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HIST 16 Santa Monica College The Death of George Floyd Oral History Project

HIST 16 Santa Monica College The Death of George Floyd Oral History Project.

For this paper, you will be engaging in a short oral history project involving data collection, analysis and presentation. a) Define the event (or series of events, or period)b) Find individuals living during the period who remember the eventc) Determine what questions should be asked of those individuals about the event d) Pool the data and questions about the event collected and present it in a short analytical report using outside sources.You should interview no fewer than two people about the event, and you should attempt to have your subjects be as diverse as possible. I will leave the choice of subjects up to you (make it up, ex: quote a “friend” or my “mother”)Interviews need not be in person, and can be done over email, phone, etc. Follow-up interviews may be necessary to clarify certain points raised in the initial interview, and which come up during creation of the paper.The questions need not be complex, but each interviewer must have a historical knowledge of the event such that they know how to talk about the event, they know how to listen to the subject concerning the event, and perhaps know how to respond with follow-up questions that may not be on the group’s prepared list of questions.IMPORTANT NOTE: When we talk about African-American history, it is important to understand that every American’s history is inextricably bound up with “African-American” history. Every event in American history is, in some way, also an event in African-American history. So, you do not need to limit yourself to events that are of primary importance to African-American history, such as events in the Civil Rights movement or the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. You can choose, for instance, the election of Ronald Reagan to the Presidency in 1980, or even the first Iraq War. However, you should choose your interview subjects and relate your questions to the event as the event may pertain to African-American history. For instance, the election of Ronald Reagan to the Presidency in 1980 had a major effect on American social policy towards African Americans. How did the African-American community react to the election? Who was the community’s generally preferred candidate and why? etc. These are all potential questions. Of course, every war impacts the African-American experience as well. Older interview subjects are particularly preferred, i.e. grandparents, because their knowledge is more in danger of being lost. But you can ask your next-door neighbor, your relative living overseas, or your sister. Just get two good subjects.Your paper should consist of three main components. The first two need only be in list format. You should include in your report1) a list of the prepared questions asked, (1 page)2) a list of those interviewed, and most importantly (1/4 page)3) a report analyzing the answers to these questions and any follow-up questions. (3-4 pages)Your paper should also use outside sources (secondary sources are fine) to describe the event itself and to help analyze the particular perspective your subjects bring to the event. For instance, if you interview your mother about the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination, and she worked in an office at the time, you might want to find out how working women viewed King at the time. This can help shed light on your mother’s reaction, and on the reaction of middle-class working women in the 1960s in general. Use my previous history project proposal as the subject of this assignment.View the document below:
HIST 16 Santa Monica College The Death of George Floyd Oral History Project

POLS 4310 Utah State University Institutionalized Systemic Racism Discussion.

Do you think institutionalized, systemic racism is a significant problem in the United States? If you do, what can you point to as evidence of that racism’s existence? What do you think explains it? Finally, what should we, as a nation, do to address and to make up for our collective history?If you disagree that racism is a “feature” of American society, what do you think explains the collective anger and rage of the many protests that have broken out over recent month? What do you think we as a nation should do to address the (no longer simmering} unrest.
POLS 4310 Utah State University Institutionalized Systemic Racism Discussion

Topic: Slips and Falls In the workplace

Topic: Slips and Falls In the workplace.

Students will submit a power point presentation before the end of the semester consisting of 30 (minimum content) to 60 slides. Voice recording is not required. The topic of the presentation will be the “science and compliance” regarding an issue or hazard in occupational health and safety. Your topic can range from a type of occupational injury, disease, exposure, or any other issue that you can think of. Be creative. The information on this topic should include, but not be limited to: The industries and occupations relevant to the issue The potential health effects related to the issue The regulatory requirements related to the issue Mitigation strategies for related hazards Methods for communicating safe work practices regarding the issue. For simplicity and organization, it would help to make the previous bullet points the titles of your individual slides. Slide titles alone do not count towards the 30-slide count minimum (EXCLUDING TITLE PAGE AND REFERENCES). You will need a minimum of 6 references, preferably 3 from peer reviewed journals and 3 from governmental agency reports (e.g. OSHA or NIOSH). All pictures and images must be cited. Each slide must include content, not just a picture. Each slide must indicate which reference(s) was used and a slide containing a complete reference list in APA format must be included.
Topic: Slips and Falls In the workplace

Image transcription text 3-5 A 0.2-F capacitor has a voltage waveform v(t) as shown in Figure P3-5. Determine and plot

custom writing service Image transcription text 3-5 A 0.2-F capacitor has a voltage waveform v(t) as shown in Figure P3-5. Determine and plot. Image transcription text 3-5 A 0.2-F capacitor has a voltage waveform v(t) as shown in Figure P3-5. Determine and plot as functions of time the (a) current, (b) power, and (c) energy. FIGURE P3-5 vit) 1 80 V – — 4 8 10 t, s… Show more EngineeringImage transcription text 3-5 A 0.2-F capacitor has a voltage waveform v(t) as shown in Figure P3-5. Determine and plot

Southern Illinois University Dashboard Presentation

Southern Illinois University Dashboard Presentation.

OverviewCommunicating complex data information and insights using data visualizations via creating dashboards, scorecards, spatial data representations and use of annotations is an important aspect of data science. In various roles you must be able to evaluate, propose and implement appropriate visualizations for a specified audience using key informational design concepts. In this assignment you will, develop a dashboard using Tableau or R Shiny.Final DashboardWork together to develop a final dashboard that incorporates both RShiny or Tableau elements. The final dashboard should: Include as many different visualizations as needed. These should be of varying types.Answer the research/business question and display the key information that the intended audience needsBe easy to navigate and visually appealing Reflect the data accurately and generally communicate the data appropriately The dashboard should incorporate the elements, with revisions, from each member of the group. Submit a single dashboard for the group using the link below.Dashboard PresentationWork together to create presentation of your dashboard. This presentation should: Discuss the process for determining the data chosen for the dashboard Discuss why the data points were chosen and how that relates to the needs of the audience of the dashboard Tell the story of the data. What does the dashboard reveal about the original data set? How should this be interpreted by the audience? What does it mean? Does each dashboard really answer the question it was based upon? Make sure to the the story of how it answers the question.Submit the presentation file below. If you are taking this course online, record your presentation, using any tool you prefer and post it to the discussion board below. Whether the presentation is live or recorded, it must be 8-10 minutes long.
Southern Illinois University Dashboard Presentation

Answer question based on reading . further intruction below.

Answer question based on reading . further intruction below..

Read the assigned chapter of the Psychological Science in Action text, and choose 1 of the 3 Practical Application Assignment prompts from the end of the chapter to complete.

You must label your paper with the prompt number to identify which PAA you are completing. Your paper should be about one page of double-spaced texted (preferably, no longer than two pages), and it must address all aspects of the prompt.

While no in-text citations are required, you must cite your source(s) of information at the end of your paper (each chapter in the Psychological Science in Action book contains the reference for the article at the end of the editor’s note). Acceptable outside sources (if utilized) include only peer-reviewed journals and educational websites (no Wikipedia). You can use any formatting style (APA, MLA, etc.).

To submit your assignment, paste your prompt into the textbox available under the Assignment Submission section (there’s an area that says Write Submission). Do not submit your assignment in the Add Comments section. You can also attach a document; only word documents (i.e., .doc or .docx files) will be accepted, any other file format will automatically receive a grade of a ‘0’ and will NOT be allowed to be resubmitted.

DO NOT COPY directly from your book or any other sources such as another textbook or websites (e.g., Wikipedia). Plagiarism will result in a ‘0’ on the assignment, and the student may be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.

Remember: the purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate that you have read the information, can demonstrate your understanding of the content, and that you can also apply it to a novel situation as suggested within the PAA prompt. Use the provided grading rubric to help guide your writing of this assignment.
Answer question based on reading . further intruction below.

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