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If a solute cannot pass through a membrane to reach |Solvent (water) | |equilibrium, the ____________ will move in whatever | | |direction is necessary to create an equal | | |concentration of solutes on both sides of the | | |membrane. | |Photosynthesis | | |What are two other names for the light independent |Calvin Cycle, Carbon Fixation | |reactions of photosynthesis? | | |Specifically where do those reactions occur within |Stroma of the chloroplast | |plant cells? | | |What product of photosynthesis is easily observable |Oxygen gas | |with the naked eye? | |Referring to the previous question, what part of |The light dependent reactions | |photosynthesis makes that product? | | |As a result of photosynthesis, energy from the sun is|Chemical bonds of glucose | |transferred to/stored in ____________ | | |Colors that we see represent wavelengths of light |reflected | |that are (absorbed / reflected) by the object. | |The two products of the light reactions that are |ATP and NADPH | |needed in the dark reactions are: | | |In the light reactions, prior to chemiosmosis, |Stroma into the thylakoid | |hydrogen ions are pumped from the _____ to the _____ | | |Some plants use alternate pathways during |The light independent reactions, Calvin cycle, carbon fixation | |photosynthesis. What part of photosynthesis involves | | |these alternate pathways? | | |As electrons pass down the ETC in Photosystem II, the|Photosystem I | |final electron acceptor is a molecule in ___ | |

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JP Morganchase Bank.

Clearly present brief history, purpose, advertisement, competition, audience and location for that one institution. The information provided is supported with ample applicable data/evidence. analyze historical and current policy of the institution in reference to the Great Recession. use fact finder U.S. Census : Zip code Population Income Education Race PowerPoint: minimum 5 slides use scholarly resources from the library and/or industry websites. Minimum of four sources (“Works Cited”) Citations within the slides.

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