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HLS 3305 CSU Disaster Planning & Management Active Shooter in A Hospital Worksheet

HLS 3305 CSU Disaster Planning & Management Active Shooter in A Hospital Worksheet.

InstructionsFor this assignment, you will be applying what you have learned about the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). To begin, please see the following instructions:Choose one of the following critical infrastructures from the list below:energy company;water company;transportation company;police, firefighters, or emergency medical services (EMS);hospital; ornon-governmental organization (i.e., a commercial facility).Select one of the following threats that your critical infrastructure will respond to for the purpose of this assignment:terrorist attack/active shooter incident,weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threat, orcybersecurity attack.In this assignment, you will be completing designated sections of an ICS 201 form. The ICS 201 form provides the Incident Commander/Unified Command and General Staff with basic information regarding the incident situation and the resources allocated to the incident. This form also serves as a permanent record of the initial response to the incident. Using the ICS 201 form linked below, fill out the highlighted sections in order to relay the pertinent information about the event to the responding organization:Include the incident name (p.1).Provide the situation summary and health and safety briefing (p. 1), which should consist of no less than 300 words and be detailed enough to be self-explanatory since your professor will only have this document available to use in understanding the threat and ICS components being presented.Include your name, position, and signature (p. 1).Include current and planned objectives (p. 2).Fill out the organizational chart for your current organization (p. 3), which should be detailed enough to be self-explanatory in terms of how these positions were filled since your professor will only have this document available to use in understanding the threat and ICS components being presented.At the bottom of the ICS 201 form (last page), please include an essay of no less than 200 words that describes how an ICS can work as a part of the National Response Framework (NRF) and NIMS to improve the response to terrorist threats or incidents. Any references and citations must be formatted according to APA style and should be listed at the bottom of your essay.Click here to access the ICS 201 form.In addition to the reading assignments for this unit, you may find the following resources to be helpful as you complete this assignment:Federal Emergency Management Agency. (n.d.). ICS organizational structure and elements. Retrieved from organizational structure and elements.pdfFederal Emergency Management Agency. (n.d.). Incident complexity and type. Retrieved from complexity and type.pdf
HLS 3305 CSU Disaster Planning & Management Active Shooter in A Hospital Worksheet

Skills and experiences Reflective Essay. Introduction Skills and experiences play vital roles during recognition and determination of the best workers. The modern world is competitive and requires people who are motivated when working to facilitate high achievements in life. Consequently, learners must be accurate and precise about the knowledge they possess in regard to various issues. Personal evaluation could exemplify the strategies suited for determining this preciseness and accuracy. Apparently, personal reflection allows me to distinguish between the ideas I have from those that I need to learn. This essay will review the assessment aiming at revealing the skills I have attained from my educational activities. In a bid to perform this task, I will lay each argument according to a personal reflection before discussing other attributes of the subject topics. Workplace Health and Safety, and PPE Personal Reflection Apparently, I have identified that participative management style establishes assertiveness in working environment. This interactive style allows employee to appreciate the work and feel motivated to fight all working challenges (Muir 1996). Precisely, the negative attitude driven against the management is transformed to a system of delivering ideas to the management and helping the management to solve issues. Unlike most directive and authoritative management techniques, participative technique does not assume the employees versus the management stigma. Instead, it develops a harmonized system where employees work together with the management. Essentially, my perspective argues that authoritative style is inappropriate, less productive and mean to the employees. Consequently, managers ought to take the role of motivating employees and showing them how much they appreciate good performances in work. They need to change their models of management which serve as constraint to motivation. Interaction between the managers and employees boosts motivation. Consequently, I would like to address the strategies of socialization at workplace through studies and practices during work. Topical Discussion Managers control and evaluate the advancements attained from workplace through gaining access to employees trust (VanderheijdenSkills and experiences Reflective Essay
Florida National University Human Environmental Impact at Work Discussion.

Objective: To critically reflect your understanding of the readings and your ability to apply them to your Health care Setting. ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES (10%): Human Environmental Impact at Work: Epidemiology. For this assignment, you are encourage to choose any Job Positionfrom the Health Care area and critically evaluate, state and describe the more notableexposures and remediation hazards agent that can affect your choosing position. The paper will be 3-5 pages long. Each paper must be typewritten with 12-point font and double-spaced with standard margins. Follow APA format when referring to the selected articles and include a reference page. EACH PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: 1. Introduction (25%) Provide a short-lived outline of the definition of the term environmental epidemiology and give examples of environmental agents that are associated with human health effects. 2. Human Environmental Impact at Work (50%): For this assignment you are hearten to choose any Job Position from the Health Care area and judgmentally assess, state and designate the more distinguished exposures and remediation hazards agent that can distress the job position of your choosing. Health Effects associated with environmental Hazards.Toxicology Concepts Related to Environmental Epidemiology.Types of agents and effect on Human Health 3. Conclusion (16%) Fleetingly summarize your thoughts & deduction to your appraisal of the articles and Chapter you read.How did these articles and Chapters impact your thoughts on Environmental epidemiology and its importance? Evaluation will be based on how evidently you respond to the above, in particular: a) The meticulousness with which you assessment the articles; b) The profundity, choice, and association of your paper; and, c) Your conclusions, including a description of the impact of these articles and Chapters on any Health Care Setting.
Florida National University Human Environmental Impact at Work Discussion

Chicago Public Schools Business Ethics Moral and Practical Scales Discussion.

I need a 300 word response to my business ethics discussion. I will attach the question below and any documents. For the first reading, focus on the difference noted between a reaction and a response. If you had to describe it to someone else in your own words, how would you phrase it? Can you think of personal examples of using each style? Can you think of an example where things went horribly wrong because you used the wrong style?If it seems unreasonable to invest the required time for a response, what are your alternatives?For the Moral and Practical Scales, what role does reaction and response play in determining which scale is actually in use? How can you be misdirected by the wrong scale? What do you think is the role of calling for “outrage” in mischaracterizing what’s going on? Is there ever a legitimate reason to use one scale to determine the other?For the context reading, focus on the purpose of developing context, and memorizing the questions (one of the only times I will ask you to memorize anything). Can you think of any questions that might be generally useful that are not on the list? What are they? Can you think of anything – event, statement, etc. – where context does not matter at all?Aside from the listed reasons for decontextualization, can you think of any others? What happens to your willingness to listen to a source after you find out that they have decontextualized their previous claims? Why? Can you think of a way of forcing politicians or pundits (TV or social media) to always present context?
Chicago Public Schools Business Ethics Moral and Practical Scales Discussion

SOC 120 All American Career College Week 1 Ethical Dilemmas in Film Essay

SOC 120 All American Career College Week 1 Ethical Dilemmas in Film Essay.

I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Choose a film from the list below. Watch the film and record your personal field notes regarding the issues raised in the film. Then, prepare an original essay of at least 650 words that addresses all the following prompts.Note: you must submit your field notes separately from the essay.In your paper,Develop a thesis that summarizes what the film is telling the viewer about how social actors attempt to resolve their ethical concerns.Summarize the plot of the film, identifying the main social issue(s) that are being addressed.Explain at least one ethical dilemma introduced in the film.What ethical stances are being taken and how are they central to the story being told in the film?Identify the philosophical theory (i.e., utilitarianism, deontology, or virtue ethics) that corresponds with the stance taken by characters in the film.
SOC 120 All American Career College Week 1 Ethical Dilemmas in Film Essay

ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

assignment helper ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. I need help with a Engineering question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

The attached case study lists some of the goings-on at BitBucket Software (a fictitious company I made up; if there’s an actual BitBucket out there, it’s not the one I’m describing here…)
Analyze the actions of the company employees according to the ACM Code of Ethics. Cite or paraphrase the section of the code backing up your arguments; try to identify as many of the sections as apply.
No outside references (other then referring to the code within your paper) are expected. EthicsScenario.
And here’s the Code: acm-code-of-ethics-and-professional-conduct
ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Domestic Violence Against Asian Women Social Work Essay

Domestic Violence Against Asian Women Social Work Essay. This report is based on a Chief Executive Officer with unlimited budget to improve mental health services in London Borough of Ealing. The following neighbourhood study will focus on a proposal for change to improve services. It will focus on the changes necessary in the services provided for Asian Women experiencing domestic violence with mental health issues. An understanding of social and cultural diversity will be discussed and their impact on healthcare. In addition, these issues will be compared to the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Domestic violence has come to the forefront as an important issue that affect many people in our society. DH, (2005) define domestic violence as any violence, abuse or threatening behaviour between current or former partners. It stipulate that any attempt to exercise control over an intimate partner or family members regardless of gender, sexuality constitutes domestic violence; the violence can include physical, psychological, sexual, financial and emotional abuse. Domestic violence can also include honour base violence, female genital mutilation and force marriages. According to Home Office, (2004), women are more likely to become victim of domestic violence than men; children are also affected and can be traumatised by the incidences they have seen. Research has shown that one in four women experience domestic violence over their lifetime and one in ten women experience it annually and 32% of children (Walby and Allen, 2004). Williamson, (2000) outlined that ethnic minority women are well known to be victims of domestic violence particularly Asians. However (DH, 2005) highlighted that the affects of domestic violence can result in women experiencing isolation, loss of job and income, low self esteem and self worth; It can lead to mental health issues in women causing the victims to suffer from mental health problems including, anxiety disorder, eating disorder, depression and self harm which could lead to suicide. Experience of domestic violence can also exacerbate an existing mental health condition. Womensaid, (2009) highlighted that a large number of women accessing mental health services have experienced domestic violence, and at least 20% of service users are still experiencing the abuse. It further suggests that 50% of Asian women who have attempted suicide or self harm are survivors of domestic violence. The London Borough of Ealing consists of 23 wards. It is the third largest borough in London with a population of 300,948 of which 151,200 of the residents are females and 22,200 are of Asian background (Neighbourhood statistics, 2006). When compared to Hammersmith and Fulham borough, they have a population of 165,242 Nationally Domestic Violent rate for Asian women. However, 58% of these women view themselves to be white British and only 25% declares to be Asians (Ealing Council, 2009) (appendix 1). The motivation for this proposed change is necessary as services for ethnic minority women experiencing domestic violence in various areas in the country are under-funded or non-existence (Williamson, 2000). Mainstreaming Gender and Women’s Mental Health (DH, 2002) identify experiences of violence and abuse as a core theme in women’s mental health difficulties. Today’s mental health system manages diagnosis and accepts long-term disability consequently offering a label as an explanation for suffering instead of permitting service users to share their stories, experiences and their feelings. The level of domestic violence amongst women has increased significantly in Ealing Borough. Recent figures revealed that Ealing is the ninth highest borough for reporting domestic violence between April 2007 to January 2008 Ealing Council (2009). It was highlighted that 41% of reported cases were of white European whereas the second highest reported cases were from Asian background (see appendix 3). It was also suggested that domestic violence is the highest crime reported nationally to the police, and 89% of domestic violence victims are women (Ealing Council, 2009). The cost of domestic violence on the UK economy is enormous; recent figures reported to be £23 billion annually for the UK and £280 million for London Borough of Ealing respectively (Ealing Council, 2009). Furthermore, it is estimated that on average women are assaulted 35 times before they report to the police however; most women do not report and suffer in silence. This may be due to the psychological state known as battered women syndrome identified by (Walker, 2000) in which the victim feels powerless to change the situation. Baggot (2004) argued that ethnic minority groups are faced with poorer health conditions than the rest of the population; people from certain ethnic background may be denied timely access to healthcare or offered lower standards of care than the rest of the population. 55% of Ealing’s population is predominately ethnic minority groups. The total South Asian population in Ealing is 41% compared to 24.7% in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. This significant difference in ethnic profile has a key impact on the overall health of the community. According to KandolaDomestic Violence Against Asian Women Social Work Essay

CC Free vs Hate Speech Article Annotations Hate Crimes & American Democracy Discussion

CC Free vs Hate Speech Article Annotations Hate Crimes & American Democracy Discussion.

Directions:Step 1: Read the articles below (all three of them in the packet). Hate vs. Free Speech-First Set of ArticlesStep 2: Reply to the prompts below:For each article, summarize the author’s argument in 2-3 sentences.For each article, select one quote you think was particularly important/representative of the author’s argument? Explain why you think this quote is significant. For each article, in a short paragraph (5 or so sentences), tell me what you thought about the article. Did you agree or disagree with the author? Did you think he was convincing? Did anything surprise you or make you feel some sort of way?My suggestion would be to write down the title of the specific article and answer the three questions on it, and then move on to the second article and then move on to the third article. Be sure to answer all three parts for all three articles.
CC Free vs Hate Speech Article Annotations Hate Crimes & American Democracy Discussion