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History homework help. Ethical Hacking Assignment Reconnaissance Assignment:Task -> Given a ?Company Name? Now HACK!!1)ÿÿÿ HTTRACK ? Clone a Website for Offline Analysis First locate and copy website locally using a Website Copier called HTTRACK, this enable you to conduct offline analysis and searches on the multitude of webpages comprising the website.Download and Install HTTRACK atÿNote: If you are trying to find information about a particular company for social engineering or trying to spoof a website or login, HTTrack is an excellent tool for both tasks. To create a clone website for dnsspoof or grab credentials for an Evil Twin, now you have the tool to do so! We will see this laterClone this website: URL ->, using your favorite web browser open enter Navigate and explore the website looking for information that can be used in this phase, such as phone numbers, email addresses, business relationships, employee names, social media connections etc. Makes a list of any of this information you find and submit it as part of this assignment. 2)ÿÿÿ Exhaustive web search engine using Google Hacking or Dorks (Smart searches):ÿÿÿ Search only the FIU website looking for cybersecurity and record the number of hits, compare this number to just typing cybersecurity ÿÿÿÿÿcompared toÿ cybersecurityb)ÿÿÿ Search to find how many FIU webpages contain admin in the URL (hint: must combine multiple directives) Record how many hits found and explain why this would be valuable in conducting reconnaissance, what do we learn or find out? Try.inURL:adminÿÿÿÿ and thenÿÿÿÿ site:fiu.eduÿ inURL:adminc) To reduce your digital footprint search the cache webpages instead of the live webpages for cybersecurity, use the following link to find a cached version of the page: Has anything changed? has recently changed the ability to search the cached webpage, in the past we could do: cache:fiu.eduÿ cybersecurity to search all cached webpages for the term cybersecurity, now we must specify a specific webpage as in this exercise to get the cached version of a webpage. This was a great way to conduct passive reconnaissance, since the actual website is not searched, but instead the cached versions.c)ÿÿÿ Use the following website to explain the latest google hack, please record it and explain what it does.3)ÿÿÿ The Email Harvester -> Discovery Emails Associated with a Domain Kali, run the harvester tool on the website:,ÿ Show the results?./ ?d ?l 10 ?b google4)ÿÿÿ Using WHOIS, NETCRAFT, HOST, NSLOOKUP, DIGPick two companies, one large and one not so large, like and with these two company domains use the tools identified on Linux (Kali) or Windows to get as much information as possible. Submit a report with the information you have learned and are there any differences between the two company reports. Be aware that doing is legal, since these are public databases that maintain all of this information; we are not accessing any information on these specific domains. Show the results for each company and the results obtained after running these tools. Describe what you have learned?You can use the GUI or CLI tools or one of these websites or you can use any means you likehttp://www.whois.nethttp://searchdns.netcraft.com netblock is a range of IP addresses. ISP’s must be assigned addresses in blocks, and the larger the block that can be assigned to someone the better because that makes for less entries in the Internet routing tables for information on how to get to those addresses.5)ÿ Maltego ?Anÿ Intelligent Information Gathering Toola) Go to and download and install the community version for your platform. You need to register with your email and password to use it for a limited amount of time. This is a tools used by law enforcement to discovery relationships among various entities. The way it works is that it accesses various available data repositories, Whois, DNS, social media, etc. to discovery associations. For example, we could determine what DNSs are associated with a website or what domains are associated with a specific IP address, which friends do these people have in common, remember just about everything is linked or known through your email on the Internet.Please see videos below to see how to perform many of the activities with this tool.Tutorial 1: 2: 4: 5: tutorials 1, 2, 4 and view tutorial 5. Please submit a print screen of tutorials 1 and 2, and then provide one or two paragraphs discussing the tutorials 4 and 5.History homework help
Brief Summary of the Article This article analysis application of New Ways of Work (NWW) pillars in the modern workplace. Throughout the article, the researchers have studied various impacts of NWW pillar by conducting a pilot study in a Dutch-based organization. The researchers investigated whether flexibility in location and time influenced work behavior in the workplace. Two types of online questionnaires, M1 and M2, were used in the study. The main function of the questionnaires was to identify the NWW awareness, workplace behavior, and their impacts. In addition, the researchers used [email protected] system to conduct a pilot study. The study involved a sample of 73 participants from three departments. The researchers used descriptive statistical methods to analyze the study results. The researchers found out that only two NWW pillars were successful in the Dutch-based organization. They recommended that further research should be done to ascertain the relevance of the other two NWW pillars (Blok, Groenesteijn, Shelvis
Physics homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on discuss any relevant aspects of the criminal justice system experiences. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Discuss any relevant aspects of the criminal justice system experiences,What can be done to make the experience of a victim better in the criminal justice system? If you were in charge, what specific things would you want to see done and why by the criminal justice system to meet the needs of crime victims? What do we do right? What can we improve upon? Also, what are some alternative directions for the future? Go into as much detail as possible and explain why these are the most significant changes that you believe can help. Make sure you discuss any relevant aspects of the criminal justice system (police, courts, and/or corrections), and paraphrase, cite and reference material from the course text chapters to support your position on these questions. Also, include any of these issues in your writing where important: civil rights for victims, ,civil suits,, compensation and restitution, court appearances and victim impact statements.,Instructions:,Your answer should be minimally 1500 words total. The essay should be based on class lectures and discussions, and the readings from your entire textbook and extra readings/videos posted in Blackboard. Please do not quote directly from your textbook. Make sure you paraphrase any ideas of others by putting them into your own words. You may use other resources (although you do not need to). You must cite other sources besides the ones from our class if you use them. Additionally, you must cite them APA style in your writing, and you need a reference page at the end done APA style as well. Good luck and have fun! Also remember to put your word count at the end of the assignment.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Physics homework help

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Chemistry homework help. The Vietnam War, explain how the power of the media helped shape public opinion, leading to democratic change. Be sure to cite examples. Keep your response to fewer than 300 words.,The Vietnam War, explain how the power of the media helped shape public opinion,The Vietnam War, explain how the power of the media helped shape public opinion, leading to democratic change. Be sure to cite examples. Keep your response to fewer than 300 words.,**See the video: The Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg**,Paper requirements;,Organization,: Writing directly addresses all parts of the question and incorporates and cites specific examples from outside the reading. It shows strong attention to logic and reasoning.,Level of Context,: content does an outstanding job of analyzing sources within their historical context and synthesizing ideas and information to reach an understanding of causes and consequences of events and developments.,Development:, main points are well develop and support. The work shows a high degree of critical thinking. Grammar and also,Mechanics,: The writing is free of distracting spelling, punctuation, and also grammatical errors, fragments, and run-on sentences.,More details;,The Vietnam War and the media,Vietnam, became a subject of large-scale news coverage in the ,United States, only after substantial numbers of U.S. combat troops had been committed to the war in the spring of 1965. Prior to that time, the number of American newsmen in ,Indochina, had been small—fewer than two dozen even as late as 1964.,By 1968, at the height of the war, there were about 600 accredit journalists of all nationalities in Vietnam, reporting for U.S. wire services, radio and also television networks, and the major newspaper chains and news magazines.,The U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) made military transportation readily available to newspeople, also some took advantage of this frequently to venture into the field and get their stories first-hand.,Many reporters, however, spent most of their time in the South Vietnamese capital, ,Saigon, (now Ho Chi Minh City), and got their stories from the Joint U.S. Public Affairs Office’s daily briefings (which soon became known as “the five o’clock follies”).,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Chemistry homework help

Application of Financial Statement Analysis Tools

help me with my homework Application of Financial Statement Analysis Tools.

Application of Financial Statement Analysis Tools Scenario: Imagine you have passed your CPA exam and are now employed by a Fortune® 500 company. Your boss tells you that as part of your new responsibilities you are to create pertinent ratios from the comparative financial statements. Address the checklist items based on the ratios below: 2016 2017 Current ratio 4.1:1 3.1:1 Acid-test ratio .9:1 2.8:1 Asset turnover 4.8 times 4.4 times Net income increased 40% down 8% Earnings per share $5.30 $4.50 Checklist: Explain what tools you would use to analyze the following data, and why? Then discuss who would use this information. Which data illustrates the firm’s solvency? Which data relates to the firm’s going concern? Discuss the usefulness as well as limitations of the data.Add referenc
Application of Financial Statement Analysis Tools

College of Central Florida Terracotta Alabastron Perfume Vase Art Analysis

College of Central Florida Terracotta Alabastron Perfume Vase Art Analysis.

REQUIREMENTS:Analysis of 4 works of art from the museum.Word count: 800 or more words for this assignment (approximately 200 for each analysis)Pick 4 art works of your choice the start of each paragraph, enter the title of the work, name of the artist (if available), and the type of artform (drawing, painting, sculpture, print, photograph, etc.).Describe the exact location of the work of art; be very specific.Is it located in a major exhibition area, a small alcove, a sculpture garden?Does its present setting highlight the work and make it more noticeable, or is the work of art tucked away in a dimly lit corner? First, describe the form of the work. Form is a physical description of the work—what you actually see.Describe what the work of art looks like, including its size (approximately) and shape.Analyze which of the art elements (line, shape, mass, space, time, motion, light, color, and texture) are important.Is the work representational, partially abstract, or fully abstract? Then, begin to interpret the work of art for its content. Content is the message/meaning—what you feel.Despite the artist’s intentions, a work of art is a starting point for you to get to know yourself better.Why did you choose it?What does the work of art mean to you?Why do you respond the way you do?Which of your life experiences are you reminded of when you look at this work of art? Remember: Writing is an important part of good scholarship.Write in full sentences; watch for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.If you need help in this area, hand in your work early so it can be corrected and you can rewrite the final copy.Every writer knows how important it is to REWRITE.
College of Central Florida Terracotta Alabastron Perfume Vase Art Analysis

Market analysis of cathay pacific airlines

Cathay Pacific is the world’s third most profitable (by net profit) airline. It is registered and based in Hong Kong, and currently employs about 20,000 people. The report discusses some concepts of marketing management and applies them for analyzing the marketing strategy of Cathay Pacific. Segmentation, market targeting and positioning are the important processes of marketing planning. Mass market is divided into smaller segments in which customers share similar set of wants and needs. Marketers identify segments and select the most feasible and profitable segments to target. Cathay Pacific targets business travelers by Preferred Account Program and MICE Promotions. Emphasizing the commitment to Hong Kong is a differentiation positioning strategy of Cathay Pacific. Besides, Cathay Pacific positions itself as an airline offering quality services from heart. “People and Services” is the current brand building campaign for strengthening this position. Cathay Pacific handles customer complaints through multiple channels such as comment card, web site and frontline staff because number of complaints is an indicator which can reflect customer satisfaction indirectly. In addition, Cathay Pacific continually carries out customer satisfaction survey proactively. The results of satisfaction indicated that customer is satisfied with Cathay Pacific’s services. Satisfied customers lead to customer loyalty and, in turn, enhance brand equity. But Cathay Pacific still manages two-tiered loyalty program to maintain and enhance customer loyalty. Besides Customer Relationship Management, Cathay Pacific has put much effort on building long-term relationship with its partners. Oneworld is a global airline alliance initiated by Cathay Pacific. Through Oneworld, Cathay Pacific established a global network with 11 airlines, sharing a larger base of customers. Recently, Cathay Pacific has signed a content agreement with Amadeus offering Amadeus agents access to a comprehensive range of Cathay Pacific and Dragonair fares, schedules and availability because travel agency is still a key sales channel for Cathay Pacific. Long-term relationship with distributor and travel agency is critical for the success of Cathay Pacific. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of marketing management is to profitably create customer value by managing marketing activities effectively and efficiently. Segmentation, targeting and positioning are important marketing strategies for helping a firm build “the right relationships with the right customers” (Kotler