-Holistic Care – Definition of the Concept and Cases

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Definition of the Concept

Define the concept you are working on based on your review of the literature (ROL) and the defining attributes. This should sound like a dictionary definition. If you are paraphrasing the idea of an author (using her/his idea and writing in your own words then cite the reference with the author(date). If however, you choose to use them verbatim definition from an author (that is fine too), then cite as a direct quote using quotations around the content and provide the author(s), date and page number.


Write a model case, a borderline, a related, a contrary and an illegitimate case. Use the references provided in Moodle, Walker[supanova_question]

book review: Wise blood paper

book review: Wise blood paper.

A summary on what I read in wise blood quotes needed


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