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Hotel Refurbishment: Project Management Approach Report

Project Management can be defined as the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources for the successful achievement of specified project goals and objectives. A project is a set endeavor with specified commencement and completion dates carried out to generate a distinctive product or service which brings about added value or beneficial change. This finite feature of projects contrasts sharply to operations or processes, which are permanent or temporary functional work to continually produce similar products or services. Practically, the management of both systems is frequently found to be quite distinct, and therefore requires the development of different technical skills and the espousal of separate management philosophy. Every successful Project Manager must control the four essential elements of a project in a concurrent manner i.e. scope, time, resources as well as money. All four elements are interconnected and each should be effectively managed. All must be jointly managed for the success of the project. Various literature on the project management approach centers on the importance of managing and balancing three elements i.e. money time and people. Nevertheless, scope emerges to be the most important element and it becomes the first as well as the last task for a successful project. First and foremost the approach assists in managing the scope of the project. The project scope is termed as the designation of what is to be achieved by the project and the budget (of money and time) set aside for the achievement of the laid down goals and objectives. It is very essential that every change in the project’s scope carries an equivalent change in the budget, either resources or time. If the scope of the project is to construct a structure to house four widgets with a $200,000 budget the project manager is expected to do that. On the other hand, if the scope is altered to a five widgets building, the project manager should attain a suitable change in the budgeted resources. The project manager will evade the change in scope if at all the budget is not altered. It becomes practically hard to manage resources time, money as well as resources effectively unless the project scope is well managed. With a clearly defined project scope that is linked with the budget and timeline, one can start to manage the project resources. These comprise the people, material, and equipment necessary to finish the project. (Burke, 2003) The project management approach adopted for the planning and controlling of a hotel refurbishment project carries several advantages which are listed under. The project management approach helps the top management personnel in deciding whether to go ahead with a certain given project or to cut it short. Through proper evaluation and assessment, managers will be able to make informed decisions regarding the undertaking of certain projects. For example, if after carrying out a project management review and it emerges that the project wouldn’t be cost-effective then there will be no point implementing the same. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Therefore, the manager will come up with a different decision altogether. With this, we can say that the project management approach is a decision point to each and every hotel refurbishment project i.e. the approach guides the manager on the best decision to take. (Ransley and Ingram, 2000) Through the application of a proper project management approach, the business is able to determine the ultimate failure or success of the business with these it becomes possible for the management to foresee the expected outcomes of and project to be carried out. The business will therefore be in a position to avoid massive losses that may have occurred in case there was no project management approach employed. (Burke, 2003) This approach assists planners in the hospitality industry in providing viable criteria on how to properly rank projects, projects that need prior completion are ranked best but for those that can wait they are ranked last as per the order of ranking. It gives the hotel management an opportunity to consider various and different solutions to be adopted in order to come up with the best remedies. Through the approach, firms are able to clarify the goals and objectives of undertaking a given project. With sound clarification, it becomes very easy for the hotel management to achieve the set goals and objectives. The approach offers a good platform for judging the level of a project’s failure or success. This will ultimately give a go-ahead in case success is predicted or a stop to the whole project in case the results are likely to be a failure. Any effective and successful hotel maintenance should be planned, implemented, and recorded, through the employment of project management theory it becomes easy to realize highly effective hotel maintenance activities that are supposed to keep the physical property of a building as well as its contents in good form. (Burke, 2003). We will write a custom Report on Hotel Refurbishment: Project Management Approach specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The approach provides some form of technical feasibility where it becomes possible for the top managerial staff to evaluate the practicality of the solution or technology applied. The hotel management is also able to tell whether it possesses the necessary and modern technology that suits the market demand. This in form assists the hotel management team in gathering the required technical expertise to aid in project implementation. The approach offers operational feasibility making it possible for the hoteliers to predict whether the offered solution to the problem will work as per their expectations it will also assist them in figuring out the reactions of the customers pertaining to the solutions offered. This will also help in establishing how the solution will fit in if incorporated with the other activities in the organization. (Ransley and Ingram, 2000). Social feasibility offered by the approach assists in finding out whether the project will be received well by the entire community and whether it takes care of corporate social responsibility. Social feasibility will aid in determining the possible outcomes of the changes in people’s attitudes and values in the near future. It will also point out some problems that may arise in predicting changes in attitudes and values and in evaluating the attitudes and values effects as well as suggesting possible solutions to the above problems. Projects entail that various tasks are carried out which may be dependent on others. With this, the approach assists the stakeholders in the hotel industry to first come up with prerequisite projects so as to give way to the completion of projects that are reliant on others. Through the approach, it becomes possible to estimate the time required for the completion of projects i.e. the managers can be able to plan for projects based on the expected time schedule without interfering with other operations in the hotel. This will help in deciding the most critical projects thus allocating time for their completion without delay. It also offers an insight on how long the management may delay those tasks taken as non-critical before the stipulated period of time. References Burke, R., (2003) Project Management, Planning
The aim of this project is to develop an multi-user chat system to facilitate communicate between users with in the corporate or scientific organization. Chat application is to allow user for private chat, group chat (conference chat), share files while chatting, store and archive communicated messages. Chat application should allow do download desktop based application installed on local system to connect chat server and user should bale to communicate with in the organization in secure manner. InfoTech Consultancy Ltd well knows software product Development Company and it has rich experience on developing many software applications over the year. During the survey a questionnaire was created and sent to some random student for opinion. Most of them were happy with the project which they said would help them maintain their experiment and simulations. What has not been done yet is the Logical, conceptual and physical design. This would be done; this would be done in the next phase when the actual project implementation starts. Prototype of the chat application is included in this report only part of functionality is demonstrated to stake holders. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 4 1.1 Team and Resources 5 2Background 5 3Objectives: 6 4Methodology – General Approach 6 5Technical Overview 7 5.1 Java multi-Threading API’s 7 5.2 Java Swings API’s 7 5.3 Java network API’s 7 5.4 Java Cryptography and Security API’s. 7 5.5 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 7 6Developing Multi-User Chat Application Using Java 8 7Technology 8 8.Cost Estimates 9 9. Prototype 9 1. Introduction The purpose of this Feasibility Study is to come up with business use case about a chosen project ‘Design and implement a multi-user internet chat system in java’ whether it is viable to build a multi-user chat application using the latest Java technology and allow user to download and install desktop based chat application and chat secure manner. The project lifecycle of this proposed solution contained in this document includes project aim and Objectives, Designed Gantt chart, Costing, functional requirement and design requirement, Reports, Mile Stone – Phases to determine the viability of the Multi-user chat system, Conclusion and Recommendation.. This would be designed and implemented for user community for website who can chat with other users as private chat, public chat, sharing files. The system would be user-friendly, such as simple graphical user interface for chatting, file sharing, archiving messages etc. The Feasibility Study is the culmination of a proposal presented to the stakeholders and the program manager Mr Shan on the 13th May 2010. The information contained in the proposal will serve as a comprehensive guide in the development of this feasibility study and is the primary point of reference throughout this study The progress to Date 28th May 2010 The project began three weeks after the project Title was chosen and Proposal was handed in on the 10th March 2010. It outlined the feasibility study, intended deliverables, hardware and software requirements and reason for chosen the project. Project preparation form was prepared and signed by both parties including project stakeholders. Feasibility study plan was initiated Background reading was started as the Title was new to me and a lot to take on board Started practicing on Java to update myself which would be on going. Have set aside 1 hour everyday to study that. 1.1 Team and Resources The feasibility study would included mainly development and design team Project Architect, ching chu , providing expertise in the design of the new multi-user chat system, using advanced Java. Dr Clarke my Supervisor would support and guide me through the project. Background In web2.0 era communication between registered users are common activity. Users who register for community expect more and more attractive functionality to register with website. In this multi-user application user can chat with other logged-in user privately, publicly (group chat) and can share files and can archive chat messages and retrieve whenever he need to check chat history. There are many well known multi-user chat application are available in the internet. Gtalk (Google), Yahoo messenger (yahoo) and MSN or live (Microsoft) are widely used chat applications. These chat applications are provide users other than chat facility many other attractive options. InfoTech is planned to develop multi-user chat application similar to other well known chat application, only difference in this mult-user chat application is If this deployed on any corporate only within the same corporate employees can chat with other employees. If the application is deployed on any education institute only same education institute professors and students can communicate with other students or professors. One of the major challenges with this multi-user chat system is secure communication between the users. The corporate or scientific organization may have information which need be protected with intruders or hacker. The chat system should implemented such a way that the information need be secured. Objectives: The aim of this project is to develop desktop chat application incorporated with java multi threaded client-server program which would allow users to communicated private and public way and share resources while chatting and archive communicated messages. This report is to use java, swing, multi threading and TCP-IP technology to design and create desktop based multi-user chat application design for chat and communicated over internet. The methodology for this report is to understand how to carry out research into multi-user chat application, resource sharing while communicating through the Internet. Also finding out how users would feel. Interviews and research would be ongoing before starting the actual designing to identify the key elements of the project. Methodology – General Approach When messages are communicated over the network there is a possibility that intruder introduce unwanted information with the transferred information. It is important that the data need to be communicated secure encrypted manner. So that other end of the receiving application can decrypt the information and use the information. The volume of the messages and shared files while chatting will dominate problems and limit our ability to extract for results. As massages and these shared files are sometime very critical it need to it send and receive with reliable networking technology and privacy and authorization of user access control etc are very important. Encryption technologies are adopted for communication such that public key infrastructure algorithm to protect the data and chat messages. Communicated data need to be stored in a persistence layer such as relational database can be used to store this critical information for future reference. A java persistence API’s such as JDBC, hibernate or JDO is used for archiving these information in secondary storage and only authorized user can retrieve the archived message. Technical Overview 5.1 Java multi-Threading API’s Concurrency is the ability to run multiple parts of a program or multiple programs in parallel. Concurrency can greatly improve the performance of a application if certain tasks can be executed asynchronously or in parallel. Threads are also called lightweight processes which have their own call stack but an access shared resource. Every thread has its own memory cache and if a thread reads shared data it stores this data in its own stack of memory cache and used in the process of execution. 5.2 Java Swings API’s Swing was developed to provide a more light weight set of graphical user interface components than the earlier Abstract Window Toolkit. Swing build as lightweight component which provides a native look and feel that emulates platform dependent look on particular platforms, and also supports a pluggable look and feel that allows applications to have a look and feel unrelated to the underlying platform. 5.3 Java network API’s One can write java applications that communicate over the network mean you are programming at the application layer. Typically, someone writing programs no need to concern about the TCP and UDP layers. Instead of this you can make use of the classes in the package and these classes provide platform independent network communication. Through the classes in, Java programs can use UDP or TCP to communicate over the network. The classes URL, URLConnection, ServerSocket and Socket all use for TCP to communicate over the network and the classes DatagramPacket, DatagramSocket, and MulticastSocket are for use with UDP. 5.4 Java Cryptography and Security API’s. The Java platform strongly emphasizes programming concept like security, including byte code language security, cryptography, public key infrastructure (PKI), and authentication, secure communication, and access control. The Java Cryptography Architecture is a major piece of the platform and it contains a provider architecture and a set of application programming interface for digital signatures, encryption message digests, certificates and certificate validation, secure key management and generation and secure random number generation, to name a few. These APIs allow developers to easily integrate security into their application code. 5.5 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) The Java Database Connectivity is the trade name for Java API, which supports Java, programs that access relational database. It also gives programmers uniform Interface for access and manipulate a wide range of relational database. By using JDBC API gives application written in the Java Programming Language allows it to execute SQL statements, retrieve results, present data in user-friendly interface and propagate changes back to the database Developing Multi-User Chat Application Using Java Java is an object oriented programming language expressly designed for use in the enterprise environment of the Internet. Java can be used to create end to end applications that may run on a single computer or be distributed among servers and clients in a network. Any application you develop there should be proper architecture for future enhancement, performance, reliability, availability should be considered. The Chat application is developed using client server architecture with layered approach. Client application is developed using java swing API’s and java network API’s. Server is developed using java multithreaded API’s, java network API’s and encryption API’s. Client connects to the server and server need to send messages to connected other client. The messages need to be encrypted using any of the public key infrastructure algorithms. The communicated messages need to be archived and retrieved using jdbc API’s. Using SQL statements the information is stored or retrieved from the database. Technology Java Swings Java Security API’s Java Encryption API’s Java networking API’s Java database connectivity API’s TCP/IP programming Multithreading HTML/ CSS for website reports Servlet/JSP programming for chat Administration Application. 7.1 REQUIREMENTS 7.1.1 Hardware The minimum hardware requirements are: Laptop/Desktop Keyboard Mouse VDU Router/Modem 7.1.2 SOFTWARE The software requirements are as follows: System Software Windows 2000/Windows XP Database Oracle, SQL, JDK 1.6, Java IDE like eclipse Cost Estimates The overall costs in terms of design/development, software and the new web/database design will be: Overall Costs £5,600.00 Cost break down Hardware/Software £1600.00 Labour Cost = £50ph 10 days @ £1000 Architect and design cost =1,000 £1,000.00 30 days @ £20.00 per hour (5hrs a day for 30 days) 5*20*30= 3,000.00 £3,000.00 Total cost £5,600.00 9. Prototype 9.1 FEATURES There is some consideration that needs to take into account for chat and archiving purposes Key Feature Description 1 Access control How does the solution limit access to restricted data? 2 Availability Would the solution always available? Can data be access when required or does it have to be requested? 3 Capacity/Scalability Can the solution hold the amount of data planned for without hampering performance/integrity? 4 Cost Is it cost effective, both initial design and ongoing ? 5 Functionality Would the functionality be suitable for connection to whoever may want to use it. For example someone from America considering the time difference. 6 Performance Can the solution carry our multi user chat in real time? Can application be enhanced for user performance? 7 Usability Is it going to be user friendly without spending too much time and money training and getting use to the system. How it going to be use Key Headline Actor Description 1 Private chat user User should able to chat with other connected user 2 Group chat(public chat) user This is kind of conference chat. A group of people can chat together. 3 Share files or resource(while chatting) User User should able to share files, desktop or other media while chatting. 4 Archive messages Retrieve messages user User should able to store the messages for future reference. 5 Manage Chat Server Administrator The administrator check and access the bandwidth of message flows and take the decision of performance bench marking etc. 6 Modification of user privileges Administrator Able to create / delete users modify the privileges for the user. 7 Changes access condition Administrator Administrator should able to give access to shared resources like file sharing , desktop sharing etc. Prototype of chat window Prototype for Admin Screen. Figure 3 Figure 4 Conclusion The most important key here are: it would be simple, focus on ease of use and simple client server application can be deployed on internal to the corporate or research organization. It is cost effective to use MySQL, has many advantages and features that makes it popular and open source thereby makes it as the world’s most used open source relational database application and many science students, Scientist and Engineering Researchers would benefit from it. RECOMMENDATIONS The project should continue based on the lines described in the document which is the supplements the Project plan. The research plan outlined in the document should be worked through as the primary instrument for deliver project results and outcomes. Other things needs to note are: availability of hardware and software Easy to set up the client server chat application and admin web application Internet Minimum Bandwidth 64Mb Admin need be deployed on militarized hosting zone. Table for work breakdown structure Task Name resource Start End Scheduled Outputs Deliverables Depends on steps 1 In-depth preparatory consultations with Supervisor PM 10/3 15/3 5 N/A 2 Initial draft Interim Report on chat system plan PM 18/3 23/3 5 1 3 Develop, submit Proposal PM 25/3 29/3 5 Interim Report 1-3 4 Create and develop outline Final Report based on Interim Report and detailed research plan for in-depth technical and costs stages of work PM 4/4 10/45 1-5 5 Main technical investigations Tools Software and Cost specified PM 11/43 14/45 5 6 Draft Final Report created, agreed, and sent Presentation PM 20/4/5 25/5/5 Draft Final Report 1-8 7 Submit Final Report CDLR 28/3/5 31/3/5 Final Report Final Report 1-10
quiz answer.

Which of the following Internet site suffixes is LEAST LIKELY to contain reliable or verifiable information?Select one:a. .comb. .educ. .govd. .orgQuestion 2A thesis statement provides direction for an essay. Which of the following provides direction for a research paper?Select one:a. subject encyclopediasb. a works cited listc. a source overviewd. a research questionQuestion 3In a research paper for English class, references to your sources should be ________.Select one:a. in footnotes and a list at the end of the paperb. in footnotes and endnotesc. in parentheses and a list at the end of the paperd. in parentheses and a copy of each source attached at the end of the paperQuestion 4Which of the following is NOT a valid source for your research?Select one:a. booksb. blogsc. databasesd. FacebookQuestion 5Citing your sources means ________.Select one:a. summarizingb. telling where information came fromc. quoting directly from a sourced. formatting a research paperQuestion 6 your our research should contain, as much as possible, information from ________.Select one:a. online sourcesb. works by reporters and criticsc. secondary sourcesd. primary sourcesQuestion 7Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textA research journal allows you to ________.Select one:a. read articles other authors have written about a subjectb. record sources and problems you encounterc. draft individual paragraphs before putting an essay togetherd. turn in a neatly packaged essayQuestion 8Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion texta( n ) ________ provides direction for your researchSelect one:a. outlineb. promptc. research questiond. plan of researchQuestion 9Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textOf the following sources, which would provide the MOST in-depth information?Select one:a. a general encyclopedia articleb. a newspaper articlec. a full-text journal article from library databased. an article abstract from library databaseQuestion 10Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textIf used judiciously, Internet sources can be valuable for ________.Select one:a. current informationb. secondary sourcesc. bibliographiesd. illustrationsQuestion 11Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textMLA formatting requires which of the following?Select one:a. double spacing throughout, including the Works Cited pageb. half-inch marginsc. a title paged. paragraphs indented one inchQuestion 12Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textThe style guide for writing in the subjects of English, foreign languages, and some other humanities subjects is ________.Select one:a. APAb. LSac. MLAd. ChicagoQuestion 13Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textThe APA manual is a style resource for writers in what disciplines?Select one:a. humanitiesb. life sciencesc. psychology and social sciencesd. English and philosophyQuestion 14Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textAs an academic writer, you should _______.Select one:a. let the research determine which documentation style to useb. become familiar with the documentation style of the discipline in which you are writingc. choose a documentation style based on what you have used previouslyd. incorporate a variety of documentation styles in a single research paperQuestion 15Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textIn the Chicago format, source information is typically supplied in the form of ________.Select one:a. a list of works citedb. endnotes or footnotesc. an annotated bibliographyd. an indexQuestion 16Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textIn APA style, in-text citations refer to the list of sources at the end of the text called _______.Select one:a. bibliographyb. works citedc. source citationsd. referencesQuestion 17Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textIn MLA, parenthetical references _______.Select one:a. are optional and may be interchanged with footnotesb. should always contain the author’s last name and page numberc. should have a comma between the author and page numberd. may contain just the page number if the author’s name has already been mentioned in the paragraphQuestion 18Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textWhen applicable, entries on an MLA Works Cited page must include which of the following?Select one:a. author’s professional qualificationsb. date publication was first read and specific page numbersc. city of publication and name of publisherd. date of access for electronic sources, URL, name of databaseQuestion 19Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textA laboratory report usually contains ________.Select one:a. a summary, a case analysis, a method or procedure, the results, and discussionb. an abstract, an introduction, a method or procedure, a problem solving analysis, and a research paperc. an abstract, an introduction or objective, a method or procedure, the results, and a discussiond. an introduction, a list of objectives, a method, a case analysis and a research reportQuestion 20Not yet answeredMarked out of 1.00Flag questionQuestion textThe list of sources at the end of the paper using Chicago format should be arranged ________.Select one:a. chronologically by date of publicationb. chronologically by occurrence in paperc. alphabetically by the title of the workd. alphabetically by the author’s last names
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Musical Research Paper. I’m working on a Writing question and need guidance to help me study.

The Musical Research Paper (5 page minimum)
The Musical Research Paper has a formal, professional tone, and is intended to help students develop an original and thoughtful composition that is accurate in research and analysis, well organized in structure, and clear in comprehension. The main objective of the paper is to use analysis and research to inform us about the musical itself and how it reflects American life. Avoid merely summarizing the plot, and instead, analyze how the story and characters contribute to a social reflection, making sure that you focus on the lyrics and music and/or dance of at least three songs. You can also use background information about the librettist, lyricist and composer, details about the work itself (actors/singers, directors/choreographers, dialogue, etc.), and historical facts about the world outside the musical in order to draw parallels with the musical. It is always powerful to personalize, but keep the focus on the musical and your analysis of it, rather than on your own life. Here are some questions to help you in your analysis:
How does the music, lyrics and dancing contribute to storytelling?
What are the main themes and is there a statement made by the show?
How is the musical a reaction to something happening in the country at the time?
Is there a character who represents some issue from the era? Are there characters who function as members of the society of the time?
Does the style of the music or staging reflect a quality or issue of the world of the play/musical?
How does the musical reflect the culture that produced it?
In either case, you need to argue your position by explaining how specific examples from the musical support it. Take us into the musical by drawing examples from it, rather than discussing only the era from when the show was produced. A dialogue sequence or a monologue from the libretto may serve your claim as evidence, but also consider the dramatic action (what happens in a scene), as well as characters, the lyrics of the songs, and the style of the music (which communicates feeling more directly than words).
This paper requires more than a paraphrasing from Wikipedia or; it demands that you read the actual libretto and/or view the work itself in some form, and apply your critical thinking to it. Do NOT choose one of the six musicals we have focused on in class. The experience is meant to be your own exploration of a work of your choice that does not simply repeat something already covered in class.
The Research Paper should utilize at least 3 to 5 works as sources in the List of Works Cited, and include at least 3 to 5 citations to those sources in the text. Citing your sources not only avoids plagiarism, but gives your paper more credibility. Humanities follows MLA Documentation practice, and you need to use that system for this paper. It won’t hurt you to try a different format from what you may be used to. To acknowledge your sources in the text of the paper, type the author’s last name and a page number within parentheses at the end of the sentence that includes the author’s idea or quotation (Parenthetical Documentation). Do not put whole titles or website addresses in a citation; you will only need a List of Works Cited page at the end of the paper (arranged alphabetically) instead of the usual Endnotes and Bibliography pages. These examples should help guide you, but for specific instructions on creating all forms of documentation, you should consult the MLA Guidelines. If you do not possess a style manual, you might wish to use the online site at Purdue to help you (
NOTE ON SOURCES: Though you can get familiar with your musical by doing preliminary research using sources from the “surface web” (sources one can access with any search engine, like Wikipedia, bookrags, enotes, sparknotes, etc.), you need to access works for your List of Works Cited from the “deep web” (sources one can only access through the library’s portal, like JStor, Project Muse, etc.). The use of “validated critics” on sites that are subject to “peer review” ensures that your work will have the authority to provide a strong argument for your thesis.
NOTE ON WRITING: If I determine that you need assistance with your writing beyond my ability to provide it, I will assign you to a CLASS tutor and receive reports from your tutor. If you do not work with the tutor until I say such work is no longer needed, I will reduce your grade by 20%.
Musical Research Paper

recording assignment

recording assignment.

Assignment 1 Recording assignmentNo unread replies.No replies.Recording exercise: You are going to do some basic LSI data collection. This is actually harder than you expect (that’s why it is worth what it is worth). You need to collect 2 recordings of 2 different events (that is they must be at different times with different people). You cannot be present, or speaking, in these interactions. You must place a recording device and leave. What to record: 2 recordings each over two minutes (4 minutes total) on two different occasions (with slightly different people each time)Good places to record include: family dinner, zoom/phone calls between friends or family, discussions over study sessions ‘lounge’ discussions.Some conditionsRecordings must be natural (e.g You may not ‘fake’, script, or participate in your recordings. Believe me, scripts are obvious. I know the sound of your voice.)Settings and talk must not require the use of the body (eg playing a computer game, handing over money at a cashier, doing a bench press, picking up mail)Do not record anyone ordering, or buying anything. Do not record anyone ordering coffee.Settings must have minimal background noise (don’t record the mail room)recordings must occur at different times, you may not record one conversation broken into three recordings.You need to be able to clearly hear everything everyone is saying (eg its audible). Re-listen to your recordings after you submit them to check that what I hear is audible (eg your phone will have a clearer playback than the file you upload, but I grade you one file)Along with your two recordings you will post around 100 words about each recording. In it you will describeWhat kind of speech event it is (e.g. a lecture, hanging out, dinner). Please differentiate *activity* (what I want) from *location* (what I dont want, here, I want that in 3 separately).In each recording identify one kind of action OTHER than questions/answer (or anything remotely like those) that occurs in the recording. For this I am grading you on understanding actions. Read chapter 1 and 2 on this and watch the day 2 lecture.Where it isWho is in the recordingFinally you must upload FILES. This will require three different posts. Do not embed the recordings. You will not get credit if you embed them. Title the files as follows.[student number] + [surname] {recording01/02/03}eg 123456ReynoldsRecording01.mp3There are points relating to get the format and title right. I will not check your title/format is correct for you.
recording assignment

A History of Art Movements and Styles

assignment helper A History of Art Movements and Styles. Neoclassism was an art and style developed during the late 1700’s in the French revolution. It has various visual characteristics: It is solidly modeled using strong direct lights and darks to show form, the compositions are rational in that they are balanced and orderly, presence of strong acidic colors, there are no marks left by the artist since brush strokes are carefully controlled to hide individual strokes and it stresses virtues of classical civilizations of the Greeks and Romans such as discipline, athleticism, education, and moral principles, honesty and charity. Angular and sculptural shapes are normally assigned to males while soft and curvilinear forms depict women. Neoclassical themes are normally centered on classical stories heroic acts and virtues carried out by males who are depicted as gallant and stoic. Felinity in women, on the other hand, is depicted and confined to the domestic and private realm. Neoclassicism is therefore depicted as masculine whereby the male body depicts topical issues on politics, society and sexual attributes. The Neoclassic painting of the famous violinist Paganini by Ingres shows this form perfectly. Romanticism was an art style during the mid 1800s that was a resultant of the revolt against Neoclassicism. The major characteristics of Romanticism are: It attempts to display ideal beauty through dramatic scenes, individual marks of the artist can be viewed, it is a form of art that is based on feelings basically of love rather than thoughts hence gets the viewer to experience strong emotions and it is based on an exotic subject matter. In its theme, it is normally based on atmospheric landscapes with a nostalgic depiction of the past especially the Gothic with a bias towards the primitive such as traditional folk culture, cult of individual heroic figures who are often revolutionaries in art or politics, mysticism, the cult of sensibility that emphasizes on women and children, passion for romance and a fascination with death. The romantic painting of Paganini by Turner attempts to show the feeling of his music through the emotional qualities of the man and physical traits of the composer. Impressionism is an art movement or style that started in the mid 1800s in France. There are various characteristics of Impressionism such as: Asymmetrical balance whereby the plunging perspective, cropped forms and art work compositions are balanced asymmetrically; use of pure color whereby pure, prismatic colors fresh from the new tin tubes unmixed on the palette are laid directly on the canvas; use of Impasto or thick paint applied in thick raised strokes to create a roughened uneven texture; use of a high horizon line in order to create a plunging perspective; use of colored shadows and the use of broken color and broken brushstrokes. The theme expresses perceptions of nature by covering rural landscapes, maritime landscapes, pastoral landscapes, bucolic visions of nature and aquatic art. Neo-Impressionist paintings have gone further to entail urban scenes and joyous modern life in working class scenes. One of the famous pieces of art was Girl with a Hoop done by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1885. Surrealism is a form of art and a cultural movement that started in the 1920s which drew elements from both Cubism and Expressionism. Over the years, the members have produced great works in visual artworks and writings. There are various characteristics of this style which entail a blend of the depictive, the abstract, and the psychological. Some devices applied are levitation, changing of scale in an object, transparency and use of repetition in creating a typical art form. The juxtaposition of objects that would otherwise not be grouped together is also used in order to convey a certain message or show a metaphor. Most artworks have simple titles that simply state the subject matter for easy comprehensibility. The major theme is the ability of love to overcome reason which has been widely depicted by the French surrealist Desnos’s in Deuil pour Deuil whereby the narrator is in a ruined desert city close to a river yet he insists on ‘us’. This illustrates a blind quest for love. Other themes covered are sexuality as depicted by Metamorphosis of Narcissus painted in 1937; artistic intention, chance and fatalism; relation between dream and reality and taboos. The basics of cubism can be seen in another art movement such as pointillism and fauvism. Cubism is the art form entailing creation of abstract shapes in three dimension on a two dimensional surface. Artists such as Pablo Picasso have popularized this art form. The artist’s attempt to show several views on multiple planes of a particular subject is the most distinguishable feature. Cubist art forms are also shallow in depth and perception. It preserves a warped two-dimensional look via a presentation of subjects that are broken up along geometric planes. Analytic Cubist art applies monochromatic color scheme while synthetic cubism adopts multiple color schemes. The most popular theme is still life as depicted by the Still Life with Open Window painting by Rue Ravignan in 1915. This is a work of art that depicts inanimate subject content, commonplace objects such as flowers and manmade objects such as jewellery. Religious and allegorical symbolism is attached to the art. Futurism is an art form that emerged in Italy under the Italian poet, Filippo Marinetti . There are various essential characteristics of futurism such as it includes irregular, agitated lines communicating the movement’s energy and images being displayed as if in perpetual motion. Futurism is based on a theme of violence, war, anarchy, technology and speed based on an urban background which is conveyed through the artwork’s energy. Paintings and sculptures glorify life and the changes in technology that transforms objects. Carrà’s Funeral of the Anarchist Galli displays police attacks and the riot aftermath in 1904 Italy. Broken panes and diagonals rendered energetically distinguish this art form. Post-Impressionism is a resultant art form as a widely felt reaction against impressionism. These paintings apply the bright Impressionist palette but create art in a formalized order and structure. Paint application technique applied enables the viewer to see the image from multiple angles. In the art work, one can easily see brushstrokes, the style used and the personal experience of the painter over fidelity, multiple viewing angles and the personal expressiveness of the painter. Paintings are based on realistic scenes of modern life which are displayed by visual effects rather than inclusion of details. This is particularly the case in Alfred Sisley’s 1872 painting Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne. Realism is an art form that aims at faithfully representing reality and various aspects of actualities in life. It mainly represents the middle class without any prejudice, romance or idealism. It is characterized by a representation of reality in comprehensive detail with characters being of more importance than the action or plot. There is a complex relationship between characters, nature, social class and their past. The diction applied in the compositions is natural but poetic. This art form deals with ethical issues and choices in its themes. The socio-economic class conflict is addressed in these compositions as a major theme. The widening gaps between rich and poor are depicted by the characters used. Charles Dicken’s work on David Copperfield, the suffering of impoverished children who have to work in industries illustrates realism explicitly. A History of Art Movements and Styles

Perspectives in Social Sciences; Shot answers: Ethical Concerns

Perspectives in Social Sciences; Shot answers: Ethical Concerns. I’m working on a Psychology question and need guidance to help me study.

Finally, respond to the following short answer prompt: Imagine you are a lead social science researcher and are responsible for approving students’ proposed research studies. Review the three sample proposals below and provide brief feedback to summarize any ethical concerns you have related to each of the proposals, based on what you know about ethical codes and expectations in the social sciences.

Proposal 1: Racial Predisposition – The aim of this study is to examine the direct link between race and violent criminal activity. In this study, I plan to prove the direct and positive correlation between race and incidence of committing violent crimes. This will then prove that race is the strongest indicator of tendency toward violent crimes.

Proposal 2: Electroshock Therapy – In this study, I will examine the effect of electroshock therapy on undesirable behavior in human subjects. This study will administer electrical shocks to human subjects as a disciplinary measure when undesirable behavior is observed. The goal of the study is to determine whether the electroshock therapy is a suitable treatment for resolving disciplinary issues in preteens and adolescents. If this therapy is found to be effective, it will be prescribed to resolve disciplinary issues in preteens and adolescents.

Proposal 3: Health Problems, Diet, and Socioeconomic Status – This study aims to examine the relationship between health problems (diabetes, heart disease, and obesity), diet, and socioeconomic status. It is proposed that people of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to encounter these problems. Research will be conducted on human subjects where data are collected on diet (the types of food consumed along with money spent on food), and this will be related to the overall health of individuals in the study. The results and findings of this research will be published publicly so others can see the risks of consuming cheap, low-quality food.

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Perspectives in Social Sciences; Shot answers: Ethical Concerns

Project for calculus 1

Project for calculus 1.

Hello. I have a project to do and I need some helpNote that an audio conversation is all that is expected should you choose to present; Think of it as an opportunity to earn partial credits, since there are components on the rubric for level of detail and connection between the mathematics and physical phenomenon. I expect that the presentation or discussion will last no more than 15 minutes in total, and no matter the format you are eventually going to complete your work in, please feel free to ask questions any time!The project is to measure a changing quantity in our temporarily locked down, unchanging world. Try to choose some thing (or, for brownie points, multiple things!) that change enough to collect a couple dozen data points (in particular, (x,y) pairs) over a couple of days (or minutes/hours – you get it) of data collection.Be creative!Calculate the approximate rate of change and concavity/convexity of your data series and discuss:What qualitative statements can you make about the behavior of the quantity during the observation period?From the point of view of someone who would like to either understand a phenomenon better, or exercise control of the quantity towards a desired outcome: what model, additional measurement, material property, etc. do you think you might consider in order to formulate predictions about this quantity?Choose something of interest or investment to enjoy the project more: consult with me if you feel like you’ve chosen something that is too time-consuming, or you’re out of ideas; I think the project could be done in less than a total of a couple of hours with the right approach.I recommend to create a Google Sheet ( (Links to an external site.)) to collect your data; from there, formulas for cells can be entered after the prefix “=”.
Project for calculus 1