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House of Sand and Fog: Gender and Patriarchal Values Essay (Critical Writing)

House of Sand and Fog is considered to be one of the most fascinating and unbelievably interesting stories, written within these ten years. Andre Dubus III, the author of this novel, becomes one of the most recognizable writers; this book is a finalist of the National Book Award, and, it is not a surprise, was made into a captivating movie. Lots of themes are raised in this 365-pages book, and each of them helps to comprehend this world better, be closer to such actual problems like drugs, poverty, gender problems, race inequality, and be ready to solve them. (Farr, 2008, p. 224) It is not one more tragic stories, which tell about some misunderstandings between people; it is a deep analysis of relations, which may influence lots of things and life itself. House of Sand and Fog gives its reader one more hint of morality, perfectly describes lives of several rather strong characters, introduces patriarchal values as one of the political sites, and proves that gendered violence may destroy everything, even the belief about the American Dream. Catastrophic misunderstanding between Kathy Nicolo and Massoud Behrani, and later Lester Burdon’s participation in this conflict turn out to be the major theme in the story. In fact, the most important issue about this novel is a conflict between good and evil. Kathy is an innocent victim, who loses everything, and Behrani, an evil side, has enough opportunities to help, but does not want to do this. The point is that Behrani knows this truth, when his son is dying, he confesses: “I will give everything to one who is less fortunate. Yes! I will make it for the broken bird. Please, God, I’m making nazr to this woman. To Kathy Nicolo.” (House of Sand and Fog) Events cannot be controlled, everyone tries to present own truth, and nothing can stop them. Massoud Amir Behrani was a respected officer in Iran. With time, he decides to go to California and earn for living in order to provide his family with an opportunity to enjoy this life in California. Behrani wants to restore his dignity, as he finds his job as a trash collector rather humiliating for a man, who used to be a powerful officer. He is not afraid to risk and buy a house with a desire to resell it and earn more. However, one bureaucratic mistake may destroy everything. This house is a property of one drug addicted women, who was left by her husband and was not able to pay all taxes. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Now, she has nowhere to live and has to think about the ways to bring back her house. She cannot accept the reality that she has to do something in order to live and be able to earn. “My handover had settled deep and black into me. I started to feel afraid of everything that moved.” (Dubus III, 2000, p. 168) I can compare her life with some kind of illusion, when a man helps to forget about all problems being close and then, leaves everything. Such changes are hard to survive, and Katy should find powers to fight. In order to analyze how exactly patriarchy and gendered roles are represented in the novel, it is better to clear up the essence of both of them. The major point of all this is that all things in this world should be divided into certain categories: superior and inferior. Of course, those things, which are superior, have more supremacy and may control everything. Such values usually touch each sphere of life: work, politics, religion, and sex. (Rowan, 1987, p. 9) Taking into account that gender roles are such behavioral norms, which associated with men and women role in the society, it is quite possible to say that patriarchy, described in the novel, certainly shapes people’s behavior in many different ways. (Lee, 2005, p.vii) Men want to know that women are dependent on them. For example, the relations between Kathy and Lester demonstrate that Lester’s help to Kathy is one more opportunity to remover her from this reality. He does not want to teach her, but tries to solve something independently: he gives her money and provides her with places for temporary living, but still, it is just a temporary ways out and cannot solve her future problems. At the beginning of the novel, Kathy is considered as a kind and innocent person. She lives in her own world with her own problems. Even when she faces troubles, caused by Behrani’s presence, she remains to be good. However, Lester’s presence in her life – this is what makes her evil and unfair. Lester does not help, but confuses. He also turns out to be the major reason of why everything is changing. “The ‘enemy voice’ speaks often and insistently in Kathy’s mind, the term subsequently capitalized in the novel as a dialectical demon: Enemy Voice.” (Moran, 2008, p. 119) At the end of the story, the reader feels sorry for Behrani: his son’s death, his financial and personal crisis – all this makes him take unforgivable steps like killing his own wife and himself in order not to be blamed. As we can see, Behrani decides for both his wife and himself, this male power is really great and proves once again that such patriarchal values have to be analyzed. People know that “patriarchal values dominate and order the writing of history.” (Lerner and Kerber, 2005, p. 134) We will write a custom Critical Writing on House of Sand and Fog: Gender and Patriarchal Values specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Maybe, because of such trust to Lester and his desire to help by means of humiliation and underlining of women’s weakness, female inability to prove one’s rights, and male’s desire to own and rule, House of Sand and Fog is able to look closer at “hearts of its characters and, and loves and pities them.” (Ebert, 2005, p. 298) The relation between Lester and other women are also deserves attention as well. He is already married man. He cannot control his passion to Kathy and forgets about his duties within his family. He, as a man, thinks that everything is in his hands. He can solve problems, hurt people, and women especially, and change everything according to his personal desire. Is it not the best example of patriarchy and gender roles in particular? Of course, if we talk about patriarchy, we should remember that Behrani is an Iranian man, he came from the country, where men should control everything. However, the attitude to women demonstrated by Lester are not better. Dubus makes a wonderful choice to represent the story from different points of view; he chooses three major protagonists, who share their thoughts with the reader: Kathy, Lester, and Behrani. These people are so different; the only one mistake unites them and changes their lives forever. Patriarchal values are not the only one issues, discussed in the novel, however, they remain to be one of the most crucial ones, which make the reader to analyze once again the role of women and its connection to men in modern life. People do not care about someone’s troubles, till these troubles find them. It is necessary to decide the questions concerning gender roles before they grasp the whole world and start destroying everything. Tragic end of the story is a strong proof that misunderstandings between male and female can bring rather sad results. With the help of this story, the reader cannot only learn more about race and gender inequality, but also analyze how the American Dream may go awry, and a simple house may cause death. Works Cited Dubus III, Andre. House of Sand and Fog. Vintage, 2000. Ebert, Roger. Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2006. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2005. Not sure if you can write a paper on House of Sand and Fog: Gender and Patriarchal Values by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Farr, Cecilia, K. and Harker, Jaime. The Oprah Affect: Critical Essays on Oprah’s Book Club. SUNY Press, 2008. House of Sand and Fog. Screenplay by Vadim Perelman and Andre Dubus III. Dir. Vadim Perelman. Perf. Jennifer Connely, Ben Kingsley, and Ron Eldard. DreamWorks Distribution, LLC, and Miramax Films, 2003. Lee, Janice, W. and Ashcraft, Amie, M. Gender Roles. Nova Publishers, 2005. Lerner, Gerda and Kerber, Linda, K. The Majority Finds Its Place: Placing Women in History. UNC Press, 2005. Moran. Beverly. Race and Wealth Disparities: A Multidisciplinary Discourse. University Press of America, 2008. Rowan, John. The Horned God: Feminism and Men as Wounding and Healing. Taylor
OUTLINE Cause and Effect Analysis.

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize your understanding of a successful cause-effect essay with your understanding of analyzing elements of a short story by focusing on writing a strong thesis and clearly organized outline. In the previous assignment, you wrote a thesis for a cause-effect essay. For the current assignment, you will write an outline supporting that thesis for a planned essay, but you will not actually write the full essay itself. Instead, concentrate on the planning stage of writing a cause-effect essay. This series of activities will also help prepare you for Exam 1, in which you will write a cause-effect essay about a literary element and its effects in a different story.DirectionsRe-ead this link about creating outlines:Creating Outlines Re-read “The Zero Meter Diving Team” The Zero Meter Diving Team by Jim ShepardIdentify as many images as you can. Are they all visual?Do you hear any aural or feel any tactile imagery?Do you see any patterns of images or repeated images?Evaluate the effects these images have. How do they contribute to the story and its meanings? Write a cause-effect thesis statement that identifies at least one pattern of images in the story as a cause and identifies several interesting effects (or results) in terms of literary elements (see 4.1).Put your thesis statement at the top of your response. Sample thesis: In “The Zero Meter Diving Team,” Shepard uses repeated images of fire (or radioactivity, or rivers, or dry mouths, or animals, etc.) to evoke a tone of…, and to suggest a character who…, and to support one theme that….Skip a few lines after your thesis and start your outline. You should have at least five main sections: Introduction including your thesis, which identifies one pattern of images and previews at least three effects on literary elements (tone, character, conflict, theme, etc.)Body paragraph one specific imagery, citation, and effect on tone, for exampleBody paragraph two specific imagery, citation, and effect on character, for exampleBody paragraph three specific imagery, citation, and effect on theme, for exampleConclusionIn the outline, represent each body paragraph with a claim in the form of a topic sentence.In the outline, make note of the evidence from the story that you would use to support your claims. Cite at least one direct quotation from the story in each body paragraph. Make sure to write this and cite this accurately with MLA in-text citations.Write an MLA formatted Work Cited entry for the story.
OUTLINE Cause and Effect Analysis

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Analysis paper, not a research paper so only use Kilberg article. No other sources, including internet.
And For quotes or paraphrases, use in-text citation, e.g., (Kilberg, 1061)
No bibliography or works cited page
One page single-spaced (500 words)

Excerpts from the following Article:
Andrew G. I. Kilberg, We the People: The Original Meaning of Popular Sovereignty, 100 Va. L. Rev. 1061 (2014).
Please answer these questions in the analysis:
1. What is the debate about the original meaning of popular sovereignty? (pp. 1061-1064)2. What is the constituent power in America? (pp. 1072-1073)3. How is popular sovereignty expressed in representation? (pp. 1074-1077)4. What is dual sovereignty? (pp. 1103-1109)
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Introduction Brazil is the second fifth largest country in the world geographically and in terms of population. In this view, Brazil epitomizes on the ongoing global tension pitying biodiversity preservation against sustainable agricultural practices and economic growth. Brazil is a key emerging economic power, which has a GDP of US$6040 billion and a GDP per capita of US$326.21 billion in 2004 (European Commission, 2007). The country’s environment is one of the richest in the world because of not only the flora and fauna, but also because of its ecosystems, which contain an excess of 15 % of the plant and animal species known to botanists (Saxena, 2005). The country is the source of water and also a water table of up to 12% of the available freshwater worldwide the Brazil is also undoubtedly one of the leading producers of food and biofuels in Latin America and globally (Ferreira et al., 2012). To continue with this trend of leading in food production and water, the country should try to institute measures, which aim at reducing the negative effects of poor farming methods, while improving farming practices. Therefore, this paper discusses how sustainable and productive agricultural practices can be used to promote economic development and conserve the environment, and thus prevent the occurrence of vicious cycle. The interdependent relationship between the environment, government and businesses lead to changes in economy and market. Economic stability is largely linked to the governmental institutions, in connection with the society and public demands. Brazil’s environment involves an intricate cooperation between the government, society and nature. Many aspects depend on how the society views nature with the linkage to the government and how it is being treated in the economic setting. One of the key aspects of any nation is to be able to interest the government, public or society in the products or services that are being offered to people and organizations. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Understanding the Vicious Cycle

UCumberlands Info Security & Risk Management Practical Connection Paper

UCumberlands Info Security & Risk Management Practical Connection Paper.

Course: Info Security & Risk MgmtAssignment: Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe these theories and knowledge could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field of study. Requirements: Provide a 500 word (or 2 pages double spaced) minimum reflection. Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited. Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course. Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. If you are not employed, demonstrate a connection to your desired work environment. You should NOT, provide an overview of the assignments assigned in the course. The assignment asks that you reflect how the knowledge and skills obtained through meeting course objectives were applied or could be applied in the workplace. 
UCumberlands Info Security & Risk Management Practical Connection Paper

Need 250 word response 1 cited reference

essay writing help Need 250 word response 1 cited reference. I’m studying and need help with a Management question to help me learn.

Fraud is defined as criminal activity that is committed by deceptive methods and intended to bring financial or other types of material gains to the criminal from the victim. Fraud is unlike other types of crimes that are committed by using some sort of force such as assault or breaking and entering, and involves some sort of lying or other deception. Rather than using force, the criminal who uses fraud misrepresents themselves or the situation in order to entice the victim to willingly hand over money or other valuable goods (Yar, 2006).
The Internet has provided criminals with new avenues to commit fraud. The architecture of the Internet consists of several individual networks tied together, with no one single owner and no overall central governance or oversight. The relative anonymous nature of the Internet allows criminals to mask and change their identities and locations frequently. By using virtual private networks that connect to Internet presence points in other countries and using anonymous browsers such as Tor, criminals can obscure their criminal Internet activity, making it difficult for law enforcement to track and capture them. It is also fairly easy to set up websites and email on the Internet to make a fraudulent operation appear legitimate to potential victims.
In May 2000, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) was established by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). IC3’s mission is to raise public awareness on Internet-related criminal activity by providing a way for the public to report complaints and by building partnerships between law enforcement agencies and industry (Internet Crime Complaint Center, 2019). While the IC3 is based in the United States, they also respond to complaints from across the globe. Since 2000, the IC3 has received 4,415,870 complaints about Internet-related criminal activity, and received a average of 300,000 complaints annually between 2013 and 2018 (2018 IC3 Annual Report, 2018).
According to the IC3, the majority of Internet-related criminal activity are cases involving some type of fraud. The top three types of complaints received by the IC3 include non-payment or non-delivery of goods ordered from websites, phishing, and business email compromise (BEC). Business email compromise is a quickly growing area of Internet-related criminal activity and involves the transfer of funds or other valuable data from a victim through unauthorized access to a computer or system. Over the past year, there has been a 100% increase in BEC activity as criminals find new ways to exploit victims by accessing their personally identifiable information (PII) or business and personal financial accounts. BEC scammers often use email phishing or social engineering attacks to direct the victim to unknowingly take fraudulent action, or to steal their credentials by sending them to a malicious site (Gatlan, 2019).
BEC scams are usually successful because the scammers often appear legitimate by masking their identity as someone the victim would be likely to trust, such as the victim’s business owner or known business partner. The IC3 estimates that BEC scams total around $26 billion, with BEC scams reported in all 50 states and in 177 countries around the world, with the majority of the fraudulent wire transfers sent to China and Hong Kong (Gatlan, 2019).
2018 IC3 Annual Report. (2018). Retrieved from Federal Bureau of Investigation:
Gatlan, S. (2019, September 10). Business Email Compromise Is a $26 Billion Scam Says the FBI. Retrieved from Bleeping Computer:…
Internet Crime Complaint Center. (2019, Oct 2). Retrieved from Federal Bureau of Investigation:
Yar, M. (2006). Cybercrime and Society. London: Sage Publications.
Need 250 word response 1 cited reference

Management and Organization Behavior Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Conclusion Reference List Introduction Basic control process engages careful sought of information on a certain system processes, and people so as to make sound decision about the subject matter. Basic control process assumes that there is an expected mode of behavior and that there is some managing function that performs to produce that expected mode of conduct. This model encompasses many things from social processes ruled by a regulating control organ to automated manufacturing models. In all instances, a common feature is that some ascertainment of the real processes tendencies is evaluated against the expected process tendency. Organizations engage business control process concept in their operations to effectuate their operations (Williams

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writers choice Essay. What is the mode, median and the mean? Which is best for inferential statistics? Define the measures of central tendency and the measures of variability? Discuss the significance of the normal distribution in inferential statistics? * please note this are just regular 5 sentences response for each one. I have attached all information provide for me. Thank You!!!writers choice Essay