving aside other members of the family, since we think that this couldn’t to affect them, since my point of the view in this era only have the family, nowadays everybody have many changes positive and negatives but I think that each family have the bases necessaries for confront the society each day could be a better society, we think that the family only is a terminology but is more that, is a

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