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FIG 2 In 2008/09, group sales rose by 15%, mainly due to new store openings, but costs rose faster than sales. Margins weakened but remained above the 20% level, a significantly better level of profitability than any of its major rivals. In the UK, sales rose by 7%, but operating profit fell by nearly 8%, due to the cost of store openings, consumer restraint and discounting among competitors. The UK is H&M? s fourth largest market, contributing 6. 4% of its turnover. First half 2009/10 The group reported another profitable set of results for the first half of 2010 to the end of May.

Although sales rose by only 4% in total and by 1% on a like-for-like basis, operating profit increased by 32% as it increased margins to 23%. Although currency hedging was a factor, better terms from suppliers and reduced supply chain costs underpinned the result. In the UK, sales (in local currency) rose by 15% driven by ten new store openings. H&M Brand Identity: The identity of brands can be compared with that of human beings; a child? s identity initially consists of core essence, certain physical attributes, distinct personality traits, and eventually a basic vocabulary.

Brand Identity can thus be described as the product? s DNA configuration, which consists of particular brand elements blended together. (Salver, ) Aaker defined the components of brand identity as; core, essence and extended identity. As shown in Fig3. Core Identity Brand Essence Extended Identity Fig 3 3|Erum Zulfiqar H&M Core Identity: H&M mission statement is its core identity i. e. offering fashionable clothing for the best price. They mean that all people who want to be fashionable should have the right to be it. The price should not be a holdback.

H&M have a mission that it should be possible for everybody to find their personal style in H&M? s collection. When they create a new collection the mission is to satisfy people with different kind of taste and demand. H&M Extended Identity: PERSONALITY H&M is a cool brand. Their cloth is cheap, but has good quality as well. The brand is innovative and a trendsetter with lots of attitude. The Logo: Fig4 The logo H&M is the first letter in Hennes & Mauritz. The logo is light cursive which does it soft and not so hard and strictly. The brand colour is red.

Red signifies for example enthusiasm and activity. H&M Market & Customers: H&M Communication with Customers: All H&M? s communication aims to build the brand both in the long and short term. Customers should know their way around and know what H&M stands for. There? s always something new happening at H&M – new products are arriving, stores are expanding and new campaigns are being launched. H&M should be inviting, exciting and constantly surprise customers. (www5) Campaigns: Every year H&M launches a number of major campaigns, which are complemented by smaller campaigns.

This increases the interest around the new collections of the season. The campaigns act as exciting, recurring invitations to H&M. (www5) Icon and designer collaborations: Since 2004, H&M has also collaborated with several international designers and fashion icons. Designer collaborations boost their brand as a fashion house and make their business concept clearer to customers. (www5) Communication Modes:H&M places high demands on all communication. H&M uses all channels in its communication. 4|Erum Zulfiqar H&M Magazine:The magazine offers readers a mix of fashion, inspiration and the latest lifestyle trends.

It is published four times a year and is also available on line. Fig5 Social Networking Site: H&M has its own Facebook page through which it communicate with the people who become its fans and also uses Twitter to communicate with its customers who follow it there. H&M also has employed its own page on YouTube where they upload Fashion TV and other inspirational films. Fig6 Media: H&M keeps in close contact with the media, both to showcase their fashion and to provide/ information about H&M. They also communicate regularly with the business press and financial markets.

Advertisement: H& M Communicates its business concept through the various advertising campaigns. The campaigns are intentionally designed to be simple and clear so as it communicates to the customers what is new in store and reflect H&M identity and values. All of the campaigns show season? s designs and the price of the clothes pictured as shown in Fig . H&M realizes that any promotion that does not take into account specialties of the region where the advertising campaign is being carried out is bound to have little effect on the population that is being targeted by the advertising campaign.

So, H&M conjures up unique campaigns that seamlessly merge with the local flavor without losing out on the essence and personality of the corporate image of H&M that strongly sends out a message of customer satisfaction at minimum expense. (Roberts, 2004) 5|Erum Zulfiqar Fig7 The advertising campaigns are produced centrally in Sweden by H&M marketing department employing to use group? s strategy of using top fashion models to promote its low-priced wares. As stated by Group? s PR manager in 2004 “We always use top models,” said Jennifer Uglialoro, pr manager. “We consider H&M a high fashion brand.

The prices of the clothing may be a great deal, but it is still fashionable and trendy. ” (www6) 2011 Publicity Campaign H&M has prepared a series of comprehensive ad campaigns for the spring summer season of 2011. The latest ad campaign of the brand features the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen who looks absolutely spectacular in boho chic inspired outfits. The campaign shows all popular trends of Spring 2011, florals, jumpsuits, whites, ruffles… and more The pictures were shot by photographer Daniel Jackson, with styling by Robert Rydberg and hairstylist Serge Normant.

Fig8 Conscious Collection modelled by Natasha Poly and Abbey Lee This is one of H&M? s most important new collections – it is a range of more sustainable fashion called Conscious, which is designed using greener materials. To launch this range, which arrives in-store in mid April, there? s a campaign shot by Solve Sundsbo which has 6|Erum Zulfiqar models Abbey Lee and Natasha Poly, alongside Clement Chabernaud and Ben Hill, wearing key pieces from the all-white collection. The collection also includes an organic cotton shopper that is being sold in aid of H&M? project with UNICEF, All for Children, which protects children? s rights in the cotton-producing areas of India. (www7) Knot Violence: raising awareness and funds with a potent symbol of peace This spring, H&M brings one of the strongest symbols of peace, „the knotted gun? , to its divided department in support of the Non Violence Project Foundation. Started by artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward in response to the death of John Lennon, the knotted gun has since become an international symbol of non-violence.

The knotted gun forms the centre of Knot Violence, a collection of T-shirts and accessories for both boys and girls, many of which are made from organic cotton, with slogans and graphics spreading the non-violent message. 10% of all sales from the Knot Violence collection will be donated to the Non Violence Project Foundation in support of non-violence. (www7) H&M donates clothes to charity H&M is committed to taking responsibility for how their operations affect people and the environment.

H&M donate garments that do not meet their quality requirements to organisations such as UNHCR, Caritas, the Red Cross and Helping Hands. H&M also donates faulty garments that have been returned to their stores. In total, more than 500,000 pieces of H&M garments were donated during 2009. Gifts in kind International H&M? s US sales operation donates thousands of garments from its corporate facilities through Gifts In Kind International, a nonprofit organization that distributes products to community services groups that are improving the lives of people in need.

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