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History Question

For the Unit 6 essay assignment, you will need to read the following 2 documents:
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions ***Be sure to scroll down to see the Kentucky Resolutions***

South Carolina Exposition and Protest

In the essay, you should have a total of (at least) 6 paragraphs addressing the following:
An introduction outlining the basic argument of state powers versus national powers. You may want to turn to the Constitution itself to find material. (1 paragraph)
A brief summary of why each document was written. What is the historical context of the documents? You will probably want a paragraph for each document. (2 paragraphs)
A paragraph of what the two documents have in common. (1 paragraph)
A paragraph of what the difference in the two documents is. How does the “South Carolina Exposition and Protest” differ in its argument from the “Kentucky Resolution”? (1 paragraph)
A conclusion that answers whether or not a state should have the ability to nullify a national law, and if so, under what circumstances? If not, why not? This last paragraph will be your opinion, but remember do not use “I” in any form. State your opinion as if it were fact. (1 paragraph)