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history of the contemporary world

The exercise will be assessed based on students’ reading and understanding of the source, their ability to summarize it and provide analytical and critical insights useful for the collective discussion.*Do not summarize the article! Give critical analysis!!! For example the parts you find unclear and how it can be improved.You only need to read page 13-30 of this article.

Operations Management Excel

Operations Management Excel.

Download and see case 1 is on New Product Design (see the link below) . Answer questions at the end of the case. Use MS Excel to prepare the case. Use this week’s Excel file with the decision tree example as a template for the case study. You can also watch the videos on how to develop and solve a decision tree. Please use the attached excel example to complete case study #1 Here are video links to assist

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Symbolic Interactionists through the concepts of the I and the Me, the Looking Glass Self and Double Consciousness explain that a person’s identity is the result of a complex interaction with society.

history of the contemporary world Symbolic Interactionists through the concepts of the I and the Me, the Looking Glass Self and Double Consciousness explain that a person’s identity is the result of a complex interaction with society..

its homework, on Symbolic Interactionists through the concepts of the I and the Me, the Looking Glass Self and Double Consciousness explain that a person’s identity is the result of a complex interaction with society. Apply a critical approach to these theories and analyze a social issue that is relevant in today’s society. Do not just summarize the theories but pick an interesting example and engage with it. you can pick any example. Ill upload the material needed.

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Crisis Care Plan

Crisis Care Plan.

Crisis Care Plan Description Directions: Choose a recent crisis (different form the one you chose in Module 1) associated with any topic covered in this course that is of interest to you. Create a Crisis Care Plan based on the following outline: General: Set up the situation. For which crisis are you planning? Be specific. Describe the crisis situation and define why it is a crisis. Provide details of the issues, people involved, and how it impacts their lives. Summarize: Create an immediate protection plan that would serve in helping the people impacted by the crisis. The foundation of the plan should include research-based crisis methods, theories, and models that would be used to develop and facilitate the crisis plan. Predict: What services, supplies, and personnel will be needed? Predict costs. Research and provide resources that would benefit people/families who would potentially encounter this type of crisis. Prevention: What can be done now to prevent any or all of these predicted problems? How would you create awareness of this crisis issue to the community to prevent the issue from recurring, or how would you provide direction as to how to deal with the crisis in the future? Crisis team: Who are the crisis team? What roles are needed? Positioning: How will crisis team reach those in need? What transportation or other positioning considerations are required? Timeline: What timeline is needed for essential services to be performed? Communication: How will the information be communicated to those who need to know? Include community and/or media communication needs. Evaluation: How will the crisis care plan be evaluated? The Crisis Care Plan must: be a minimum of 2000 words have a thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent), must indicate the topics to be covered use ONLY professional, objective language. Use objective, formal, not conversational tone/style use APA style use direct quotes sparingly – work on paraphrasing and appropriate citations for the paraphrased information

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Science and Integrity

Science and Integrity.

Write a short essay (about three pages) in response to ONE of the following. Do not consult outside sources or each other. Work on your own, using the primary texts and any material in the modules as support. Be sure that you have a solid, defendable thesis statement toward the end of the introduction, which can be brief; focus in on your point quickly. Have a strong, analytic topic sentence that furthers your argument for each paragraph and avoid any sentence-level errors, particularly serious errors such as fused sentences or comma splices. Do NOT summarize; bring up the relevant points from the literature that support your thesis. Pay attention to the author’s language and use quotes to substantiate your claims. Be as specific as you can be. Follow MLA style. Compare and contrast the messages about science and integrity in Frankenstein andDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. What do Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have to say about community?

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Evaluation of Teaching Program

Evaluation of Teaching Program.

Weight: 50%

Length: 2000 words

Task: There are several parts to this assignment.

Part 1: Select one of the following units of work or teaching programs and evaluate it in line with criteria outlined below:

Option 1: Andrea Hayes� unit on study of the documentary, Super Size Me;

Option 2: Stewart McGowan�s unit on �Integrating Grammar in the New Syllabus: A Case Study� (mETAphor, 2013);

Option 3: or the module for Yrs 9-10 �Understanding China through literature� from the Asia Education website (which can be accessed via the longer URL –; or it can be accessed via the small URL- For purposes of this assignment, we ask that you choose a unit of work that you have not taught yourself

Part 2: Once you have decided on one of the options above, you need to select another unit, either from the Readings, from a school (you will need their approval) or from one of the plethora of websites devoted to unit plans � In this part of the assignment, you will compare the second unit with the first. Consider the extent to which both units are effective. You need to make reference to relevant syllabus documents in your discussion of each one. You may use the Australian curriculum for English (ACARA) or the syllabus document for your state.

In your critical evaluation of the first unit, ensure that you:

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the focus unit.
Respond to the unit as a pre-service teacher. For example, if you were teaching it, which parts would you enjoy, feel challenged by, not attempt or modify to suit your own teaching style and philosophy? What would you add to that is not already there? Give a rationale for your response to the unit.
Compare the designated unit with a second one, making reference to relevant syllabus documents as you evaluate strengths and weaknesses of each one. You may either give a brief summary of the unit or include a copy of it in an appendix to this assignment.
Apply key concepts from at least three readings (or chapters from books) to your critical evaluation of the unit. Which critical theories and/or models of the subject are evident in this unit?
In evaluating units, some questions to keep in mind are listed here below:

Is the unit appropriate for the stage/class designated?
Are the texts appropriate?
Do the aims, teaching strategies and assessment tasks of the unit match syllabus outcomes?
Would the unit interest students?
Would the unit interest me if I were a student? What level of intellectual challenge is there in the unit?
Is there a balance of talking, listening, reading, writing, viewing & representing in the tasks given to students?
Is there appropriate and relevant use of ICT?
Are teaching strategies and assessment tasks clearly explained, practical and realistic?
Where does the unit sit on the continuum between a collection of lessons almost randomly organised, with little relation between them and an integrated and unified sequence, organised around a central idea?
10. Does significant learning for students occur? What leads you to your conclusions on this question? (e.g. you may base your evaluation here on reading of expert literature, on personal experience or classroom observations of similar teaching programs, on syllabus or curriculum materials).

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Street Prostitution – Problem Oriented Policing

Street Prostitution – Problem Oriented Policing.

 For this assignment the writer need to create a plan after following the Steps of the Street Prostitution Learning Module.  Create a plan that is cost effective and very substantial to address the matter of the problems. The layout of the plan should be a section as well as subsection within the plan to explain the issues presented in the Street Prostitution. Also use some outside sources when creating this plan as well as a reference page.

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Literary Analysis based on” Masks:”

Literary Analysis based on” Masks:”.

1. 5-6 pages, determined topic by yourself. (based on “Masks”) 2. One effective method is to choose one theme or issue and use it as a point of comparison between texts, or between different chapters or sections of a longer text. In any case, your paper needs to be built around an argument that is worth making. This argument should not be so obvious that there is no need to go about supporting it. (I.e., if your argument can be paraphrased by saying “these two texts are the same, except for where they are different,” or “Genji appears to be attracted to women said to resemble his mother,” you need a new argument.) 3. Please note that when writing about films or works of literature the convention is to use, in most cases, the “historical present” to describe their content and to use some form of past tense when describing the historical framework in which they were produced or are set. 5. Generally, I recommend the following structure, with which most of you are probably already familiar: Introduction, which should include a thesis statement (i.e., a succinct statement of your main argument, preferably in your first paragraph). Evidence for your thesis (the bulk of the paper). Conclusion (to some extent a restatement of the points introduced in the introduction).

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Family Medical Leave Act

Family Medical Leave Act.

Family Medical Leave Act 

You will write a three-page paper discussing the topic,Family Medical Leave Act, in terms of what is currently occurring in the business environment. What are some of the ‘good news stories’ regarding this topic? By this I mean, what issues are occurring that are of benefit to employees and/or organizations. What are some of the challenges for both the organization (management) and the employees? Are there any recent trends that are impacting this topic? What is your personal reaction to the topic? Do you agree with the information presented? It is okay to disagree. You are even encouraged to disagree if you can defend your position. You must use and cite at least two reliable resources in the paper and they cannot be from popular press, such as Wikipedia. Double Space, 12-point font and 1-inch margins in Times New Roman. Your paper will be evaluated on the following guidelines and will be the basis for your grade: • Quality, clarity and depth of discussion • The use and reference to at least two viable resources • I will be reviewing your use of sources and the application of appropriate grammar and spelling. You do not need to attach your resources to the paper, but you must include the link of the name of the resource used. Again, you must use the sources within your Topic Paper, not just cite them.

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Good and Bad multimedia examples

Good and Bad multimedia examples.

Good and Bad multimedia examples

Find your own! What makes good multimedia? 4 Basic Design Principles __________________________________ GOOD MULTIMEDIA Good Website: Examples of BAD MULTIMEDIA Bad Infographics Bad Ad Page Bad Business Card design Bad Websites Bad Logo Designs: Updating Corporate logos

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