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History homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the social work with veterans in relation to PTSD aspects. The paper requires understanding of the environment and also strengths of this individuals.,The social work with veterans in relation to PTSD aspects,The student will write an 8–10-page. This is including title page, abstract, and reference page. It is a research-based paper in current APA format. It focuses on social work with military, veterans, or their families in one of the following areas:. Deployments, Trauma, Substance Abuse, Suicide, ,Traumatic Brain Injury,, Homelessness, or Reintegration. The paper must include at least 10 scholarly references. This can be either text book or journal articles. Additionally, to the course textbook and the Bible.,After selecting a topic, the student will evaluate this topic with a focus on:,Firstly, understanding the person in the environment. Secondly, assessing an individual’s strengths and needs in these circumstances. Thirdly, preparing to work with a military veteran, or military family facing one of these circumstances. The Christian faith must be integrated into this paper. This paper needs to demonstrate an ability to assess the client, including the client in the environment, and develop a strong conceptualization of the client. A client conceptualization is simply how you view that client, considering all of the information that is available at that time.,Along with client conceptualization, the paper must include how you (the social worker) would prepare to work with this family as well as what work could be done. The paper should show that you’ve thoughtfully analyzed the client and determined some ways that you could help as the social worker. Please work to ensure that your approach also addresses potential spiritual needs, as well as an integrated approach that demonstrates how your own faith influences the work. I would prefer the paper be written on PTSD as there are a lot of resources to choose fromHistory homework help
Houston Community College A Crop Lien Question.

I’m working on a history writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Directions: Read the material
attached in the link below (only read 1. A Crop Lien, A sharecropping
Contract, The horrors of the lynching South & Literacy-Test and Poll
Tax to answer the questions)…Your
responses should exhibit careful thought and logical reasoning and
provide evidence for your position. Use correct spelling, punctuation,
and grammar. DO NOT WRITE THE QUESTIONS but number each response. Separate each article by writing the title for each article and numbering the responses. 1. A Crop Lien (1876) Explain
the crop lien in your own words. (200-word count)
- Retell the most
important events in the story from the beginning, middle and end.2. A Sharecropping Contract (1886) Explain
the contract in your own words. (200-word count)
- Retell the most
important events in the story from the beginning, middle and end.3. The Horrors of Lynching in the South (1892) Explain
the incidents Ida B. Wells spoke of in your own words. (200-word
- Retell the most important events in the story from the
beginning, middle and end.4. Literacy-test and Poll Tax (1899) Explain
the-test and tax in your own words. (200-word count)
- Retell the most
important events in the story from the beginning, middle and end.
Houston Community College A Crop Lien Question

Community Corrections: W1 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections– 1st response to Lora Kieler

Community Corrections: W1 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections– 1st response to Lora Kieler.

The main question for this assignment is the following:Can recidivism be used to measure the success or failure of a community corrections program?Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post from your classmate. Elaborate whether you agree or disagree with the post and why or why not.Classmate’s post about the success of a community corrections program:Community correction programs are programs that monitor offenders in the community without receiving a jail or prison sentence , or to finish off a sentence upon being released from prison (National Institute of Justice, 2017). A couple of examples of community correction programs would be probation and parole. Probation is where an offender does not receive jail or prison time, but is supervised by a probation officer for the amount of time administered by the judge. Parole is also a community correction program under supervision of a parole officer for an individual who is released from prison and is to serve the rest of his or her sentence in the community, but under supervision. Recidivism is the tendency to relapse back into previous behavior.Can recidivism be used to measure the success or failure of community correction programs? Absolutely. If you think about it, crimes committed are usually put into the system whether it be just police contact or an individual gets arrested for a crime. This keeps track of names and the crimes committed by the individual. It also provides the sentencing one is given for their crimes. When going through the reports, if multiple individuals keep committing crimes and have already been through community correction programs, it is safe to say that it may be failing. If you were to switch it around, you can say it is succeeding. It is to be said that throwing individuals straight into jail or prison, especially first time offenders, the individual can have an increase in behaviors and recidivism (Youth.Gov, 1999-2008).
Community Corrections: W1 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections– 1st response to Lora Kieler

Quanitatitive Methods Research Proposal Textbooks: Required Text: 1. Pearson, Robert W. 2010. Statistical Persuasion. Sage Publication. Inc. (Required) ISBN: 978-1-4129-7496-7. 2. Maxfield, Michael G., and Babbie, Earl R. 2017. Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology (8th Edition). Boston, MA: Wadsworth Publishing Company. (Required) ISBN: 978-1337091824 3. Hartley, Richard D. 2011. Snapshot of Research: Readings in Criminology and Criminal Justice.” (Optional) ISBN: 978-1-4129-8919-0. APA Write in simple, effective, straightforward, standard English. Avoid slang.

custom writing service Research Proposal Writing Direction To write up a research proposal as the final paper assignment, there should be many aspects of issues to be taken into account. You should consider 1) what exactly the topic to be studied (Purposes of the study), 2) how the topic has been studied in the past (the literature review of the past similar studies), 3) what kind of research methods you will use for the study (methodology for the study and justification of the choice), 4) what kind of samples to be studied (research participants and justifications of the choice), 5) what kind of data to be collected from the participants (describing the data variables and justification of the items used for data collection), 6) how will the data to be analyzed (types of correlation techniques, or other statistical analysis procedures), 7) what results are expected from the research (according to your literature review which provides the foundation to predict the expected correlation among variables), and 8) finally what kind of challenges and solutions you may encounter in the research process. The weekly Topic Discussions may not cover all the above-mentioned issues for your research proposal, but they will give you better ideas of the steps to form your research idea and the proposal. Without all the steps/issues to be well-considered, a proposal may be impractical, inexcusable, and/or incoherent. In other words, it will be a poorly articulated proposal. These considerations for a research proposal are big challenges for a researcher, and they will do it step by step to form solid ideas for each of the steps and gradually complete the research proposal. The weekly TOPIC DISCUSSIONS are designed to help you think about these factors for your research proposal paper. It is possible your discussion writing be a part of your research proposal (after some revision) since discussions will make you consider each step of a research proposal. If your discussion writing deviates from your research topic, then it just helps you think about the step of your research proposal, That step of your research proposal may need a fresh session instead of what you wrote earlier in a topic discussion.

First Aid and CPR Scenarios

First Aid and CPR Scenarios. I’m trying to learn for my Health & Medical class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

You never know when you are going to come across a potential medical or injury emergency. Using the information you have learned up to this point, Select two of the following scenarios. What would you do? Be sure to list and record every action you perform. Note: In each situation you are working at your current skill level since you have completed Heartcode BLS and will soon complete Heartsaver First Aid. You can perform CPR, you have access to a first aid kit, a cell phone, a land line, and an AED. NOTE SPECIFICATIONS BELOW.
The Scenarios:

You are at the family picnic several teenagers are playing frisbee in the field. Suddenly one of teens approaches you and complains that he is having trouble breathing and his skin is itchy. You notice that his eyes are watery, his skin is raised and red, and his face and tongue appear swollen .What do you believe is his diagnosis? Step by step discuss and record your actions.
You enter a room. You notice that Ms. Daisy is restless agitated and confused. When you approach her you see that her skin appears pale and grayish and feels cold and clammy. She tells you that she is weak and that she feels dizzy. What do you believe is her diagnosis? Step by step discuss and record your actions.
You are running a 10k in downtown Fayetteville. You come across a fellow runner who appears to be injured. As you approach the scene what are four things you must consider. Give possible (real life) examples of each.
You are helping a victim with a severe laceration. As you assist the victim, blood splatters in your mouth and eyes discuss and record your next move.
Alan is twenty two years old. He has collapsed while taking part in a half marathon. It is a hot day with temperatures reaching 93F. His conscious level is falling and he is very hot and flushed. He has a strong pulse and his breathing is slow.What do you believe is his diagnosis? Step by step discuss and record your actions.
Andrew is thirty years old. He has recently joined your work force. It is ten thirty in the morning and he has lost a lot of facial color and is sweating. He seems confused. His speech is slightly slurred and he is irritable and uncooperative.What do you believe is his diagnosis? Step by step discuss and record your action
Bill is eighteen years old. You are eating together at lunch time. He begins to complain of tingling in his lips and you then notice a slight swelling around his mouth and face. He quickly develops a rash and is having difficulty breathing.What do you believe is his diagnosis? Step by step discuss and record your actions.
James is a thirty year old chef. He has caught the back of his hand on the oven door as he is removing a roast from the oven. He is in a lot of pain and you see the back of his hand is red, blistered and swollen.What do you believe is his diagnosis? Step by step discuss and record your actions

First Aid and CPR Scenarios

Defining Features of Military Family Life

Defining Features of Military Family Life.

Chapter 3: Defining Features of Military Family LifeTopics I choose are spousal employment and separation these are close to me because I was a military spouse and endured 4 deployments and no employment due to 3 small children.(Please use this information for the intro :))Please write a two page essay paper focusing on a topic or topics from your readings that pertains to military families. You want to focus on the readings for that particular week. Your essay papers will be due on Fridays by midnight. Please check the tentative course schedule below for due dates. Some weeks, you will not be required to turn in an essay. This will be a great opportunity to work on your final research paper.  Your papers should be no less than 500 words and in Times New Roman 12 point font.  For these papers, you must also reference correctly. If you take information from a source, you must give credit to your reference. If you turn in an essay without referencing, you will earn a zero for that assignment.  Please use ASA (American Sociological Association) referencing format since you will be using this style in your final paper. The ASA reference guide is listed under required texts on the first page of your syllabus. Purchasing the ASA guide will provide you with all of the ASA requirements needed to complete your work.  I will be grading on your writing, correct referencing, organization (introduction, body and conclusion) and the content of your used is Blaisure, Karen Rose, Tara Saathoff-Wells, Angela Pereira, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth and Amy Laura Dombro. 2016. Serving Military Families: Theories, Research, and Application. New York: Routledg
Defining Features of Military Family Life

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