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the student is a prek student with is diagnosed with Autism ( PDD) i will explain in chat

Case Study 2: Prada – New Perspectives on the Prada Group

Case Study 2: Prada – New Perspectives on the Prada Group.


Ethical, responsible and sustainable companies can win over the hearts and minds of today’s consumers, more and more aware of, and with high expectations for, the value of companies’ roles in making the world a better place to live in.

The challenge was to give people a perspective on the Prada Group beyond the luxury and fashion industry in which they compete everyday with their products. What the Client really wanted was to share the Prada Group’s branded contents worth telling, unveiling the Prada Group’s stories of passion for culture, for beauty and social commitment, to let people worldwide discover, experience, and enjoy Prada Group with new eyes.

People became aware and experienced another unedited way to perceive the Group and its brands through a different point of view, from behind the scenes and the catwalks, fashion market and luxury products.

National Context of the Campaign

In the contemporary context of global economic crisis where uncertainty and fear affects everyone, the New Perspective on the Prada Group campaign is an example of a focus content shift aiming to talk about fashion as a world where good can be done and happiness can be spread as a gift for humans of the world.

The campaign unveils the world of hidden beauty behind catwalks and products. This surprising and intriguing point of view inspires customers and common people making them perceive the Italian brand outside its usual luxury paradigm of excellence, in a different, emotional, beneficial way.


The main objectives given by the client were:

       Create a world-wide new perspective on the Prada Group

      Unveil and communicate the social impact historical commitment of the Group

       Extend the Prada Group’s positioning beyond luxury and fashion

       Evolve existing perception of Prada Group and its brand



        The New Perspectives on The Prada Group Campaign is a multichannel integrated campaign in which people are invited in a journey into the Prada Group projects beyond fashion, in the various fields in which it has been operating for 30 years, such as: culture, talent promoting, the arts,

         monuments restoration, landscape reconstitution, architectural approach to factories as a dialogue between man and nature, re-outfitting existing buildings, environmental safeguarding, tributes to the artistic heritage, local community support, …


        The New Perspectives on the Prada Group Campaign dedicated web site, implemented to collect the most interesting Prada Group behind the scene stories, served as the central hub for the deep campaign storytelling and showcase of social conversation throughout all campaign phases.


        A strong integrated communication plan has been implemented, both on local and international level –off and online, to gain visibility in all the phases in all touch points. This plan included:


       Launch event

       Engagement events

       PR Campaign

       Dedicated publication

       Social media campaign

       Newsletter program

      Creative Strategy


        We conceived the ‘New perspective on the Prada Group’ campaign to serve as an original and engaging new brand storytelling platform enabling us to position the Prada Group at the international forefront as a fashion and luxury brand really close not only to their customers but also to people who simply love its brands or know them.


        A communication project that leverages the power of beauty that the Prada Group generates beyond its brands and fashion products, to engage people in advocacy and sharing the special collection of projects collected in the hub website


        The storytelling campaign is focused on the accessible beauty of cultural, artistic, social and sustainable initiatives that the Prada Group made in order to enrich people’s lives with beauty.



        Prepare a case study analysis of this campaign, expressing a point of view on the effectiveness of the campaign from an IMC perspective and why you believe this was an award-winning campaign. Please ensure you also address the following questions in your analysis:


        1)  This IMC strategy engages storytelling in a thought provoking way to create a world-wide new perspective on the Prada Group. Referring to chapter 10 of the Clow & Baack text, come up with an innovative alternative marketing strategy that could also be used to achieve the same objective. Why do you think this would work?

        2)  There does not appear to be much detail about which social media and mobile technologies were engaged during this IMC campaign. What do you think is an appropriate use of technology given the target demographic of this campaign? Why? What ways do you think social media and mobile technologies could have been incorporated?


        3)  Going forward, what tactics would you use to maintain and build the Prada brand in future years?

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Case Study: Slavery

home/school connection Case Study: Slavery.

Locate the webpage Acts of the Virginia Commonwealth on the PBS site Slavery and the Making of America: The Slave Experience. Use the following keywords in your search: acts of Virginia Commonwealth slave experience. Read the information on this page. Feel free also to locate and incorporate additional scholarly sources to respond to this case study. Construct the case study by responding to the following prompts: Describe in what ways the practice of slavery was different between Africans and Europeans? Explain how the length of service of slaves (servants being brought into the colony without indentures or covenants) change between 1642 and 1705? How was the status of children born to slaves by white men determined? Describe in what ways were slaves treated similarly to property (regarding the right of possession, damage to property, etc.)? As the author of the Declaration of Independence, analyze Jefferson’s viewpoint of slavery and abolition of slavery. Make sure to cite and reference sources. Make sure that the writing is clear, well-developed, and free from spelling and grammatical errors. Please note that part of your grade is to include a documented example of the primary source.

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Plato’s Theory of Forms

Plato’s Theory of Forms.

Where does Plato argue that knowledge comes from? Your answer should explain his Theory of Forms (using examples), and discuss two of the three selections from The Republic (Simile of the Sun, Divided Line, Allegory of the Cave). How credible is Plato’s claim that our knowledge comes from non-sensory experiences with Forms in between lives? Give reasons for your assessment.  Be sure to explain things in your own words, and use your own examples, where appropriate.  Remember to provide citations for any quotes from the readings, lectures, or any outside sources (including Internet sources). I would recommend, however, that you restrict your sources to the readings and lecture material.   As the syllabus states, the paper should be 2 ½-3 pages long, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

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The solar battery is the way to keep a power of the Sun in the pocket

The solar battery is the way to keep a power of the Sun in the pocket.

 Final Submission Project Requirements Your Technical Report Final Submission should: Utilize Tebeaux and Dragga’s “Informal Report” formatting (pp. 182-185). Cite at least 6 sources using proper APA formatting. Provide a clear and strong recommendation for or against the use of the tool or technology. Be at least 1,000 words. Be accompanied by a properly formatted abstract that concisely summarizes your technical report and its findings in less than 125 words.

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few sentence response

What effect does impression management have on how we evaluate each other?
Keep in mind that this is not as simple as saying that if you dress fancy people will value you more highly. First of all, that’s not true; we don’t all value the same things. Second, we’re not all trying to impress the same people. Third, what a person thinks will impress other people favorably might actually have the opposite effect.
Respond in at least one sentence. This is a place to start brainstorming about issues related to the final essay

Can social media be a distraction to college students in a negative way?

Can social media be a distraction to college students in a negative way?.


Can social media be a distraction to college students in a negative way? 

This is an opinion essay. I have attached what is required for this paper. Please see the attached. I have also attached 3 sources you can use as well. However, if your able to locate others that is fine too. I also attached the question and a brief intro that you can use as well. Paper is to be FULL 4

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