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Historical Speech Review

Historical Speech Review. Paper details The ability to recognize and explain the elements of the communication process is the beginning of truly understanding how to prepare for and deliver effective oral presentations. When we are able to recognize the elements of the communication process, we are then able to think more critically about the other factors involved in the effective delivery of oral presentations. Provide an explanation for the elements of the communication process seen in the speech by answering the following questions: Speaker: Who is the speaker in the speech? Message: What is his/her message? Style: What is the speaker’s predominant style of speaking? Setting: What is the setting for the speech? What kind of noise or interference is there in the setting during the speech? Audience: Who is the audience for the speech? What feedback do you see from the audience in recording of the speech?Historical Speech Review
Table of Contents Introduction Facebook in Business Relations Facebook in Intimate Relations Facebook in Family Relations Conclusion Works Cited Introduction The appearance of social networking sites has changed the life of people and their relations. Nowadays, millions of users post their messages, pictures, videos, and music on Facebook. A new medium for communication has opened wide opportunities for building relationships with people all around the globe. The multimedia content of the site allows sharing thoughts and ideas in numerous creative ways. Users can communicate freely with other individuals and companies to find workers and employers. Facebook plays an important role in the development of intimate relations. People tend to exchange messages on the site before calling on the mobile, or meeting in person. Nevertheless, the excessive use of Facebook can have a harmful effect on relationships between relatives and close friends. While people connect to their buddies on the site, they disconnect from their surroundings. Although Facebook is a powerful tool for building relationships with users all around the world, real-life communication with relatives and friends should be promoted because social networking sites can disconnect people from their surroundings. Facebook in Business Relations Social networking sites bring all people close together. Users from all over the world can communicate freely, share their thoughts, ideas, images, and videos. The appearance of Facebook has changed the traditional relations between employers and workers. Nowadays, people can connect to their superiors on the site and exchange messages with them in an informal way. When everybody is “friends”, the margins between social statuses and job titles are blurring. Many employees feel more confident expressing their thoughts in writing. They have time to choose what they want to say, and they do not feel nervous facing their bosses. Facebook allows them to send messages at any given moment with a wide variety of multimedia content to support their ideas. The exchange of messages on the site is much more convenient than in email services and makes communication between workers and employees fast and efficient. The research by Scott et al. showed that “that language use had no impact on attractiveness, but users who used correct language were seen as more intelligent, competent, and employable” (562). Therefore, Facebook users with good command of English have higher chances to get hired. Facebook gives individual entrepreneurs and big companies a variety of methods to build relationships with their customers. They can create official pages and communities to share all recent news about their products and communicate with consumers. The platform of the site allows posting detailed overviews of various items and services with the support of images, videos, and sound examples. The abundance of available information and attention to customer feedback on Facebook support strong relationships between companies and consumers. Facebook allows defining certain trends in the relationships between organizations and individuals. According to McCorkindale, “more than half of Facebook’s 900 million active users in the U.S. consist of the Millennial generation (ages 13 to 29)” (66). They are more willing to cooperate with small companies and search primarily for benefits and discounts in their relations with organizations. Facebook in Intimate Relations The appearance of social networking sites has changed the nature of interpersonal relations. Nowadays all members of society use communication technologies extensively in the building of new relationships. Social networking sites, instant messaging services, and mobile phones have created a hierarchy of relations. Young people use all electronic means of communication on all stages of intimate relations. Research by Yang et al. “revealed a sequence of media use tied to stages of relationship development − from Facebook in early stages to instant messaging and then cell phones as a relationship progressed” (5). Therefore, Facebook plays an important role in the building of intimate relations between young people. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The variety of information posted on user pages allows learning many facts about a person even prior to the communication. People can choose their interlocutors from thousands of Facebook members using the facts from their profiles. In the meantime, social networking sites provide anonymity needed at the beginning of the relations. Some Facebook users disclose their real identities only after a certain period of online communication. They want to be sure about the people they are going to meet in person. Facebook present a perfect opportunity to build relations with people abroad, learn about their cultures and traditions, and find common interests. Social networking sites create solid grounds for the development of international and intercultural relations. People who cannot meet each other every day in real life because of the distance between their countries are able to communicate on Facebook. The site allows them to know each other better before their meeting in person. Nevertheless, these capabilities of Facebook might have a harmful effect on the people’s relations with their relatives and friends in their common surroundings. Facebook in Family Relations The positive role of social networking sites in the relations between relatives is hard to ignore. People are able to send messages, voice recordings, and videos on Facebook to their parents, siblings, and spouses from any place around the globe when they are unable to meet them in person. Nevertheless, communication in social networking sites has its dangers. People spend a lot of time on Facebook, reading news, watching funny videos, and writing on timelines of other users. They find a multitude of friends from other countries with similar interests and exchange posts and motivators. Facebook provides team games for users to entertain themselves in their free time and long working hours. People have so much fun on the site they often forget about their real life and relations. This is a growing issue, especially among young people. The excessive use of social networking sites harms the development of communicational skills. People get used to communicating by reposts, motivators, and pictures. They start to experience difficulties in speaking with their relatives and friends in person and return to Facebook. This situation can lead to a break in relations between parents and children. According to Steiner-Adair and Barker, “not only do chronic tech distractions have deep and lasting effects, but children desperately need parents to provide what tech cannot: close, significant interactions with the adults in their lives” (2). Therefore, social activists and authorities should promote real-life communication through various activities with relatives and friends to keep strong the relationships in the society. Conclusion Facebook plays a prominent role in the building of relationships in the modern society. Employers and workers can communicate freely and exchange their thought and ideas outside the margins of their job titles. Companies and individual entrepreneurs have numerous ways to build strong relations with their customers on social networking sites. Organizations can evaluate their employees analyzing their accounts on Facebook. Communication on social networking sites is an important stage of building intimate relations among young people. Users can write to their friends and relatives from any place in the world. Nevertheless, Facebook might disconnect people from their siblings and spouses. Works Cited McCorkindale, Tina, et al. “How Millennials Are Engaging and Building Relationships with Organizations on Facebook.” The Journal of Social Media in Society, vol. 2, no. 1, 2013, pp. 66-87. Scott, Graham G., et al. “It’s not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: Language Use on Facebook Impacts Employability but not Attractiveness.” Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, vol. 17, no.8, 2014, pp. 562-566. We will write a custom Essay on Facebook’s Role of in Establishing Relations specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Steiner-Adair, Catherine, and Teresa H. Barker. The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age. Harper Business, 2013. Yang, Chia-chen, et al. “From Facebook to Cell Calls: Layers of Electronic Intimacy in College Students’ Interpersonal Relationships.” New Media
IT 511 SNHU Collection Manager Programs Ongoing Maintenance Final Project.

In this module, you will submit the final project, the collection manager program responding the recipe scenario.As you prepare your final project, be sure to use feedback from your instructor to revise your work from the final project milestones. You will also need to add a driver application to the program, such as the one you developed in Stepping Stone Lab Six.Note, too, that the final project requires two types of documentation not included in earlier stepping stones or the final project milestones:Inline comments directed toward software engineers about design decisions to facilitate the program’s ongoing maintenanceApplication programming interface (API) documentation for your programmatic solution directed toward other software developersTo complete this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.
IT 511 SNHU Collection Manager Programs Ongoing Maintenance Final Project

You will analyze an advertisement using ideas or strategies. 5 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins. NOTE, I do have the commercial and all citations ready to make it easy, so you do not need to look up for any.

You will analyze an advertisement using ideas or strategies. 5 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins. NOTE, I do have the commercial and all citations ready to make it easy, so you do not need to look up for anyGrading Criteria 1 Effective selection and use of secondary sources (20 points)2 Clear introduction and development of the pop culture text that the writer chooses to analyze (20 points)3 Fully supported analysis, including detailed references to the pop culture text and secondary articles (30 points)4 Analysis yields some new insight or comes to some position on the pop culture text and its relationship to a current culture (15 points)5 Audience appropriate language, subject, tone, and formatting:in short, the writer demonstrates audience awareness and attempts to meet expected conventions (including citation and documentation of sources and editing/proofreading of final draft) (15 points
You will analyze an advertisement using ideas or strategies. 5 double-spaced pages with one-inch margins. NOTE, I do have the commercial and all citations ready to make it easy, so you do not need to look up for any

Talent Turnover and Ethics Introduction: Using the appropriate training and development methods can have significant effects on employee performance Essay

Talent Turnover and Ethics Introduction: Using the appropriate training and development methods can have significant effects on employee performance Essay. Talent Turnover and Ethics Introduction: Using the appropriate training and development methods can have significant effects on employee performance and the success or failure of a company. Similarly, ethics also can impact how employees and the company are perceived, which can ultimately affect the success of the organization. Read the scenario and address the checklist items regarding employee training, development, and ethics. Scenario: The technology company you work for has had difficulties resulting from expert employees leaving the company after only 6 months to a year of employment. This turnover has caused client software projects to not be completed as scheduled. The CEO has turned to you as the HR director to find out what is wrong and to recommend a remedy. You do some initial investigations only to find that the salaried, full-time employees at this level of expertise are working 60 hours a week or more on a regular basis. You are concerned not only for the business implications of this attrition problem but the ethical implications. Checklist: Describe the company’s problem in your own words from a business and ethical perspective. Choosing one of the ethical approaches, describe what ethical approach you would use for the development of these employees and explain why. Describe the training and development methods you would use to improve employee morale and motivation and to reduce attrition.Talent Turnover and Ethics Introduction: Using the appropriate training and development methods can have significant effects on employee performance Essay


essay writing help Table of Contents Introduction Management and Code of Conduct Implementation Successful Communication Educating the Employees Assessing Compliance Change Management References Introduction The issues affecting UWEAR and PALEDENIM should be addressed from an ethical perspective in order to support the merger. The management teams from the two firms should be guided in order to develop the best code of conduct policies. When implemented effectively, such policies will address the existing ethical dilemmas and support the firm’s performance (Gilman, 2005). This discussion outlines the unique issues to consider throughout the code of conduct’s implementation process Management and Code of Conduct Implementation The management’s role in the implementation of the code of conduct is to guide the employees, create the best working environment, and support the proposed change. The organizational leader, ethics supervisor, and compliance officer should use their skills to influence positive behaviors. They should inform their followers about desirable practices. A supervisor should be hired to train targeted workers (Strahovnik

Massachusetts Amherst Approaches to Mental Health Treatment Report

Massachusetts Amherst Approaches to Mental Health Treatment Report.

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For this assignment, you will be constructing an argument using empirical support, with the overall goal of convincing the reader of something. You will choose between two choices: medicine or talk therapy, as the best approach to treat mental health issues in children. You can choose to focus on a specific disorder or cluster of symptoms, or you can more generally focus on all mental health disorders. As this paper assignment is focused on convincing the readers of your side of the argument, be sure to include evidence/support (in the form of in-text citations) from research articles and literature. As your assignment is to research and choose between medication and therapy, you will need to include both the pros and cons of each type of treatment to make the most effective argument to convince the reader. Guidelines for formatting the paper:
Begin with an introduction section that convinces the reader of the importance and interest of the question (pharmacological treatment versus therapy).
Provide helpful and in-depth background information to describe both types of treatment for children’s mental distress (medication/pharmacological treatment and therapeutic treatment).
How would you go about making a decision regarding which treatment to choose, as a parent/guardian? What factors are most important when making this decision, and what kinds of information would you need to be the most informed?
Here, you can take the perspective of a parent deciding on the best type of treatment for their child dealing with a mental health disorder.

Provide empirical evidence about both sides of the argument that is supported by the literature (you must use AT LEAST 8 non-website empirical references).
End with a final paragraph that does more than simply summarize the argument, but that makes a cohesive statement about what you’ve convinced the reader of throughout your paper.
An APA formatted reference section should be included in the final draft.
Specific writing goals: Your thesis should be clearly laid out very early in the paper.
Arguments to support your thesis should be clearly stated and supported with evidence from the literature.
Acknowledge potential counter arguments or criticisms of your thesis, and deal with them effectively.
Organization is especially key for this paper. Check that each paragraph has a topic sentence and that all the material in each paragraph relates to it.
In longer papers, it is especially useful to use a variety of sentence lengths to maintain the reader’s attention.
Use headings, if appropriate, to facilitate organization.
Cite your sources correctly.
Submitting your final paper:Your paper should be 7-8 pages long in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. For the final draft, submit the following through Turn It In on Moodle: (1) A cover letter addressed to your instructor. This cover letter should do the following:
Summarize the peer comments that you received.
Summarize how you responded to peer comments. (You may elect not to take advice, but you need to describe and defend that decision here.)
Any additional improvements to the paper that are above and beyond what your peers suggested.
(2) Your final paper, carefully proofread so that spelling and grammatical errors are eliminated. Course-wide Late Policy:To avoid a late penalty, you must submit an electronic copy via TurnItIn by midnight on the due date. The coursewide late penalty is 5 points per day (including 5 points each for Saturday and Sunday).Evaluation checklist for Paper 3:Final grade: _____/100 points
Your paper will be evaluated on how well it does the following: Content (45 points)___ Cover letter as described above. (2 points)The thesis and its evidence (23 points)
___The paper has a clearly stated and well-chosen thesis [project goal for a grant proposal, etc.—modify as needed]. The thesis clearly lays out a position. (6 points)___The thesis is referenced through-out, tying each piece of evidence back to the argument. (6 points)___ Evidence from qualified sources (e.g., research papers rather than “common knowledge” or personal experience) supports the position. No claims are made that are unsupported. (6 points)___ Alternate points of view are acknowledged and rebutted. (5 points)Language (20 points)___ The tone is formal, yet the language is interesting and not boring or stuffy. (5 points)___ Thoughtful word choice is used throughout, avoiding clichés. (5 points)___ The reader is drawn in by a catchy hook. Trite phrases (e.g., “Have you ever wondered why…”) are avoided. (5 points)___ The paper ends with a satisfying conclusion that puts the findings of the research in a broader context, that does not simply summarize the paper, nor open an entirely new topic. (5 points)Form & Organization (55 points)___ The paper is well-organized and flows logically. It addresses each point completely and in a logical order. If included, subheadings are used effectively to help with organization (8 points)___ Paragraphs are well-structured, with topic and conclusion sentences. Topic sentences accurately reflect the paragraph’s body and every topic sentence relates to the paper’s goal (8 points)___ Sentences are well-constructed and vary in length to keep the reader’s attention. (6 points)___ Punctuation and affect/effect are used correctly (see Writing Skills 1&3). (6 points)___ Writing is concise and wordiness is reduced (see Writing Skills 2). (6 points)___ Parallel structure & active voice are used when appropriate (see Writing Skills 4). (6 points)___ The paper flows smoothly, with effective transitions within and between paragraphs (see Writing Skills 5). (6 points)___ Direct quotes are avoided, except in rare instances. (4 points)___ There are few or no grammatical or spelling errors. (3 points)___ Length requirements (7-8 pages) are met. (2 points)
Massachusetts Amherst Approaches to Mental Health Treatment Report

Observational Essay details in the attached document

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Observational Essay details in the attached document