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Hookers Chemical and Love Canal

When anyone thinks about some sort environmental disaster, what comes to mind? A large explosion or a huge meltdown in an industrial area? The love canal incident was not an instant meltdown but a long slow process over time that became worse and worse. The incident developed over a period of time, since the effects of leaching chemicals is uncertain with very slow development it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment. The disaster could maybe of been reported earlier to make sure this wouldn’t of happened, but the end results show otherwise. The most important thing about Love Canal is that the acknowledgment of the danger that existed made a lot of people and businesses more aware of the hazards of abandoned toxic waste disposed on sites. What led up to President Jimmy Carter and the New York Department of Health declaring Love Canal the nation’s very first federal emergency for a “non” natural environmental disaster that extend all the way back well into the 1890s when the entrepreneur William T. Love thought to build a canal to supply power to a industrial community called Model City (Deegan 329). Unfortunately, Love’s dreams were ruined with the discovery of alternating electrical current that enabled manufacturing plants to be located away from their source of energy. Still, Niagara Falls still became a center of chemical manufacturing due to the large amount of cheap electrical energy available. A chemical company that was attracted to the area of Hooker Electrochemical Company ( which is now a division of Occidental Petroleum Corporation), in 1942, the Niagara Power Company began using the abandoned canal to get rid of waste. About five years later, Hooker began purchasing the estimated three thousand feet long canal and then two seventy-foot-wide strips of land abutting it to the east and west (Levine 10). From 1942 until 1954, the love canal was filled with 22,000 tons of chemical wastes (Hoffman 6). The inventory which included 13 million pounds of lindane (which is benzene hexachloride), with over 4 million pounds of chlorobenzenes, and 420,000 pounds of dioxin-contaminated trichlorophenol, which in scientific research is mostly carcinogenic containing compounds. There are well over 200 identified chemicals put in the canal, but so many unknown oddities were present as evident of chemical reactions that took place in the complex mixture. In and around 1953 the canal became full, it was then covered with clay to seal it. As the vicinity in Niagara Falls grew increasingly, Hooker had to sell all of the 16-acres of land to the Niagara Falls city school board for around $1. The deed for the land did include a disclaimer, but it only sated that hazardous chemicals were buried on the property and that it was cleared by the company, responsibility in the near future (Levine 11). The 99th Street Elementary School was constructed along with several houses, sewers, and some roads. The signs of hazards were identified in the early 1950s, the uneven fields with a lot of sink holes that happened from the decomposing barrels which produced strong odors, skin irritations on dogs and a oily substance in basements in the residents of the area. It was not until the mid-1970s when chemicals began rising to the surface which showed the seriousness of the situation. This action was put in motion by the construction of the LaSalle Expressway in the 1960s, which plugged up the groundwater from moving to the Niagara River and unearthed several barrels of chemicals (Hoffman 6). The disaster reached an all time peak in the Summer of 1978 when the site was declared a federal emergency and 240 of the homes closest to the canal had to be bought out and destroyed due to contamination. A lot of panic from the residents led to more purchase of 490 more homes within a area called the Emergency Declaration Area (EDA). The national impact of this situation created the federal law to address an overwhelming number of sites that are in desperate need of cleanup. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) started on December 12, 1980 under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take on this challenge (Hoffman 8). At the end of the evacuations, remediation efforts were held to contain the waste in the landfill. The EDA was cleaned up by cleaning the sewers, dredging 3,000 feet of creek bed contaminated from a lot of rainwater runoff, and returning tainted soil to the landfill. The government have spent an estimated $250 million and twenty years attempting to clean up this site.( c/lovecana.html). Now, the 40-acre landfill is surrounded by an nine-foot fence with warning signs all over it. Since there is a lack in technology, the removal of the toxic waste is next to impossible, instead the site is equipped with two big caps and a long barrier drain system, which are all daily monitored. However, the site will have to be maintained to ensure that the leachate doesn’t leak into water underground. In 1988, the New York Department of Health established that 240 of the 497 houses that had were abandoned are once again livable and the rest of the buildings in the area are suitable for commercial use since exposure would be reduced (Hoffman 9). In spite of the the state’s assurance (lol) that the homes are all ok to live in again, still many people are skeptical of the safety in that area. Epidemiological studies have shown that the people living close to the Love Canal have suffered from birth defects, a lot of miscarriages, still birth , cancer and respiratory disorders (see www reference). A standard risk assessment for the area was said to be unnecessary for the site in the health study that was conducted to determine if residents could live there. Instead a comparison was done of Love Canal and other towns near Niagara Falls, which showed only the levels of dioxins in the soil with a little bit of an indicator of chemicals. The Love Canal Area Revitalization Agency (LCARA) firmly believes that the area has and will attract companies that are interested in making an environmental statement (Hoffman 25). It is said that the LCARA are selling the houses at 10 to 15 percent below market value to entice people to the area. A lot of the residents that endured the disaster have positive hopes for the future of the area. But still many people and children still carry a negative idea about the location. The settlement with Hooker was for $98 million for the cleanup and expenses that the EPA had added up and for the company to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the land fill’s leachate treatment system (Hoffman 29). Moreover, Hooker is working on improving communication and relationship between the chemical industry and the residents by involving the citizens in the decision making of operations. The final conclusion and the factor that determines whether or not Love Canal could still have a bright future is based on the people and if they feel they want to risk living at the site of a toxic waste landfill is somehow equal to the risk of living elsewhere. Since doing my research for this project, it ceases to amaze me on how much Love Canal could have been any other town or my hometown in the nation and something very similar could have taken place. I was so astounded by the fact that the landfill with a project manager on board was ignored for so long before any notice was taken of its overwhelming dangers. This disaster seemed to really focused on the attention of the country to the importance of responsibility concerning chemical industry. In order to prevent any future occurrences, the support of Superfund and the awareness of the public to what is going on in their towns is vital. The attitude of people today about toxic waste being in my backyard is a resounding NO! Which is understandable when you consider that landfills like Love Canal exist. However, we all assume a certain amount of risk everyday in every part of our lives, so until there is a safe limit of exposure to chemicals or anything else the question is whether or not the risk is worth the safety. Now that is something that each individual or family has to decide for themselves. In the meantime, it is up to the companies, like Occidental/Hooker and the lovely government, like the EPA or Department of Health to maintain safe production limits and methods of disposing chemicals, so that another such environmental disaster won’t take place in the future. Another future task that could be used would be to have OSHA or a inspector on board looking at the grounds before during and after. There seems to be a trend with malfunctions and spill with a lack of authority or regulators being present on job sites. A lot of problems only happen when the right procedures were not in place. In this case the right procedures were not in place. Taking the time to do what’s right results in a lot more money to the owner and employees as well as health and wellbeing for life. The unfortunate events that happened cost people their lives concerning money time and health. A disaster like this could be avoided in the future with pronounced inspections and even more understanding of what happened from events like this. These types of events that happen although are terribly sad, serve a great purpose for the future residents and people of this country to take extra precaution concerning the use of chemicals and procedures in and around a worksite that has people living near it. Awareness is key for continuing safety and learning from our past mistakes. I think instances like this should be taught and brought up in every sense of the word “meeting” before anything gets built in the future. Not only for our sakes but our children’s sake. Works Cited: Deegan, John. “Looking Back at Love Canal.” Environmental Science and Technology 21 (1987) : 328-331. Hoffman, Andrew. “An Uneasy Rebirth at Love Canal.” Environment 37 (1995) : 5-9. Levine, Adeline. Love Canal: Science, Politics and People. Massachusetts: Lexington Books, 1982. Phibbs, Pat. “N.Y. state begins 5-year Love Canal health study that includes noncancer effects.” Environmental Science and Technology 31 (1997) : 81A.
Glendale Community College A Good Man is Hard to Find Paper.

The discussion here is on Oats and O’Connor. Write a paper about either “A Good Man is Hard To Find” using the short story and The Misfit screenplay or “Where are you going? Where have you been?” using the short story and the other information in casebook (Bob Dylan Lyrics, Pied Piper etc.) to answer the questions below. 5-7 pages – MLA style. 1) What is the subject of the story, and what does the story reveal about that subject?2) How are human beings portrayed in the short story? Do they come across as fundamentally flawed and selfish? Do they come across as heroic? Does the story present a mix?3) How does the author portray different characters? Are they typified? Are they round? Do they embody any highly negative qualities? Do they have any redeeming qualities? If some characters are portrayed as “good,” what good things do they do? If they are flawed, how are they flawed, and to what extent?4) How does the author portray the society in which the characters live? Is it a life-enhancing or a life-destroying society? Are the characters we care about in conflict with their society? Do they wish to escape their society? Are they trapped by it? Do they want to change it, and if so, why?5) What control over their lives do the characters have? What controls and governs their choices? To what extent are they “free” to choose, and to what extent are their choices controlled by social forces, by the forces of their own passions, or by fate? To what extent are they to blame for their actions?6) Who serves as the moral center of the work? Is there one? Do you think there is always a need for one in every work of fiction? If you feel there is one in the novel/story you are presently reading, what does the author do to convince you of this? What values does the moral center embody? What effect does the moral center have on the other characters?7) What conflicts are in the story? What kind of conflicts are these? Are they material, emotional, moral, spiritual? Are these conflicts clear-cut or ambiguous? Is someone clearly right and someone clearly wrong? Why or why not? Does right win in the end? If it doesn’t, why not?
Glendale Community College A Good Man is Hard to Find Paper

Assignment 2: Motivation and Performance Management. I’m stuck on a Business question and need an explanation.

Assignment 2: Motivation and Performance Management
Due Week 6 and worth 100 points
For this assignment, use the same company you researched in Assignment 1. I attached my paper 1 company I used IBM
Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:

Compare the difference between job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Determine which is more strongly related to performance for your selected company.
Apply motivational theory and performance management principles to evaluate the company as a potential employer.
Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.
Your selected company may not be Google, Facebook, or Verizon.

1. Determine how both job satisfaction and organizational commitment relate to employee performance at your selected company.Weight: 45%
2. Evaluate your selected company in light of both motivational theory and performance management principles to determine if it is a place you would like to work.Weight: 35%
3. Cite 3 References.Weight: 10%
4. Clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements
Weight: 10%
I attached my paper 1 company I used IBM
Assignment 2: Motivation and Performance Management

Please respond to the following BUS 599 Discussion Week 7 Strategic Management The Financials. I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

BUS 599 Discussion Week 7 Strategic Management The Financials
The Financials
This week’s discussion is worth 90 points and it is part of your Course Project.
Before you get started on this exercise, you will need the textbook (Chapter 16 – The Financials), the Business Plan Financials Guide and Excel document, and the NAB Company Portfolio.
This Assignment has two sections: The Excel document and the written portion of the financials (sources and use of funds, plan assumption, and break-even analysis) as described below.
Section I: The Business Plan financials (Excel document)

Using your NAB Company Portfolio and the first year of your business plan for the company, you will complete all the worksheets in the Excel document in order, so that you can complete the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet sections from the Business Plan Financials spreadsheet.


The setup and marketing worksheet should already be completed from Assignment 2.
Use the instructions provided in the Business Plan Financials Guide to help you complete this document, as well as the NAB Portfolio (pages 4-8).
To submit: Attach the completed Excel worksheet to the discussion thread (click on the Add Content button under the Post button to access the attachment option when you are ready to submit, attach your document and then click submit)

Section II: Financial section of the business plan (compose as a Word document and paste in the discussion window)
You will have 3 headings as outlined below:
1.Sources and use of funds: Outline the funds you have currently (see portfolio pages 4 and 8) and the ones you intend to raise (you need to raise funds per the portfolio page 4). Explain how you plan to use the funds (a clear plan for how you will use the money).
Before addressing this section please review:

Sources and Use of Funds section on page 312 of your textbook-Sample plan on page 325 for an idea on how to address this section.

2. Plan assumptions: The Financial plan must be based on decisions and facts. Investors want to know if this plan is realistic. In this section you will outline your plan assumptions.Before addressing this section please review:

The setup and assumptions sheet in your Excel document.
Sample plan in your textbook page 326
Assumption sheet in your textbook page 313.
Article about the 5 key assumptions of your business plan.

3. Break-even analysis: The break-even point is the point at which you make enough money in revenue to pay your expenses, but no profit (or loss). In this section, clarify what the break-even number is for year one (average). You will extract this information from the Break-even tab in the Excel document.
Before addressing this section please review:

Page 314 in the textbook, which covers the break-even analysis.
The BrkEvn (Break-Even) worksheet in your Excel document. You would have calculated this there.


You will use the Excel document in Assignment 3 and 4.
You will use the written portion of your Financials in Assignment 4.

Please respond to the following BUS 599 Discussion Week 7 Strategic Management The Financials

Writer’s Choice

Writer’s Choice. Paper details Competency 6: Engage with Individuals, Families, Groups, Organizations, and Communities Advanced generalist social workers incorporate and apply their understanding of diversity, social work values, and theories to effectively engage diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Advanced generalist social workers implement an array of strategies to engage diverse clients and constituencies to advance practice effectiveness. Advanced generalist social workers continuously self-monitor to minimize the effect of personal experiences and affective reactions on their ability to effectively engage with diverse clients and constituencies. Advanced generalist social workers utilize the techniques of relationship-building and inter-professional collaboration to facilitate engagement with clients, constituencies, and other professionals as appropriate. Advanced generalist social workers: utilize a variety of theoretical frameworks and evidence-based approaches to engage with clients and constituencies; and engage diverse clients and constituencies through the use of a variety of skills such as active listening, empathy, reflection, reframing, body language, and other advanced interpersonal skills to effectively engage diverse clients and constituencies. Students will engage with diverse community constituencies to build inter-professional relationships and to learn about the community and social, economic, and environmental justice challenges faced by the community. Students will use theoretical frameworks and evidence-based approaches to develop a strategy for effective engagement with the community to address one of the identified challenges. Students will reflect on how their personal experiences and reactions might impact effective engagement. Students will identify a community that they are interested in learning more about. The chosen community must be one in which the student does not currently have membership. Students will arrange to interview an individual who is a member of the chosen community. During the interview the students will engage the community member to learn about social, economic, and environmental justice challenges faced by the community. Students will select one of these challenges and complete additional scholarly research to identify appropriate theoretical frameworks and evidenced-based approaches that could be used to effectively engage the community to address the challenge through social work practice. Students will place themselves in the role of a community organizer and describe the proposed engagement strategies. Students will then identify any relevant personal biases and/or affective reactions that could negatively affect their social work practice with this community. Use the following outline and headings to organize your 10-12 page paper. The paper must be written in correct APA format. An abstract is not required. To complete this assignment, students will need to arrange an interview with an individual from their community of interest regarding social, economic, and environmental justice challenges faced by that community. The interviewee must be from a community other than the one the student is a member of (remember that community can be defined by geography, group membership, identity, etc.). Introduction Complete an introduction section to your paper that includes all of the following: ** Informed Consent: Before the interview, please ask the person’s permission to be interviewed for a class assignment that will result in a written paper read by your class instructor; document that this has been completed. A description of the interview (time, place, etc.) A discussion providing a brief profile of the community member you are interviewing and explanation of why you chose this community constituent Interview Summary (level one heading) Complete a narrative summary of the interview you conducted (do not write in a question and answer format; write in paragraph format similar to a case note). In the narrative, include information about all of the following A summary of the dialog you had (again, do not do this as a QWriter’s Choice

HSA 530 Strayer University Human Resources Planning and Employee Relations Paper

help writing HSA 530 Strayer University Human Resources Planning and Employee Relations Paper.

Building on the work that you completed in Assignment 2, continue evaluating the role of functions HR in creating a set of Human Resources’ policies and procedures for the acute care hospital.Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you:Explain the importance of maintaining accurate and objective employee records, indicating the consequences that may result from lack of record keeping. Provide support for your rationale.Provide an example of formal and an example of informal documentation that would normally be maintained in an employee file, indicating how each is likely to protect an employer.Determine the most significant factor that will ensure an effective legal termination, indicating the most likely way employees can protect themselves from termination in a downsizing situation. Provide support for your rationale.Analyze two (2) major challenges that today’s health care leaders face in trying to uphold the ethics of critique, justice, and caring, indicating how managers can balance the need for ethics with employee and organizational needs.Create a detailed outline of an effective succession planning process that will help ensure a smooth transition as members of the management team at your organization begin to retire. (The plan should prescribe, at a minimum, how to identify employees for advancement, training and development programs, mentorships, and a timeline for preparing leaders for their role.)From both a management and employee perspective, justify or dispute unionization. Provide support for your rationale.Suggest the best way in which HR can continue to be an effective strategic partner in helping this organization achieve its future goals. Provide support for your rationale.Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Analyze the unique aspects of managing human resources in health care organizations.Demonstrate the importance of HR as a strategic partner in health care organizations.Analyze the impact of labor unions on the health care industry.Use technology and information resources to research issues in health services human resource management.Write clearly and concisely about health services human resource management using proper writing mechanics.
HSA 530 Strayer University Human Resources Planning and Employee Relations Paper

Construct a 95% confidence interva

Construct a 95% confidence interva.

A researcher was interested in comparing the GPAs of students at two different colleges. Independent simple random samples of 8 students from college A and 13 students from college B yielded the following GPAs.College ACollege B3.    Construct a 95% confidence interval for the difference between the mean GPA of college A students and the mean GPA of college B students.
Construct a 95% confidence interva

Keiser University Three Functional Properties Found in All Neurons Discussions

Keiser University Three Functional Properties Found in All Neurons Discussions.

Response to a post APA Format 250 word count Rules:Your post must be highly organized, thorough and accurate.Advance the discussion or extend discussions already taking place.Responses must add new information not previously discussed. Pose new possibilities or opinions not previously voiced. Consider new factual information tied with critical thinking. Interesting and current research on the topic.Do not simply summarize another student’s post and agree/disagree. Consider starting out posts with, “A research article I found said, Did you know, 3 things I found interesting were…”Post Even though all aspects of the Nervous System are essential, it is especially important to have the basic knowledge and understanding of the most simple and concrete process of the cell. Initially, the cells need to be eager when receiving any peripheral stimuli so that it can quickly gather and distribute the stimulus to other surrounding cells through conductivity and secretion (Saladin, 2020). Once the stimulus mobilizes through the cells and system, it then quickly moves to the next stage of storing, processing, and producing an outcome.Once the (Sensory) stimuli is rapidly received and transported from the Peripheral Nervous System (also known as the Afferent neuron), it is then transferred to the inside of the body through the Central Nervous System where it is processed through the Interneurons, and then a physical (Motor) response (also known as the Efferent neuron) is transmitted back out to the Peripheral Nervous System to move any part of the body (Saladin, 2020). From start to finish, this speedy mechanism is so efficient that it can produce a response within “70-120 meters per second, (156-270 miles per hour)” along a myelinated neuron (Welsh & Daley, 2019).Critical Thinking: This neuron process is what I would call the action and reaction phase. I have found that word association was the most efficient way to remember the flow of stimuli through the system. So when the stimulus Arrives (Afferent) from the PNS to the CNS, the stimulus is accurately processed to determine how the body is to respond, and then the processed stimuli Exits (Efferent) to the appropriate designation to perform the suitable reaction (Saladin, 2020).A personal example that I have unfortunately experienced many times and I am sure that plenty of other women have also experienced is when you are styling or fixing your hair with a hot tool and somehow accidentally get a bit too close or even touch it, and your instantaneous response is to move away quickly. This response is done without any thought or hesitation. Without this simple yet valuable mechanism, we could potentially do more harm to ourselves. Another great example of a stimulus that is not caused by pain but could also be potentially harmful if we had a faulty stimuli response system, is sweating from having an internal body temperature above normal. This can either be brought on from working out, laying in the sun, doing yard work, etc.
Keiser University Three Functional Properties Found in All Neurons Discussions