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historical critisism

can you please add details about Illmatic by naz, and the Naz documentary, and how they relate to what I have written. I need 4 academic journal sources which you can list at the end
The second draft must use a minimum of four credible secondary sources, correctly cited using in-text citations and a full works cited page in MLA style. The sources should include:
-At least one source dealing with the larger historical and cultural context
-At least two academic journal articles
If it’s relevant to your analysis, I encourage you to use the excerpt from The German Ideology by Karl Marx as one of your sources.
Your second draft should explain the historical and cultural context of your text, and attempt to synthesize your secondary sources in order to build an argument, or central claim, about your text and/or the culture which produced it. You must cite and analyze passages from all four sources and use them to contextualize a close reading of passages from your primary text.
Questions to consider: what does this text tell us about the struggles, conflicts, and contradictions of the time and place in which it was produced? how does the text attempt to address or respond to these struggles, conflicts, and contradictions? what social beliefs and/or values are embodied, promoted, interrogated, or attacked? what is left out or rendered silent or invisible in the text, and what can we make of this?
This draft must be at least 1500 words of research and analysis. If you repeat yourself or stretch out your writing artificially, I will remove these passages from my word count. Please submit your second draft some time before class on Monday, April 4th.