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How a nurse can utilize CDC resources

How a nurse can utilize CDC resources.

Must use link below. Keep it short and sweet. Must address all 4 bullet points.No more than 3 paragraphs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Informatics and Surveillance website contains a number of resources nurses could innovatively incorporate in care delivery. The CDC Wonder site could be utilized by nurses in a number of ways. (Links to an external site.)For this discussion you will:Identify one of the resources at the CDC Wonder site above and describe how a nurse might use this information in practice.How might nurses utilizing telehealth benefit from these resources?Address what you find innovative about the link.Feel free to share some of your nursing innovation ideas!Available for any questions!
How a nurse can utilize CDC resources

Discussion – Week 8 Top of Form Discussion: Sociocultural Differences in Perspectives on Aging Some cultures view death not as an endpoint but as a beginning, or not as a distinct separation but merely a thin veil or doorway through which a person passes. Other cultures esteem the older generations and honor them for their wisdom, whereas others regard elders as incapable of contributing to society. How might these distinct views on death and older people influence perspectives on the aging process? What other cultural differences might impact perceptions of aging? This week, you explore different cultures’ views of aging and consider how these differences might influence social work. You also think cross-culturally about how you could integrate another culture’s perspective in your practice. To Prepare: Review the Learning      Resources on sociological aspects of later adulthood. Using the Walden      Library, research two cultures different from your own and examine their      perspectives on aging. An example search in      the library databases is social conditions or sociocultural AND aging. By 01/19/2022   Post a comparison of your culture’s( I’m from Dominican republic/Hispanic ) perspective on aging to the perspectives of the two cultures you researched. Explain why you think these differences exist. Also, explain how different perspectives on aging might impact social work practice. Bottom of Form Required Readings Zastrow, C. H., Kirst-Ashman, K. K.,

SDSU Ratchet Feminism in Beyonces 6 Inch & The Male Gaze Analysis Discussions

SDSU Ratchet Feminism in Beyonces 6 Inch & The Male Gaze Analysis Discussions.

Assignment 1The podcast story “Ask Not for Whom the Bell Trolls, It Trolls for Thee (Links to an external site.)” extends the concept of the male gaze, surveillance, and misogyny to internet comments and commentary. If the “male gaze” is about the objectification of women in popular representations, what does this story tell us about the subjectification of women on the internet? That is, what does it tell us about popular responses to women who act as agents or subjects (have power over) the way they represent themselves?How can the following quote from the Banet-Weiser reading (from unit 2) apply?”Casting women as sex objects in media, culture, and politics has been a powerful mechanism of control, because to be objectified, as Laura Mulvey ([1975] 1989) wrote long ago, is to be transfigured into a thing to be looked at, gazed upon. However, when the gaze is returned, the status of object is disrupted, and it is harder to manage the control over a sexual subject” (Banet-Weiser 63).Assignment 2After completing/reviewing Activity 3.2, write a paragraph response that explains how “ratchet feminism” relates to Beyoncé’s music video “6 inch (Links to an external site.).” Be sure to incorporate at least one quote from the Tinsley reading “Most Bomb Pussy” and to explain what ratchet feminism is. Activity 3.2: Molly Crabapple video
On pp. 90-92, Omise’eke Natasha Tinsley analyzes Beyoncé’s music video “6 inch (Links to an external site.)” in relation to sex work. Acknowledging that mainstream social assumptions about whether sex work often cast it as “unacceptable,” “immoral,” and not “respectable,” Tinsley wants to reclaim and redefine it. She says: “every ratchet black woman is transgressive in the way ‘she defies patriarchal criteria of feminine respectability” (91).In her discussion of “video vixen” Chyna and reality tv star Joseline Hernandez, Tinsley re-reads their work – what could be described as sex work – as a “creative skill” that “conjures beauty out of negativity” (82). Nevertheless, she recognizes that they have faced stigma and even criminalization for their work: Joseline “was arrested twice for lewd and lascivious behavior” (87), for example.Watch this video, by Molly Crabapple, about the criminalization of sex work and the way it particularly impacts women of color and queer people of color: “How Police Profile and Shame Sex Workers (Links to an external site.)

Reading these two texts together, we can deduce that sex workers are criminalized – in part — because their sexuality is powerful – it is perceived as dangerous to the patriarchal social order.
SDSU Ratchet Feminism in Beyonces 6 Inch & The Male Gaze Analysis Discussions

Stakeholder Involvement In Decision Making In Healthcare Assignment

professional essay writers Stakeholder Involvement In Decision Making In Healthcare Assignment.

Short Assignment #2: Based on the case studies being discussed in the class explain how best should policy makers incorporate stakeholders into their deliberations and decision-making processes? In addition, using examples from the various case studies reviewed this semester list four dos and don’ts that policy makers should take into consideration when developing public health policies. Limit your assignment to three pages, use APA format, and integrate at least three reputable sources in addition to your textbook. Please submit your assignment via the Assignment tab in Canvas.what are some of tings that you do when integrating stakeholders who reflect a multitude of perspectives or those who have a vested interest in the issues at hand. A dont wouble be to include stakeholders who have no interest or understanding of the issues at hand. The CDC has some good do’s and donts on their web-site.file:///C:/Users/Erik/Downloads/HPV_Vaccine_School_Entry_Requirements_Confronting_.pdf -case 11****I think it is about case 11 and 12 the HPV vaccine and making it a requirement for female students before they start school. How to stakeholders influence that policy and make it happen or not happen. How they involve the stakeholders like having them participate in community meetings and keep them in the loop of policy making decisions. With the Plan B, how do they involve stakeholders to make plan B an over the counter prescription. I think the do’s and dont’s involve what policy makers should and should not do to influence policy about the communities health. This is what i got from the description of the assignment. I hope this helps.
Stakeholder Involvement In Decision Making In Healthcare Assignment

Oroonoko by Aphra Behn Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Attitude to slavery and enslavers Conclusion Reference List Introduction Different authors try to communicate their views about race and class differences, relations between certain categories of people, and the historic and sociocultural context of these differences. Aphra Behn is the author of Oroonoko who can be considered one of the first professional female writers due to her original style and applicability of plays to theatrical performances. Aphra Behn uses colonialism as a method to demonstrate her attitude to the class differences by means of contrasting an enslaved African prince and the nobility that inhabits Surinam colony. The author tells about the events of her time suggesting the political situation in the country and the world where people did not as willingly apply for a job on another continent as they do today due to globalization. It is necessary to compare and contrast the attitude of the author towards the slaves in Africa and in colonies with regard to Oroonoko who serves as a bridge in building up relations between two different cultures though he fails to succeed in applying traditions typical of his native tribe to the setting typical of English colonies of that time. I plan to focus on the author’s manner of describing the actions of Oroonoko and Englishmen to provide a clear evidence for the argument. Attitude to slavery and enslavers The main concern of the author is to show her attitude to the position of slaves with regard to their origin and nobility contrasted to slaves that were sold to enslavers by their compatriots. Though Aphra Behn implements an original composition of the text to ensure that the readers believe that the text is drawn from the true story that took place in the life of inhabitants of a colony, she fails to convince me of the true historic usefulness of this story as it is full of personal ideas. Behn claims about being a witness of the events though she applies her writing gift to describe vividly the setting where he characters were found in their homeland. Thus, an African prince who was enslaved is referred to as the ‘royal slave’ (Behn 2003) by his enslavers and by other slaves who were sold to slavery by Oroonoko. Honor and other virtues play a crucial role in the establishment of the author’s attitude to Oroonoko shaping readers attitude as well. Personal experience of the author should be taken into account while reading the story and assessing the historic usefulness of it for evaluation of slavery and assessment of the European perception of slavery. In this respect, readers can genuinely understand the author’s attitude to slaves as they are depicted in their ‘state of innocence’ (Behn 2003, 11). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More At the same time, the author demonstrates her certainty in the necessity of enslaving people for political and economic reasons beneficial for the country (meaning England). Ambiguity in the author’s attitude makes this work of literature of special literary significance for readers because slavery was favored by one category of people and received negative acclaim from the other. In other words, the author fails to show how she treats slaves and the principles of slavery including the ways people are enslaved and reasons for that. The same situation occurred in contemporary European society where people demonstrated different attitudes toward slavery as well as Aphra Behn in the novel about African slaves on the South American continent. Another way of demonstrating the author’s attitude to differences between slavery as positive and as negative phenomenon in the contemporary society is the presentation of the romantic story where a beautiful Imoinda was opposed, in some way, to the narrator of the story. Though these two characters have some features in common as European women used their beauty to obtain a position in court and Imoinda ‘who trusting in the strength of her charms, believed she should appease the fury of a jealous king’ (Behn 2003, 30). A contrast appears when Imoinda is enslaved and sent to Surinam where the author finds herself visiting the colony and admiring the slaves. The women that come from Europe are independent and can do whatever they want contrasted to women that live in African tribes and have to fulfill their responsibilities as a wife and a mother instead of being a representative of some company in a colony and write poems. The more readers learn about the beauty of African women, the less they believe that the author could support the principles of slavery for any reason. Though Aphra Behn has a sort of ambiguous attitude to slavery as it is depicted in her story, she also imposes some portion of uncertainty about the real attitude of Oroonoko to his people and representatives of other tribes while being in Africa and after being sent to Surinam colony. He is referred to as the ‘royal slave’ but he fails to address the principles of nobility in European people who appear to be the colonizers. The moment when Oroonoko kills Imoinda, he is depicted as barbarian for the Europeans and as a man of nobility, honor, and traditions for other slaves. He did not treat slavery as something negative before due to the education he obtained. In this respect, the African prince fails to understand the situation he found himself in and the true perspectives of his further life within colony. We will write a custom Essay on Oroonoko by Aphra Behn specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More So, he appealed for colonizers to leave him and Imoinda to Africa as she was pregnant and had nothing to do as to kill her and himself ‘first cutting her throat, and then severing her yet smiling face from that delicate body, pregnant as it was with the fruits of tenderest love’ (Behn 2003, 72) in accordance with the honor principles of their motherland. Conclusion The author communicates her message of slavery and its ambiguous nature with the help of a complicated composition where she persuades the readers in the origins of the story and her being witness of the events introduced in the novel. Thus, the attitude of Aphra Behn changes in the process of describing the beauty of ingenious people of Africa and explaining the economic and political usefulness of the slavery for England and other European countries. Moreover, it is possible to trace the differences between the attitude of the author towards the male and female slaves on the territory of African when they are sold to slavery by their compatriots and in colonies when they found themselves in the status of slaves. Though the romantics of the story is obvious, the characters die in the end in accordance with the principles of honor and nobility typical of slaves as well as colonizers. Reference List Behn, Aphra. 2003. Oroonoko. New York: Penguin Classics.

Interview preparation-military workforce, psychology homework help

Interview preparation-military workforce, psychology homework help.

Assignment 1Informational
Interview Preparation
this activity, identify and contact a local counselor who practices
in your specialization area, and request an informational interview.
Submit the name, contact information, and specialization of the
person you are interviewing in this discussion. You will need to
schedule your interview so it can be completed by the end of Unit 7.
When contacting your chosen counselor, be sure to explain the intent
of the interview and let him or her know that you will keep your
interview short (30–60 minutes). You may want to provide your
interview questions to your interviewee ahead of time to help him or
her prepare for the meeting.
the informational interview you will discuss how the counselor
integrates career counseling into personal counseling and what
assessments or inventories he or she uses in practice. You will post
a summary and reflection of your informational interview in a Unit 8
discussion. Review the Unit 8 discussion to help you structure your
interview questions. If you would like, you can add additional
interview questions to this discussion to get feedback from your
peers and instructor. If you don’t find someone to interview this
week, notify your instructor with the relevant information when you
identify someone.
the Informational Interviewing section of the Career Center to learn
more about conducting an informational interview. You can also use
the Locating Career Counselors resource to help you locate and
contact a counselor.
Assignment 2

Personnel Returning to Workforce
the traumatic effects of war on men, women, and children, compare the
career issues affecting military personnel returning to civilian life
to those who have not been in the military. This situation can affect
all family members, including children in school, so please include
partners and children in this discussion as it relates to career
development. As part of your post, include your strategies for
advocating for these clients’ career and educational development.

Interview preparation-military workforce, psychology homework help

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