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History And Mission Statement Of Starbucks Marketing Essay

Starbucks was begun by three friends, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker, in 1971. The first Starbucks was open in 1971, which is the only store in Seattle historic Pike Place Market. The name comes from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, a class American novel about the 19th century whaling industry. A sales representative, Howard Schultz joins Starbucks in 1982, as a director of marketing and retail sales, after he realized the atmosphere and environment of the company. Due to successful strategy of Schultz for his own coffee shop named II Giornale, in Seattle, the original three owners of Starbucks decided to sell their corporation to Schultz. Then Schultz gathered other investors and changed the name of II Giornale to Starbucks. Howard Schultz though the most efficient way to grow the amount of branches was to set up the new stores in other places. So, the first overseas stores had established in Japan at 1987. The first Starbucks store in Malaysia opened on 17 December 1998 at KL Plaza in Jalan Bukit Bintang by Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Company Sdn Bhd.. Until now, the company has over 115 stores in Malaysia. Until now, Starbucks has more than 6000 stores over 30 countries to let people enjoy Starbucks excellent coffees and espresso drinks. To let Starbucks become successful. Mission Statement play an important rule for the company to achieved the goal. Mission statement for Starbucks is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”. To accomplish mission, Starbucks has seven principles which is Our Coffee, Our Partners, Our Customers, Our Stores, Our Neighborhood, Our Shareholders and Onward that guild all of the employees as they go about the daily business. Our Coffee, coffee has always been, and will always be, about quality to improving the lives of people who grow them. Our Partners, employees Starbucks called each other partners, not employees, because this is not just a job, this is the passion, they always treat each other with respect and dignity and hold each other to that standard. Our Customers, employees of Starbucks are always connecting with customers, sharing, laughing and uplifting with the customers, even if just for a few moments. Sure, this is starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but Starbucks work goes far beyond that. Our Stores, Starbucks wanted to let customers feel Starbucks are the place for them to belonging, to break from the worries outside, a place to let customer meet with friends, this is about the enjoyment at the speed of life, sometimes slow and savored, sometimes faster, always full of humanity. Our Neighborhood, Starbucks can be a force for positive action, bringing together partners, customers and the community to contribute everyday. Our Shareholders, Starbucks enjoy the kind of success that rewards Starbucks shareholders. Starbucks are fully accountable to get each of the elements tights so that Starbucks and everyone it touches can endure and thrive. Onward, no one can expect what will be happen in the future, but Starbucks regards it as important, and all decisions and actions have to contribute to making a better future for Starbucks and all partners. 2.0 Body 2.1 Definition of Motivation To let Starbucks become successful, Howard Schultz knows that employee motivation is important to push employee to work. Motivation has the internal and external factors in desire to let people have the energy to continually interest in their job, role or subject, and to achieve their goal. Motivation results from the interactions among conscious and unconscious factors such as the intensity of desire or need, incentive or reward value of goal and expectation of the individual of the significant others. In Starbucks, Motivation is a vital factor for business in the production process. Employees are not machines, and can not always do the same task with equal passion. Because of this, Howard Schultz considers that the reason for success in Starbucks is not coffee but employees. The spirit of Starbucks is employees and feels honored about the value of Starbucks employees. Starbucks always offers an interactive structure that makes personnel throw themselves into their job. There are two types of motivation in Starbucks, for personal motivation and teamwork motivation. 2.2 Personal Motivation for Starbucks Employees Motivation is important for every employee so every employee can concentrate and fight for the company. There are few ways in Starbucks to motivate the employees. Equal Treatment, Listen to employees and Good welfare measures had been introduced by Starbucks to motivate employees. Equal Treatment, employees in Starbucks are called partners, not employees, even the supervisors of each branch to equally all of the staff. In order to narrow the gap between managers and employees, managers are also responsible to work in basic staff level in the front line to serve customer and provide services to the customers. Due to this, Starbucks can maintain a good management system and create a much closer and more familiar atmosphere between employees and customer. Employees can enjoy the job happily and this may affect customers by their enthusiasm. Furthermore, Listen to employees can motivate employees to work for company. Starbucks has a well-organized communication channel for employees. It place great importance on labors, Starbucks have schedule weekly interview for every employee so Starbucks can understand what employees wants and needs and Starbucks can met their requirement. For example, if the employee have faces problem with the new working hour schedule, employees can say it out to the manager during the interview and find the solution like changing the working hour with other employees. Besides that, Starbucks willing to listen to any suggestion given by the employees to figure out what is the best policy for them, and show a respect to each suggestion. Starbucks would like to join all the employees in the meeting for making and developing plans, the work together in achieving goals. As a result, the policies and principles are communicated between all employees and there is no limitation in employees personal opinions. Good welfare measures are another way for Starbucks to motivate employees. All employees in Starbucks are offered a great deal of welfare policies like discount for employees, medical insurance, commodities discounts and others. Moreover, Starbucks will have a reward for employees who work over 20 hours a week. Starbucks also thinks that debt financing is not the best choice, thus it chooses to allocate stock dividends o all employees with a free script issue. By the policy, the employees can get benefits from the dividends of the company. Because of this, they have the same goal, in the other words, employees are motivated to increase the sales to earn more profits. To Starbucks, the employees are the most important asset. 2.3 Teamwork Motivation for Starbucks Starbucks are also introduce the teamwork motivation so can motivate every employees in each stores can work as a team. There are two ways which is the strategies to keep good relationships and a goal of public welfare to motivate employees in a team. The employees in every stores are usually from three to six, with such a small size of team may helps employees get to know each other easily and deeply. Furthermore, the manager and employees co-work in the first line can eliminate the distance between the different statuses. Suggestions and complaints made by employees are treated equal importance and employees are given the right to participate in the process of revising company policies. Starbucks employees can thinks that they are important and playing an important role in company operating to work out the direction of Starbucks. These entire have gives employees respect and a sense of participations. Other than this, a goal of public welfare can give motivation for employees because Starbucks contributes part of the profits to public service. As a consequence employees have an idea that what employees do for Starbucks is for society as well. With regard to goals, Starbucks set a challenging and specific goal, and allows all employees to decide the direction. Recommendation In my opinion, Starbucks have to keep upgraded themselves to improve more to employees. Nowadays, there are many fast food restaurant or café open 24 hours to provide services for customers. To compete with the competitor, Starbucks can open for 24 hours too so they can provide services for everyone especially who work for long hours and office workers. Office workers have to wake up in the earlier morning, at this time, they may need coffee to bringing them a spirit to work, so Starbucks will become their best choice to have a coffee before going to work. Besides, this is suit for those who work long hours too, workers who work for long hours will feel tired and sleepy, so, they may need a coffee too to keep them have a spirit to continue for work. Besides, Starbucks can provide a delivery services for public, Starbucks can help customer who order a large amount of coffee to the location so customer can save a lot of time to do their own things. Conclusion Starbucks changes the behaviors and view points of global consumer of coffee, and this successful example has caught global attention. Nowadays, Starbucks is not only one of the fastest growing company, but also an outstanding business model with low employee turnover rate and high profit performance. Starbucks already shows that motivation is the key factor of a company policy, opposite to the principles of classical management which is only concerned about the production and ignores workers idea. A good relationship between managers and employees could maintain a high quality of performance. Other company should learn from Starbucks which is using the correct strategy to lead to success. Bibliography Starbucks/Mission Statement.htm Question 2 Introduction Employee satisfaction and motivation play an important role in improving organization efficiency and daily work. The motivation models are deals with motivation and management. Every employee performance is based on their expectation from the company such as rewards in increase salary or benefits that will lead employees put more effort to get better performance. To work in good performance, employees factors such as employees personality, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities can affect employees performance. The motivation model emphasizes self-interest in the alignment of rewards with employees want and the connection among expected behaviors, rewards and organizational goals. Question 2(a) Body To achieve higher level of efficiency, Starbucks Vroom’s (1964) Expectancy theory consists of three components, Valence, Expectancy, and Instrumentality. First, Valence in Starbucks are refers to the feeling of satisfaction about Starbucks employees derive from their preferred outcomes should performance be achieved. When employees of Starbucks have preferences to getting certain outcomes, the outcomes have a positive valence. In the other side, if the outcomes are in negative valence, Starbucks employees will have the desire to avoid any outcomes at all expense. From the survey had been made, 93% of Starbucks employees were satisfied with the compensation package offered by Starbucks. However, all employees are eligible for the reward as long as they are Starbucks employees, regardless of how much effort Starbucks employees demonstrate. Second, expectancy is effort-performance relationship which defined as the probability or degree of certainty people estimate on how well a particular alternative action will indeed lead to a desired outcome, Starbucks belief that increased effort will lead to increased performance. This is affected by having the right resources available, the right skills to do the job and the necessary support to get the job done. The employees of Starbucks believed that they receive fully support by their supervisor and necessary training skills to improve performance. This shows that once the employees of Starbucks believed their supervisor supported them, they are likely to be motivated to exceed Starbucks expectation, helping Starbucks to increase revenue, attract more customers and customer royalty. Third, instrumentality is performance reward relationship which regarded as means people have to successfully achieve their preferred outcomes. For Starbucks employees to successfully achieve the desired outcomes, they must have the experience, knowledge, physical ability and the right machinery tools as well as external support such as appropriate job design, organization structure and work procedure to outcomes with good performance differ form those outcomes with poor performance. .Starbucks of employees always believed they will have the fully support and rewarded fairly by supervisor. Being treated or rewarded fairly is just one of the components of instrumentality. Question 2 (b) Body Starbucks Mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at time. There are seven principles of how Starbucks live that everyday. Our Coffee, Our Partners, Our Customers, Our Stores, Our Neighborhood, Our Shareholders and Onward. Our Coffee, Starbucks coffee is always high quality and hard work has been done to maintain and improve that. Our Partners, people who work for Starbucks are called partners and partners share a passion together to create a place to everyone that includes respect and dignity. Our Customers, Starbucks focus on the significance of human connection and customer satisfaction through Starbucks quality made beverages. Our Stores, Starbucks mission to focuses on making their stores as a haven for everyone to go to. Our Neighborhood, Starbucks consider their stores as part of the community and passionate about doing the part and responsible about it. Our Shareholders, Starbucks are fully accountable to get each of the elements right so that everyone Starbucks touches can endure and thrive. Onward, the future is unknown, but Starbucks regards as an important and all decisions and actions have to contribute to making a better future for Starbucks and Starbucks partner. To support the mission statement of Starbucks, Starbucks committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of the business and fulfill the mission by some commitment. First, understanding environmental issues and sharing information with Starbucks partners. Starbucks will share every issue mentioned and sharing the information with partners and discuss to find solution together. Second, developing innovative and flexible solution to bring about change. Starbucks always emphasize research to develop and create a new idea to making changes for Starbucks and making Starbucks a better place for everyone to go to. Third, striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products. Starbucks are use environmentally friendly product in the business and always encourage public people to use too to protect the earth. Forth, recognizing that fiscal responsibility is essential to our environmental future. Starbucks knows that having a healthy financial situation is important to let Starbucks running the business and expand their store to different location. Fifth, measuring and monitoring our progress for each project. Starbucks always measure and monitor every project running by Starbucks so the project can successfully complete. Lastly, encouraging all partners to share in our mission. Starbucks encourage employees to share their mission to public to let everyone know how important they are for Starbucks. Recommendation In my opinion, Starbucks should focus on the human resources issues as an important issue for improving productivity. In applying human resources management interventions, Starbucks can operate more efficiently, improving the performance and effectiveness. These interventions should focus on employees by developing, integrating and supporting people in the organization, Starbucks believe that organizational effectiveness results from improved practices for integrating employees into organization. Besides, Starbucks can corporate with some corporate and send their employees for training program to train and gain more experience, so the employees can return with the experience and produce a more efficient work Starbucks. Conclusion In conclusion, expectancy theory is important because these theories can help Starbucks to achieve higher level of efficiency and fulfill the satisfaction of the employees and produce a good performance. Mission statement of Starbucks committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of the business and fulfill the mission by some commitment so the mission of Starbucks can achieve in short time and share Starbucks successes with public.
The Future of Software Development Research Paper. Software professionals continue to face various complex challenges while implementing Scrum. In a bid to seek answers to this difficult situation, software professionals have shown realistic approaches that have helped various software industries make Scrum an Agile progress. The previous progress on software development will continue as long as software professionals and stakeholders do not relent on their passionate spirit of initiating change. However, with the current multi-team projects and determination, Agile will succeed from project to project and help transform the entire software industry. In order to succeed with Agile, it requires software professionals to create an understanding of not only the mechanics of the process, but also a motivated team. The team should always be ready to face new challenges as it accomplishes one task. The Scrum methodology entails various difficulties such as the development of large and complex software programs that demand a high level of concentration and skill. A small mistake can easily break a program at its final stages of completion. Relaxation of a team member during a production process can allow serious errors and complicate the entire process (Ghilic-Micu, StoicaThe Future of Software Development Research Paper
week 3 discussion 2 RESPONSE j.t..

In your responses, review at least one of the articles provided by your peer and expand on their description. Each participation post should be a minimum of 75 words.Explain at least five differences between popular and scholarly sources used in research.Popular sources that are used in research can be helpful but sometimes not a good idea to use or rely on heavily Popular sources are usually found in non-academic journals, newspapers, and blogs. They do not usually have any resources cited in or after the work and there typically are written in basic language that is meant to entertain more than inform like scholarly sources. There are also advertisements included in the journal or paper, whereas scholarly sources do not include advertisements and will have references listed and citations used within the article/paper. Scholarly sources main function is to inform and present research. Most authors are of scholarly sources will be accredited or professionals in the field of which they are conduction research and the style or language used will be more technical than the popular sources. The scholarly sources are typically reviewed not more entertainment purposes but for reliability by the authors peers to ensure that the material is accurate and worth publishing. Scholarly sources will also include an abstract as well as the data presented, testing procedures and the results found through the testing to support the findings.Locate and summarize one peer-reviewed, scholarly source from the Ashford University Library and one popular source that pertain to your Final Argumentative Essay topic. In your summary of each article, comment on the following: biases, reliability, strengths, and limitations.Empowering Girlz to Pursue STEM is an article of a popular source. This is a short article that was published on Business Wire website originally. This article is about a non-profit outreach conference that is hosted by Tech Sassy Girlz that is pressing for the need to promote females in STEM fields. This conference is working to show girls across all races the wonder of technology and that they can enter these fields. This is a biased article but with a valid point behind the bias. This is geared toward females and enticing them to the STEM programs. The information is reliable as the organization that is posting it is the same organization that is hosting the event. They are not many strengths to this article as it is short, and that is also a limitation factor, but they do have information about the conference and key speakers listed.The second article Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a scholarly article with references and an abstract. This article links to a study that was conducted that considers why women are underrepresented in the STEM fields. There are nine topics contained in the report and recommendations that are made for each topic. The strengths and reliability in this article is the linking to the full report to the article which includes graphs, statistics, pie charts, etc.… the limitations that are in the article is that it is so short and doesn’t show an overview of the results on the study. I don’t feel that this article is biased, but it may seem that way to anyone that doesn’t look at the data provided. This is geared toward why there are so few women in the fields, this is not a bias, but a fact.From the sources you summarized, list and explain at least five visual cues from the peer-reviewed, scholarly source that were not evident in the popular source.There were references cited and used as well as an abstract at the beginning of the article. There were no advertisements and this an article that was linked to long report and thorough report. This article was posted on a scholarly journal and was peer reviewed.ReferencesDawson, P. A. (2014,). Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics . Journal of Youth Development, 9(4), 110-112. Retrieved from Sassy Girlz. (2017). Empowering Girlz to Pursue STEM. Retrieved from…
week 3 discussion 2 RESPONSE j.t.

read The case study (KFC opens a store a day in China) and answer the three questions about it.. Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

1. Do you think that at some point in your career you will become involved in international management? Explain.
2. Assuming that you are involved in managing a KFC in China, what challenges do you think would be the most difficult for you in improving this Chinese KFC’s success? Why?
3. Evaluate the following statement: KFC can learn to manage its U.S. operations better by studying how successful competitive operations are managed in other countries
one page (double-spaced).
read The case study (KFC opens a store a day in China) and answer the three questions about it.

Technological Solutions to the Decline of the High Street

Technological Solutions to the Decline of the High Street. Question 1- Retail Apocalypse: Will Offline Shopping Become Extinct? As indicated by Statista, in 1951 there were around 590,000 stores in the UK, in 2012 there were 281,930 and only 220,000 will get by 2020. With home conveyances aggregate dramatically, the decade from 2020 to 2030 will see extra 100,000 stores close if this inclination keeps: leaving only 120,000 shops on our road. At that point, there’s internet banking around 9,000 banks and building society branches have been shut since 1990 and more terminations have occurred. Names you’ll presently don’t see on the road’s viewpoints incorporate the Midland, Abbey National, Bradford-Bingley, and Alliance-Leicester. As should be obvious further Jhon Lewis is one of the organizations drawing closer ahead on the web: 25% of its deals have now finished up the web. Internet business could spare notable brands, yet these deals will be to the detriment of organizations own actual stores, Tesco’s income was £2.9bn on the web, Amazon was second. (Anon., 2013) As per compelling place for Retail Research (2013) distributed an investigation of how UK retailing has changed by 2018. That report was comprehensively revealed in papers, for example, The Times and conjecture that by 2018: • Total store numbers have dropped by 22%, from 281,930 every 2013 to 220,000 out in 2018. • Job misfortunes could be around 316,000 contrasted with 2013. • The portion of online retail deals will ascend from 12.7% (2012) to 21.5% of all retail spending by 2018. • There will be a further 164 enormous or little measured organizations going into the organization, including the loss of 22,600 stores and 140,000 representatives. • Many of these organizations will endure yet at the expense of shutting the greater part of their stores. Nonetheless, in the Darwinian cut and push of retail 10,308 is a viable number of markets: however, decrease that to around 7000, by shutting down the most un-beneficial stores. Because of (Anon., 2013), In the UK in 2012, there was a sum of 281,930 stores. Individually, in 2018 there were 220,000 stores stay open. This information shows that 61,930 stores shut during those 6 years hole. This shows that how eCommerce molding things. (Anon., 2013) Retail week says that Amazon is at the front line of E-business, multichannel retailers rule the best 10 rundowns of UK online pioneers generally. (Week, 2013) (Emarketer, 2017) This revelation is additionally in accordance with the decrease of Brick and Mortar deals. Due to this, many well-known brands have started their online stores to future-proof their business. (Wolf, n.d.) Retailers need to alter their disposition in the course of the market. The present is a client market and accordingly, the need is consumer loyalty. The firm must be in the acceptable books of the customer. Better quality items, reasonable costs, and cordial after-deals administrations are the fundamental zones wherein the business needs to center to an uncommon degree. The substance of retail has changed. Today, retailing implies going into malls, going on the web. Be that as it may, the close by the store is consistently the main worry for all reasons and seasons. E-stores and retail locations both need to endure, none at the expense of the other. It’s not just about vocation it provides for a large number of individuals yet additionally the openness and the responsibility of a fixed retail location. Question 2- What will be the Pros and Cons of each technology? 2.1-Beacon Technology BLE Beacon is a small Bluetooth transmitter that gives off a constant signal and alerts the user of specific information that is being transmitted. Signals work through an application, for example, BeaconNear, BLE Beacons work inside nearness that is set by the business, going from inside 30 cm to 5m to 200m, and even up to 700m with a military-grade option. BLE Beacons have an outsized read radius and are enormously low on power consumption for the range they cover. They also come without all the challenges that active RFID poses like infrastructure and value. BLE Beacons can be hijacked if they are not set up as EID – i.e. beacon ID is constantly changing. There are many ways that beacons could be unsafe. i.e.: Are stolen or get lost Run out of battery. Hard to join messages or you’re too occupied to even think about updating content (Facilit8, n.d.) 2.2-Facial Recognition Facial Recognition Technology has developed a part of many people’s lives. From surveillance cameras in grocery stores to tagging friends in social media to security procedures on smartphones, facial recognition is in many places, and its use will likely upsurge with time I think. All technology has potential benefits and downsides, depending on how you use it. Law authorization organizations utilize facial acknowledgment to discover missing individuals. It’s been used to find kids who’ve gone missing. Business owners use this technology in coexistence with security cameras to identify people who’ve been caught stealing or were suspected of stealing as they enter the stores. This pro-active security measure can help avoid shoplifting, and the good thing is it does not require too much human touch, such as fingerprinting physical contact, or direct human interaction. The danger to singular security is a huge disadvantage of facial acknowledgment innovation. If we think about this technology can be hacked but good coding and having the best architecture could defeat any bad prevention. 2.3-Robot Assistants Where can we see these things? In Malls, Supermarkets, or Library. Visualize a robot doing some of the major tasks of managers like using data to estimate problems, making better decisions, monitoring team performance, and even setting goals. Technology is playing a fundamental role in helping humans work more efficiently. Let’s see what cons and pros this technology offers the business world: The unemployment rate is increasing, having robots in businesses human labor is no longer required in many factories and manufacturing plants. Robots can undoubtedly handle their prescribed tasks, but they characteristically cannot handle unexpected situations. Where a robot saves time, on the other hand, it can also result in a lag. After all, a machine so you cannot assume too much from them. If a robot breakdowns, you need extra time to fix it, which would require reprogramming. 2.4-Smart Mirrors Smart Mirrors or I state Magic Mirrors, the flood of actually pre-prominent instruments that assemble individual information to help us is a pattern encompassing the magnificence business. The new voice-actuated ‘keen mirrors’ can change the lighting to suit your requirements and accompany minuscule cameras that help inspect your skin to the littlest, clearly minute detail. What’s more, why? To decide whether your skincare routine is working by utilizing around the-minute innovation, and along these lines driving you to embrace in the event that you need a delight change. Magic Mirrors can help ruin future issues. It can assist with deciding whether you have had an excess of sun presentation, or are in more serious danger of malignant growth, sure. However, it can likewise console investing much more energy considering your appearance, defects, and propensities. Like the ethereal animal arguing for praises in a talking mirror, we can wind up asking direction from a wonder gadget that will underwrite why you are not the most attractive of all, yet with science and real information. Keen Mirrors are a captivating innovation, and maybe some time or another they will have a broad victory presence in the retail world. For the time being, be that as it may, Smart Mirrors serve generally to cause physical retail shopping to feel more like web based shopping. 2.4-Auto Checkout Self Service World stated that 27,000 self-checkout terminals were transported to businesses around the world in 2018. This development is projected to gradually rise and 60,000 terminals are going to be shipped in 2024. Consequently, more businesses are choosing to participate during this system, i.e. Amazon Go. Here are some pros and cons of self-checkouts, Efficiency and Speed of Checkout Fewer Employees to Pay Customer Difficulties Potential for Theft While who knows this technology can navigate their way through self-checkouts with ease, it will be challenging for others who don’t know. the celebrity gradually decreases with older generations, who are a touch more set in their ways. Feasibly the most effective thanks to conciliating customers are for business to supply a combination of auto-checkouts and traditional ones with cashiers. Question 3- Supermarket 2020: Future of grocery shopping! We think that individuals are likely to stay a crucial feature of stores due to their role in creating social engagement and a pleasurable experience. Well-trained, well-informed maintenance staff members are the most effective way for grocers to attach with their customers and provides them an unforgettable and differentiated experience. (Wyman, 2018) The change to online shopping has conquered retail trends for several years. Of late, fruitful online business traders – from Amazon inside us to in China – are progressively opening or purchasing actual grocery stores. However, online retailers want to transfer a number of their digital efficiency to their new brick-and-mortar stores, in order that they are trialing with new sorts of automation. The supermarket in the long run will inspire customers and improve their overall experience. Overhauls could contain prevalent new food contributions, food courts, gastronomic zones, and cooking classes. Each of those features will be combined with expert advice; this may be labor-intensive and, therefore, expensive. To fund this investment, stores will arrange modern automation technologies that release staff from monotonous operations. These freed-up hours can then be invested in happenings that add greater value to the customer. A number of those store elevations are going to be costly, but technology presents huge opportunities to avoid wasting money by simplifying basic tasks, while also providing a more robust customer experience. we expect retailers could liberate 20 percent of their labor using existing technology and by systematically optimizing and simplifying day-to-day processes. By adding the price savings from massive automation and therefore the transformation of supermarket sections, like the middle store, the longer-term store is going to be ready to operate with labor hours reduced by 40 to stand proud of their levels today. The developing portion of online basic food items keeps on drawing a lot of consideration from both the retail business itself and more extensive inclusion by the press and in this way the examiner network. whilst that share grows, physical grocery stores are undergoing a quiet revolution of their own. Physical stores will at present satisfy the vast majority of the need for nourishment for years to come. Retailers who contribute inside the future market currently will discover their stores liable to in any case flourish as a significant piece of the omnichannel future. References Anon., 2013. UK: Retail Research. Available From: Anon., 2013. p. 12. Available From: Emarketer, 2017. p. 24. Available From: Solutions to the Decline of the High Street

Write a 9 page paper (double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) on one of the topics below. Answer each part of the question directly.

order essay cheap Write a 9 page paper (double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) on one of the topics below. Answer each part of the question directly.. I’m working on a Philosophy question and need guidance to help me study.

1. In chapter V of The Principles of Mathematics, Russell addresses a problem that becomes apparent when you contrast simple subject/predicate sentences in English (like “Alys is altruistic” or “Bertrand is bookish”) with sentences that have grammatically complex subjects (like “Every cabin is cozy”). This question asks you to explain various aspects of this problem.
(a) How would Russell analyze the proposition expressed by the sentence “Bertrand is bookish”? What is its structure? What are its constituents? What is the proposition about? How can we use this information to determine when it is true or false?
(b) How would Russell analyze the proposition expressed by the sentence “All athletes are altruistic”? What is its structure? What are its constituents? What is the proposition about? How can we use this information to determine when it is true or false?
(c) Russell claims that the proposition expressed by “I met a man” is not about the denoting concept a man. Explain briefly why he thinks this.
(d) Do you find the theory that Russell presents in this chapter satisfactory? Give at least one reason in favor of the view, and at least one reason against it. Which considerations do you find the most compelling, and why?

2. In the opening paragraphs of “On Denoting”, Russell overturns almost every aspect of the theory he earlier proposed in The Principles of Mathematics. This question asks you to explain the new theory, and to compare it with its predecessor.
(a) Russell claims in 1905 that an expression counts as a denoting phrase in virtue of its “form.” What does he mean by this? How does it distinguish his new theory from the one he proposed in Principles of Mathematics?
(b) Russell distinguishes between knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description. Explain this distinction and give an example of something you know in each of these ways, respectively. Which of these two sorts of knowledge is dependent on knowledge of propositions?
(c) Explain the notion of a propositional function. What does it mean to say that a propositional function is always true? Using these resources, how would the Russell of “On Denoting” analyze the proposition expressed by the sentence “Some philosopher admires Flaubert”?
(d) In “On Denoting” Russell famously claims that the “principle” of his new theory of denoting is that denoting phrases never have any meaning in isolation, although they contribute to the meaning of every sentence in which they occur. Describe how his new theory illustrates this principle. In what ways is this new principle incompatible with the view he developed in Principles of Mathematics?
Write a 9 page paper (double spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) on one of the topics below. Answer each part of the question directly.

Los Angeles Pierce College Erik Erikson Stages of Psychosocial Development Discussion

Los Angeles Pierce College Erik Erikson Stages of Psychosocial Development Discussion.

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need support to help me understand better.

Paper Requirement Directions:For the purpose of this TWO PAGE equivalent, double-spaced paper, examine ALL STAGES OF YOUR LIFE. Some of you might not know very much about your infancy and/or do not have anyone to ask regarding this part of your life. If this is the case, find a concept that you think could have happened to you during your first two years of life. If you aren’t currently in middle or late adulthood, find a concept that you think will apply to you and your life in the future. You will cut and paste your paper into Canvas, so just try to get the formatting as close to accurate as you can within the confines of Canvas, but do not be overly concerned should the formatting be a bit “off”. For Chapter 20, Death, Dying and Bereavement, find a concept that is important to you. Review your life and apply ONE unique concept per life stage (it can be any concept we have discussed in modules, discussions, videos, textbook, etc.. make sure to provide an in-text citation on where you got your information from and also provide an APA style reference for these ideas at the end of your paper in your references section, otherwise it is considered plagiarism!). You will apply one different concept to EACH of the following periods of life, listed in the chapters below. Therefore, you will have a total of 8 concepts to apply to yourself. For example, for Period 6 you may choose to discuss the concept of puberty and will talk about your own experiences with puberty. For Period 7, you may choose to discuss the concept of palliative care and will talk about how you anticipate how you may need palliative care. Period 1. Ch 4, 5, 6 INFANCY (First 2 Years) [5 pts] Period 2. Ch 7, 8 EARLY CHILDHOOD (2 – 5 Years) [5 pts] Period 3. Ch 9, 10 MIDDLE TO LATE CHILDHOOD (5 – 12 Years) [5 pts] Period 4. Ch 11, 12 ADOLESCENCE (12 – 20 Years) [5 pts] Period 5. Ch 13, 14 EARLY ADULTHOOD (20 – 40 Years) [5 pts] Period 6. Ch 15, 16 MIDDLE ADULTHOOD (40 – 65 Years) [5 pts] Period 7. Ch 17, 18, 19 LATE ADULTHOOD (65 Years and Beyond) [5 pts] Period 8. Ch 20 DEATH, DYING AND BEREAVEMENT [5 pts] Please put the concept you are defining and applying in Bold and Underline it too. Be sure to provide APA style In-text citations for all ideas that are not your own (5 pts) and an APA style references section at the end (5 pts). Please see the link provided under Announcements on APA style to help guide you if you are unfamiliar with APA style, and see the Module on APA Style. Paper is worth 50 points total.
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Slavery in the USA and Its Impact on Americans Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Discussion Impact on the Modern Society Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Slavery in the United States of America is a highly important topic to discuss even at the present moment. Although this regime and level of racial discrimination have been left in the past, people must still learn the history of American slaves who were owned by white citizens. Not only does this let one learn more about the country in which they reside, but it also shows its citizens how freedom was gained for all inhabitants. The following paper will present a discussion of slavery in the USA and an explanation of the tremendous impact it made on the lives of all Americans. It will also include a description of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and coverage of various Civil War events. Discussion As mentioned in the introductory section, slavery existed in a period when the United States of America was not an attractive country for immigrants from Africa. Once a black person was noticed in towns or cities, he or she could be caught and sold to slaveholders, regardless of their free status (Berlin 26). Although these people could have families and jobs, their freedoms were disregarded by other citizens due to their skin color, which was the main basis for discrimination. It is a well-known fact that nowadays those with racist beliefs are disapproved of in the US. However, when the famous American Revolution was going on, people with black skin were treated as representatives of a lower racial caste (Thirty-Ninth Congress of the USA). It is necessary to mention that individuals of Arabic, Hispanic, or other non-white ethnic backgrounds were not enslaved and were regarded as free people of color (Berlin 54). The majority of slaves transferred from Africa were forced to work on the cotton plantations of businessmen from the CSA (Confederative States of America). They also worked at farms, mills, and other places that required cheap human labor. As mentioned previously in the paper, black people were not paid for their hard work. In addition, their living conditions were inappropriate – they had no access to clean water for hygienic purposes, no beds, no private rooms, and so on (Berlin 27). It would be accurate to state that many black people could not bear living in such conditions. Their lives were short, with a majority of them dying because of fatigue and exhaustion (Berlin 32). Some of those who were enslaved might be treated better than others if their owner saw that a particular person worked hard and brought much profit to his or her slaveholder. The majority of people deprived of their rights had to work in fields under the burning sun for more than twelve hours every day. They were not allowed to have any days off or vacations. The situation with slavery became critical, with white people disregarding the rights of individuals from Africa, and the government of the USA became seriously concerned with the idea of emancipation (Thirty-Ninth Congress of the USA). It appeared that almost all businesses situated in the territories of the CSA back then were powered by slaves. However, Afro-Americans’ civil rights were respected in the Northern part of the country when Abraham Lincoln was in rule. The president wanted to make all people in his country free and equal (Thirty-Ninth Congress of the USA). After he was elected in 1860, the politician started considering the emancipation of slaves (Lincoln). Nevertheless, his colleagues told him that giving freedom to the approximately four million black people from the Southern states of the country would have an adverse impact on its economy and the well-being of white citizens in the CSA. Abraham Lincoln asked governors of several states in the South to support his emancipation strategy (Lincoln). All seven territories (South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas) refused to free their slaves and become part of the Northern States. Although many governors refused to support Lincoln’s strategy, they had to stand against his army forces in the Civil War that started later. The main purpose of the multiple battles between the Union and the Confederates was to make all people in the country free and equal. When the war was almost over, President Lincoln issued and signed the Emancipation Proclamation on the first day of 1863, ordering “That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free,” (Lincoln). Almost three million former slaves were freed. In response to this, some slave-owners took their workers and moved to the South or other territories outside of the country as they believed that their economic system would be destroyed according to the new laws of the United States of America (Berlin 71). Indeed, black people were fully freed even in the Southern states once the Civil War was over. Unfortunately, the American economy was not as stable and prosperous as it has become in the present. Therefore, many black people preferred to stay and work for their previous masters after the war ended in 1865, as they could not find any other jobs (Berlin 63). Indeed, the Reconstruction Era was a hard time for all people who inhabited the former CSA. However, nowadays, American citizens cannot even think about going back to this regime of discrimination based on race. However, the thirteenth amendment that was issued at the end of the Civil War stated that every citizen of the USA could not be enslaved unless he or she was punished for breaking the law (General Records of the United States Government). It appears that this kind of racism is now both illegal and immoral. Although many other adverse political and economic situations happened in the USA after Emancipation, this event presents a border between the country’s past and the future (Lincoln). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Impact on the Modern Society Since the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, citizens of the United States of America have never faced slavery again (Lincoln). Nevertheless, this part of the country’s history made a tremendous impact on all people who live here because racism is considered to be immoral and remains a taboo topic. Discussions of these phenomena are inappropriate in the society of African Americans as well. There is no other country in the world that considers the topics of both racism and slavery as limited as they have become America. People are allowed to talk about slavery and discrimination against black individuals only at schools during history classes. Otherwise, it is considered to be offensive to people of color. Conclusion Slavery in the USA was one of the toughest periods in the country’s history. Slaves did not have appropriate living conditions, food, water, or other benefits of contemporary civilization. Thankfully, Abraham Lincoln signed and issued the Emancipation Proclamation that made all black people in the USA free since 1863. This event may be regarded as a critical moment in American history that promoted citizens’ rights and dignities. Nowadays, regular citizens are discouraged from mentioning racism and slavery in public places and cannot discriminate against people of color. Inhabitants of the USA must learn the history of slavery to understand how their nation became one of the greatest liberty symbols in the world. Works Cited Berlin, Ira. The Long Emancipation: The Demise of Slavery in the United States. Harvard University Press, 2015. General Records of the United States Government. “Proposed Thirteenth Amendment Regarding the Abolition of Slavery.” DocsTeach. 1861, Web. Lincoln, Abraham. “Emancipation Proclamation.” DocsTeach. 1863, Web. 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