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Homework on CoronaVirus. Please upload a Write up and a Power point Presentation that you will present during a scheduled webinar (100 points). Please go to canvas to upload the assignment
“If you view natural disasters not disasters but as a learning experience, this is a sign you are a geotechnical engineer”

What Can a Civil and Environmental Engineer learn from the outbreak of Coronavirus.
What are the roles of Civil and Environmental Engineers in Curtailing the wide spread of Corona virus?

How Was China Able to Build 1000 Bed- Hospital within 10 days ?
Please give detailed explanation as a civil engineer, tracing it from the foundation to the superstructure. What are the innovative ideas involved in making this to be possible? Please watch the videos below.

Wuhan Cronavirus Update: China Build 1000-Bed Huoshenshan Hospital in 10 Days (Links to an external site.)
Ready to use: Timeline of Huoshenshan Hospital’s construction (Links to an external site.)
LIVE: Leishenshan Hospital under construction in Wuhan, China (Links to an external site.)
LIVE: SARS treatment-model hospital in Wuhan receives first patients (Links to an external site.)

American Public University System My Genealogy Essay.

Must include all members from YOUR grandparents down. You should use at least three generations (1) your generation, (2) your parents’ generation, and (3) your grandparents’ generation. Include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, children, grandchildren, etc. The following information should be included about each family member on your diagram: age, sex, marriage, separations, divorce, abortion, miscarriage, death, relationship to you (e.g., cousin, sister, grandparent, godparent), etc.Must identify yourself in a special way.Must include tracking of family dynamics (e.g., special closeness, distance, hostility, cut-offs, etc.).Must include alcohol/drug issues, and physical or mental health issues.Should include tracking thins in your family that are important to only your family (e.g., education, religion, traveling, race/ethnicity if family is multicultural, etc.).Family members should be arranged in a way that symbolizes their emotional relationship with you and with each other. For example, place the symbols for family members that are distant farther away than for family members that are emotionally close. Be sure toInclude a key explaining connecting lines, circles, and other symbols on your diagram.Be creative in arranging your family diagram and professional in your presentation of this project; your assignment will be graded on both qualities. You can generate your diagram using a computer program (e.g., Microsoft Word, Power Point) or it can be neatly handwritten. If you draw your diagram, it must be VERY NEAT. You must use rulers and other tools to make sure it looks great.Save your work as either a Word document, PowerPoint, jpg, or pdf document for submission.Upload (a) your diagram and (b) narrative in the assignment dropbox. Narrative:You must write a three-page (not including the title page and references page) narrative describing your family genogram. You should explain how your use of symbols, placement of family members, connecting lines, and boundaries represent the members of your family and particularly the relationships within the family. This narrative must adhere to all APA 6th edition standards (Font: Times New Roman, Font size: 12; Margins: 1 inch on the top, bottom, left, and right; double-spaced; typed, and written in complete sentences and paragraph form. You should have clear transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Not only will this narrative be graded for content, you will receive points for grammar and writing style. Be sure to carefully proof your assignment for spelling and typographical errors. Please use headings in your paper to separate main sections of your paper. Headings should use bold face and three to five words. Watch: APA headings and subheadings
American Public University System My Genealogy Essay

Rasmussen College Wk 4 Financial Closing Statements Missing Letter Paper.

Purpose of Assignment: This course project showcases the ability to draft and correct financial issues in a closing statement.
Course Competency: Correct financial errors in property and estate planning cases.

The firm’s client, Abigail Costello, who you worked with in the previous weeks, has bought a property she believes will appreciate in value, and thus be a wonderful investment for her estate. The firm is tasked with ensuring the closing goes smoothly and according to plan. You have been provided with disclosures located here.   Your attorney has tasked you with reviewing the closing statement to ensure that the information is accurate, using the following information:

Settlement date = November 25
$249,750 = Sale price
$2,000 = Real property taxes– paid by seller before closing; prorate at closing.
$500 = Due Diligence Fee
$2000 = Earnest Money Deposit
$138,425 = Seller’s Loan payoff
$840 = Private Mortgage Insurance premium
$500 = Homeowner’s Insurance premium
$85 = Deed preparation fee
$500 = Excise tax
$450 = Home Warranty – to be paid by Sellers at closing.
$20 = Courier fees – overnight to buyer’s lender
$350 = Attorney’s Fee
$505.40 = Title Insurance – Lender policyCredi
$64.60 = Title Insurance – Owner Policy
$56 = Recording fees
Additional Facts

Brokerage commission = 6% of sale price to be divided equally between agents.
Appraisal = $450
Credit Report = $55
Home Inspection = $325

Your supervising attorney would like a memo discussing any discrepancies you have found in the closing statement.  At the very least you should:

Identify any information missing from the closing statement
Identify any inaccurate values in the closing statement
Provide an explanation of how the inaccuracies will affect the closing process and the client


Your memo should be 1-2 pages in length, and should contain the following sections:

Heading or Caption
Issue(s) Presented
Answer to Issue
Reasoning or Discussion

Rasmussen College Wk 4 Financial Closing Statements Missing Letter Paper

Discussion. Paper details What impact, if any, do you feel that this type of legislation would have on recidivism rates? Explain. Do you believe that someone convicted of a misdemeanor for their third offense should be subjected to life imprisonment under this legislation? Why or why not? What does the data show in evaluating the impact of “three strikes” legislation?Discussion

Pope Innocent III – Europe and the Church under Pope Innocent III

Pope Innocent III – Europe and the Church under Pope Innocent III.

Theres no real instructions for this paper. This paper is for a History of Medieval Christianity course and I chose the topic of Pope Innocent III. Focusing on his legal knowledge and how it helped through the Holy war and his papal authority would be a more specific topic to research on instead of his entire life legacy. Must use ONLY primary sources (ex. letters, etc) or scholarly articles! I have attached the instructions below. I already found a few sources attached below too that you can use. I need an A++++ paper free of plagerism. Term paper: There are many fascinating aspects of medieval society that are worth exploring in greater depth. The term paper is your opportunity to do so. Note that there are deadlines listed in the course schedule for choosing your topic, finding good sources, and identifying your thesis. Papers are due May 22. Late papers will be accepted, but there will be a five-point penalty for papers received during the last week of classes, and a fifteen-point penalty for papers received during Finals Week. Your paper needs a thesis. You have a thesis when you can say “I argue that …” These are not theses: “my paper is about monks” or “this paper will explore medieval heresies.” These are theses: “Religious motives were more important than political objectives during the First Crusade” or “Monastic life offered women opportunities they did not have in secular life.” (You can put “I argue that” in front of both statements.) Your paper should include references to one or more books or scholarly articles—not websites!one or more primary sources (that is, writings from medieval times). The best papers will probably start from a primary source, so you might spend some time browsing through the authors excerpted in the texts or mentioned in class. Essays must be typed in grammatical, college-level English and footnoted according to the usual scholarly conventions. (For history papers, this means Turabian.) If you do not understand how to do this, please see me. Papers without proper citations will be returned for correction.
Pope Innocent III – Europe and the Church under Pope Innocent III

It’s no secret that communication is a crucial component in every step of our health care environment. Poor communication

essay help online It’s no secret that communication is a crucial component in every step of our health care environment. Poor communication can lead to conflict, decreased staff morale, patient harm, and increased costs, including malpractice costs. Improved communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution strategies will yield significant benefits for both patients and health care providers. For this assignment, respond thoughtfully to the questions below. While each post will be highly personalized, the content should demonstrate a strong foundation derived from required course readings and additional resources chosen by the student. Assignment Instructions Think of a situation you have experienced or heard about in your work setting where there was poor communication, conflict, or poor teamwork. Perhaps the situation you are thinking about has elements of all three! Describe the situation (without using names or breaching patient confidentiality) with enough detail to clearly outline the problem. Next, based on your readings and other course resources, select at least one strategy for improved communication, teamwork, or conflict resolution; e.g. nonviolent communication/Giraffe Language, carefronting, principled negotiation, TeamSTEPPS (5 steps, CUS, DESC, SBAR, I PASS THE BATON, checklists for team communication/debriefing, team feedback, two-challenge rule, etc.). Explain how the situation could have been improved if your chosen communication, teamwork, or conflict resolution strategy was utilized. Finally, reflect on the nurse leader’s role in modeling effective communication. How does effective communication promote the provision of cost-effective quality care, patient/staff satisfaction, and a safe work environment?

American Academy of English Cuban Immigrants Book Discussion

American Academy of English Cuban Immigrants Book Discussion.

I NEED a reflection on Each post and should be at least 100 words for each please .Should address a reaction(s) and/or question(s) about the course material based on what they postedI will attach the book Pages for POST#2post1:According to Gonzalez, he states that “The refugees of the 1960s and 19701s were largely from the upper and middle classes and brought with them enormous technical skills. Those advantages, together made with the massive aid the federal government dispensed to them, turned Cubans into this country’s, most prosperous Hispanic immigrant.” (Pg. 109) This made me think, are they still the most prosperous Hispanic immigrants or is another group now considered more prosperous? Since Cubans were thought to have had more technical skills, education and were from a high class when they immigrated to the United States, they were given better and higher paying jobs. Making it difficult for other immigrants to find work. Not only that, but because of the 1959 revolution, the U.S government passed the Cuban Adjustment Act which offered multiple assistant programs that did not include other immigrants to receive assistance. This seems like an unfair advantage.This leads to my questions; do you think there is a group of immigrants currently that are more prosperous than others and what makes them prosperous? post2:Chapter 6 Influenced my question. In chapter 6, Gonzalez talks about the Cuban immigration that took place as early as 1885 to as late as 1994. He describes the hardships that they had to go through in their own country with poverty and corruption and what they went through when they reached the US. The United States during the 60’s immigration welcomed them with open arms and gave them a lot of assistants. However, in the 80’s, they decided that Cuba were sending them their least educated and criminals and treated them as such. Immigration has always been talked about in the United States and there plenty of problems they had to deal with when they came here.Question: What were some of the problems that Cubans faced when they came to the United States? And do refugees/immigrants still face similar problems, or has it become better?
American Academy of English Cuban Immigrants Book Discussion

Business Plan of Sports Center Report (Assessment)

Business Plan of Sports Center Report (Assessment). Business Activity Sports Center is a company that has been developed to meet the needs and requirements of skaters all around the world. With our high quality designs, Sports Center will be manufacturing different types of skates that can be used for leisure and in professional sports. Consequently, this initiative aims at promoting healthy living among individuals of all ages through physical exercise. The contemporary world is characterized by unhealthy eating habits that lead to the development of health complications such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure (Tookey, 2004). This initiative therefore aims at suppressing these conditions through sports (specifically, skating). Our future products will focus on all types of sports from basketball to soccer. With the use of our products, our customers will enjoy taking a trip to the coffee shop or local stores while skating. This concept will eliminate the time that people lose while being stuck in traffic or looking for a parking spot in restaurant and in malls. At the same time, individuals can skate to work or as a morning exercise. This will ultimately improve their physical fitness hence enhancing their overall health status. However, poor ankle support is the main challenge that skaters face due to the narrow that skates have towards the tip of the toes (Reynolds, 1997). In this respect therefore, skaters have to tighten their skates harder than normal shoes. However, this affects the comfort of the leg and in some rare cases, it might bring about structural complications to the leg. The design of our product has overcome this problem, a move that we hope will play a critical role in increasing our sales. Consequently, we have put in place effective pricing and marketing strategies that will ensure that we stand on a competitive edge over our rivals by commanding a huge market share. This will ensure our sustainability in the short run and in the long run. Aims The main aim of this business is to enhance healthy living in individuals all around the world. Consequently, through this business initiative, we hope that Sports Center will become a reputable brand that is operational all around the world. Most importantly, we aim at being profitable and sustainable in the short run and in the long run. Objectives The following are the objectives of this business initiative: To reach the breakeven point after 12 months of operation. To maximize our profit margin within the first 2 years of operation. To enhance our services through the application of e-commerce strategies. To support skaters and create feedback mechanism through the application of e-commerce strategies such as social media. To encourage our clientele to have a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, the mission of Sports Center is to meet the needs and requirements of our target market by providing them with aftermarket products within the skating industry. Given the sales figures for the last five years within the United States of America, Europe, Asia, And Australia, our business has identified a skating market that is vibrant and growing at a tremendous rate (Sussman, 2007). Therefore, our business will develop skating gears that will enable our target market to incorporate skating in their daily routine hence making the activity to be a part of their lifestyle. Therefore, our brand aims at achieving the following goals: To replace excessive driving with skating. To connect skaters all around the world who regard the sport as a means of fitness and healthy living. The transform SkateSailing into a global sporting activity. Market Size and Growth According to Klein (2007), the success of any business entity highly relies on the viability of its target market, its pricing and marketing strategies, and most importantly, the market share that it commands. Sports Center has already identified a vibrant market of individuals who view skating as a leisure activity that enhances their physical fitness and overall well-being of their health. In the last five years, over 30 million pairs of skates have been sold annually within the United States of America alone (Yao, 2006; Puick, 2007). From these sales, Sports Center has identified the following market segments: Recreational sports Speed skating Fitness Hockey Extreme Skating With this niche market, Sports Center is hopeful that it will achieve its goal of developing skating as a fitness activity as well as ensuring that SkateSailing becomes a popular sport within the United States and all around the world. According to the statistics that were presented by McLean (2003), skating is one of the sporting activities in the United States that is growing at a tremendous rate. This sport has recorded high popularity growth rate figures as compared to sports such as soccer, rugby, football, and baseball. Of our five niche markets, Sports Center aims at targeting the individuals who fall under the recreation and fitness categories due to the positive growth rates that have been recorded in these two market segments over the last five years. It is projected that these two groups will comprise about 85% of the total consumers who are loyal to our brand in the next three years. Competitors The presence of free entry and exist in a market has increased the level of competition in the contemporary business world. Despite the fact that there might be barriers to entry such as high start up costs, copyrights, patents, and stringent requirements, competition is an essential factor in business (Boblitz, 2006). It is through competition that firms come up with creative and innovative strategies and ideas that enable them to produce high quality products and services in order to stand at a competitive edge over their rivals. In this respect therefore, Sports Center is not the only company that manufactures and sells skating gear in the United States. The company faces stiff competition from various companies. Strengths and Weaknesses of Pegasus Sports Pegasus Sports is a firm that manufactures and sells skates. Based in California, this firm has been in operation for the last four deceased. Thus, its major strength is the reputable brand name that the firm has developed over the years. Consequently, the firm commands a strong market share within and outside the United States. During its last financial year, the company sold approximately 4 million pairs of skates within the United States alone. In addition to its other products, the firm commands a huge market share both within and outside the United States. However, its major weakness is its failure to keep up with the changing trends in consumer needs. As a result, the firm has failed to meet the needs and requirements of emerging markets such as fitness skaters. Consequently, its products are highly priced. Strengths and Weaknesses of BladeBoots BladeBoots also offers stiff competition to Sports Center. Established during the 1980s, the firm has managed to capture the attention of the baby-boomer generation. The firm also has an effective distribution chain since it has outlets in every state in the United States. Since 1995, the firm expanded its operations to Canada where it was successful in capturing the Hockey market. However, the firm has failed to market its products effectively especially using the e-commerce platform. In this respect therefore, it has failed to capture the attention of young skaters in the United States and Canada (Melvin, 2007). Despite its diverse product line, most of its products are of a lower quality hence they tear and wear quickly. This fact can be used to explain its declining sales especially during the 21st century. Strengths and Weaknesses of Sports Center With regards to the above competitors, Sports Center stands on a competitive advantage due to the fact that our products are of a higher quality. We have managed to manufacture versatile products by putting into considerations the ideas and comments that we receive from our customers. In the process, we have managed to manufacture products that conform to the needs and requirements of our customers hence satisfying their needs and requirements (Mendenhall, 2007). Consequently, our products are pocket friendly due to our effective pricing strategy. This move has greatly increased our market share due to the affordability of our products (Hodgetts, 2003: Latta, 1998). Most importantly, Sports Center has mainly focused its operations on an online platform. Through our e-commerce strategy, we have managed to reach out to a wide range of consumers who shop online (especially the members of the new generation). This concept has given us a competitive edge over our rivals who have been reluctant in incorporating e-commerce strategies in their operation. Despite our strengths, Sports Center is facing several challenges. First, the funds available are not sufficient to maintain our operations. Consequently, there are consumers who are reluctant to purchase our products due to the fact that we have not been operational for a long period of time. This brings about the problem of brand credibility due to the fact that we do not have a strong brand name (Nakiye, 2005; Pinder, 2012). Competitive Advantage Despite our weaknesses, Sports Center stands at a competitive advantage due to the fact that it has a highly qualified workforce that comprises of individuals who are skilled in running and managing an organization at a national and international level. The Chief Executive Officer, various managers, and the employees at all levels of management have a successful track record. Consequently, the firm has a strong organization culture that focuses on excellence and aims at meeting the needs and requirements of its customers. Given its complexity, it is impossible for our competitors to copy and implement it successfully within their organizations hence giving us a competitive edge (Thompson, 2008). Sports Center also has an effective value chain system that maximizes the efficiency of producing, marketing, and delivering its products to its customers. This system greatly reduces the costs of production while maximizing profits. Most importantly, our products are protected by patent and copyrights that ensure that other firms cannot copy our designs. This is an essential factor in brand differentiation (Gee, 2003). Proposed Customers As it has been stated, Sports Center will target skaters from the following market segments: Recreational sports Speed skating Fitness Hockey Extreme Skating To ensure that our products are sustainable in the long run, the firm has targeted individuals from the age of five years to sixty five years. This will ensure continuity of its brand regardless of the generation gap that might be present. Consequently, all of our products are unisex hence they can be utilized by either male or female consumers (McNally, 2002). However, there Sports Center has the customization option where a customer can request for a customized product. This service will be offered at an additional fee. Marketing Strategy The Product Sports Center has taken into consideration the market trends as well as the feedback of its customers to manufacture its products. This strategy is effective as it ensures that the manufactured products conform to the needs and requirements of the target market (Porter, 2010). The first product, The Glider, has been manufactured specifically to meet to the needs and requirements of recreational and fitness customers. These skates have covers on their wheels that enable a user to skate in almost every terrain. The other product, The Sail, has been manufactured to meet the needs and requirements of SkateSailing customers and those individuals involved in speed skating, hockey, and extreme skating. These skates are extremely light and have ankle support to avoid mechanical damage of the legs of the users. Price One of the main objectives of Sports Center is to ensure that its products are affordable to the target market. To achieve this goal, Sports Center has developed a pricing strategy that ensures that its products are affordable to its customers. With this price, the firm ensures that the production cost is below this price. Therefore, the difference between the set market price and the production cost will be the ultimate margin earned. This strategy was adopted from IKEA to ensure that its products are pocket friendly to its customers (Grebe, 2005; Moorhead, 2008). Place The manufacturing process will be outsourced to third party firms. Consequently, all of the products will be sold online. This will greatly reduce overhead costs required to rent stores all over the United States. The goods will only be transported once they have been bought online. However, the shipping costs will be met by the firm. Promotion Sports Center will mainly use e-marketing strategies to reach its customers. Other than having its own website, the firm will place adverts on social network sites, websites that attract a lot of traffic such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube and so on. Consequently, the firm will place adverts on the television, radio, and billboards. Sports Center will also have an online platform where customers upload their ideas and comments with regards to their experience with the firm’s products. This will be useful in improving the quality of the products (Oddou, 2011). Plant and Equipments The key plant and equipments include a warehouse storage facility that will be located in New York and website servers. Background and Details of Key People At the present moment, the CEO of Sports Center is Daniel Roberts. Roberts is also the founder of the firm. Prior to being the CEO, Roberts was the Branding Manager of Google. With his skills and expertise, Sports Center stands a high chance of being profitable and sustainable in the long run. Philip Mane is the Managing Director of Sports Center. Mane is the former head of the North American unit of Pepsi. During his time in Pepsi, he managed to increase the market share of the product throughout North America especially after releasing the low-cal Pepsi into the market. References Boblitz, M 2006, ‘Looking out the window: Market intelligence for a view of the real world’, Healthcare Financial Management, vol. 1 no. 2, pp. 47-53. Gee, P 2003, ‘The compelling case for perpetual strategic planning’, Service Line: Eight Essential Rules, vol. 2 no. 3, pp. 62-64. Grebe, M 2005, ‘Strategic financial planning: What every trustee needs to know about facility replacement’,Trustee, vol. 12 no. 4, 24-28. Hodgetts, S 2003, ‘U. S. Multinationals’ expatriate compensation strategies’, Compensation and Benefits Review, vol. 2 no. 1, pp. 57-62. Klein, R 2011, Compensating your overseas executives: Part three. Exporting U.S. stock option plans to expatriates’, Compensation and benefits review, vol. 6 no. 1, pp. 27-38. Latta, M 1998, ‘Expatriate incentives: Beyond tradition’, HR Focus, vol. 75 no. 2, pp. 53-67 McLean, R 2003, Financial management in healthcare organizations, Clifton Park, New York McNally, K 2002, ‘Compensation as a strategic tool’, Human Resource Magazine, vol 12 no. 1, pp. 59-66. Melvin, S 2007, ‘Shipping out’, The China Business Review, vol. 2 no. 1, pp. 30-34. Mendenhall, M 2007, Human Resource Management, Sage, Chicago. Moorhead, G 2008, Organizational behavior: managing people and organization, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. Nakiye, A 2005, International assignment reconsidered: ReadingsBusiness Plan of Sports Center Report (Assessment)