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Mitchell Palmer was known for his excess of zeal in rounding up suspects- totaled about 6 thousand * Many of these suspects were put to death- all because of a fear of communism * Many bombs were shattered – on Wall street, the Washington home of palmer, etc * Red scare was a godsend to conservative businesspeople – used it to break the back of fledgling unions * Lead to a rising suspicion among Americans and the altering of how people viewed certain social classes * Caused many innocent to be jailed for no reason 2. Why did the ASK increasingly grow in the 1 9205?What brought its downfall? * Even though it was anti Jewish, Antarctica anti-Catholic, antifascist, anti-communist, etc, the ASK spread rapidly, especially in the MidWest and the Bible belt south * People who were scared of the social page were plagued by these ASK members and were convinced to be recruited * Its peak- 5 million members * Capitalized on the typically American love of on the edge adventure * Collapsed suddenly in the late 1 sass- corrupting American ideals * The movement was exposed as a vicious racket based on a $10 initiation fee 3.What changes were made to immigration laws and why were they made? * Many acts changed the immigration laws * The Emergency quota act- limited the amount of immigrants to 3% of the amount that were there in 1910 *The Immigrant act was a response to the Emergency quota act- changed the number to 2% * Both significantly lowered the amount of immigrants in the country 4. Why was prohibition passed? What were the pros and cons of prohibition? Why was it considered a failure? Prohibition was passed to make the world “safe for hypocrisy/’ * Especially popular in the South and est. * Eager to keep stimulants out of the hands of blacks * It was passed in hopes of ending public drunkenness, prostitution, crime pros: Many alcoholic beverages were German- removed a lot Of German influence, huge profits in liqueur * Cons: Many people violated the law and made alcohol at home to satisfy their cravings * It was a failure because it lead to more and more people breaking the law and gave more organized crime power 5.

Who are ten of the key people who made a name for themselves in the 1 9205?

Doing report sheet1,2 and post lab questions and pre lab questions

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First doing the report sheet one and two for experimental 8 and use the calculations instructions that will provide in same file
Second doing the post lab questions for experimental 8 depending on the report sheets Last thing doing the pre lab questions for experimental 9
Show steps calculations in each answers for report sheets and post lab questions and pre lab
Show steps calculations for report sheets in each line
Doing the work by typing not hand written Write observation for experimental 8 at the end