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History Question

1. The statue of Rameses can best be understood as proof of the
– pharaoh’s enormous power over his subjects.
– pharaoh’s popularity with his subjects.
– lack of engineering skills in ancient Egypt.
– pharaoh’s tenuous hold on power.
– enormous wealth of Egyptian citizens.
2. What aspect of ancient Egyptian civilization do all of the documents underline strongly?
– the elevated status of its rulers
– the lack of religious order in ancient Egypt
– the permanent struggle for survival in ancient Egypt
– the power of women in Egyptian royalty
– the horrors of slavery in ancient Egypt
3. Who receives most credit for victory over Kadesh in Pharaoh Rameses’ version of the Battle of Kadesh?
– the allied nations
– the princes
– the chariotry
– the infantry
– the pharaoh
4. Why did Queen Ankhesename request a son from the king of the Hittites for betrothal?
– She was looking for true love.
– She did not trust Egyptian nobility.
– She wanted to secure a legitimate successor to her throne.
– She was hoping to become the queen of the Hittites.
– The loss of her husband had made her very lonely.
5. Based on the available documents, what tools did ancient Egyptian rulers employ to secure and expand their power? Make sure your answer is in several paragraphs. Include details about the historical context of the sources that you learned from your textbook and the lecture. Include specific references to and quotes from the sources that are listed in⤵