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Unit 2: Our Developing Nation Notes BNA in early 19th century Eastern part = growing War of 1812 ended, newcomers come to Upper C, forests cleared, communities, roads, farms built Lower C = building economy, attracted entrepreneurs Maritime colonies – fishing, forestry, shipbuilding, trading Hudson’s Bay Company – north and west, claimed all lands drained by rivers flowing into Hudson Bay (huge part of NA) Fur trade expanded west, North West Company, based in Montreal, built relationships with Aboriginals, explored west Growth of colonies = not good for Aboriginals – died from diseases, starved after forced to give up land Although Royal

Proclamation of 1763 gave some protection for First Nations, British govt. wanted to gain control of their land through treaties As more Europeans settled, colonists accepted that lands west, north of Great Lakes = fur trade Immigrants wanted to farm the northwest, fur traders tried to prevent Colonists wanted fixed boundaries, land, etc, conflicted with culture, lifestyle of fur traders, who became allies of Aboriginals (they had little to gain, everything to lose) Upper Canada In early 19th century, Upper C = newest colony of BNA, very difficult to get to places

Invasion attempts by Americans during 1812, American Revolution, reinforced Upper C’s ties with British Empire Colony, community leaders = member of Loyalist families, pensioned British army officers, British gentry (put colony under British rule, laws) Daily life People depended on each other, formed close communities Go to church, visit by clergy, build schools, social gatherings, work hard, barter economy

Project Feasibility Study and Timeline

Project Feasibility Study and Timeline.


Firstly, look at the assignment requirement. The outline is made for you to follow up the structure. Two Excel files need to be filled up and they are not included in word count as Appendixes. You may go through the three relevant lecture notes to get familiar with this assignment, but you must look at week 7 lecture because from where you will get to know how to calculate the value for Project Feasibility Study. 

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