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HIS1121 Final

HIS1121 Final. I need help with a History question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Note: I need 1000 words for this essay, and I have already chosen No.2 question.
Some reminders, and then your question options.
Monday, December 9: All Quizzes due before midnight
FINAL EXAM on Friday, December 6, 11:00am-1:00pm
And, now, your question options:
Citing specific examples, defend or refute one of the following statements:
1. The Mongol Invasions of the 13th Century CE positively impacted humanity.
2. History was made by civilizations in climate zones where agriculture was possible (e.g., Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, the Indo-Gangetic Plain, the Yellow and Yangtze River Valleys, etc.); marginal peoples from north or south of this zone contributed nothing to human history.
3. African history before the year 1000 CE is unknowable due to the bias of (first) Islamic and (then) Imperial European historians.
Answer the following question:
4. What is the most important non-human force in the making of history: trade, disease, philosophy, climate, religion, or something else? Why? (Pick one to defend, but make sure to discuss at least three).
Reminders–from the course syllabus:
Examinations may not be made up except in the case of verifiable emergency. If you do not show up for an exam, you must contact the instructor within 24 hours of the start of the exam, detailing your emergency and providing some form of documentation to prove the emergency is real. If you do not follow this rule, you will be marked absent for the exam, and will receive a “0” for that exam.
The format for each exam question will begin with the phrase: “Defend or Refute the Following Statement.” You will be given a choice of up to five prompts one week before the exam. It is expected that you will work on your essay during that week.
We will discuss strategies for how to write such an essay in class well before the first exam. Please note that the fact that I give you the exam question here a week before you have to take the exam means higher standards for good grades. An “A” essay will be well-organized, demonstrate a genuine understanding of the material, and will be written in proper.
HIS1121 Final

Importance of Self-Care: Healthy Eating Essay

Self-care is an essential aspect of both personal and career goals. To support self-care, I intend to start eating healthy. This will ensure that I am physically fit to undertake my work tasks. I have also been doing light physical exercises as part of my self-care routine. It is important to note that being time conscious has also contributed to my overall wellbeing. Time management ensures that everything is done perfectly without rush and lowers the chances of being stressed. Relaxation and stress reduction activities also contribute to my wellbeing. The mentioned activities will be useful when working in the field as well. Overall, being healthy ensures that the body builds resilience. Due to the nature of animals, especially wounded ones, it is important that I be resilient. There are cases of animals that reacted aggressively due to treatment or interaction with a vet. Body strength and muscle resilience can help lower the chances of getting hurt while in the field. Burnout and compassion fatigue are interrelated. Working as a veterinary technician exposes one to different work stressors. Low income is one significant aspect that would contribute to my burnout. A poor working environment will also largely contribute to my fatigue. It is important to note that any type of stress that can be avoided contributes to overall fatigue at the workplace. In turn, productivity levels might be negatively affected. Interaction with abused, tortured, and even terminally ill pets will have a significant impact on my compassion fatigue. There are owners who mistreat their pets, and this can be very emotional for me. I used to lash out at clients due to negligence, but now I can manage my emotions.

UC Baldwin Corp Corporate Finance Risk Analysis Real Options & Capital Budgeting Essay

nursing essay writing service UC Baldwin Corp Corporate Finance Risk Analysis Real Options & Capital Budgeting Essay.

Assignment 3
Corporation is a public corporation listed on New York Stock Exchange
(NYSE) market. The company researches, develops, manufactures, and sells
various products in the health care industry worldwide. Baldwin Inc.
operates in three main segments: Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical
Devices segments. The primary corporate objective of the company is to
maximize the value of the owners’ equity by increasing the price of its
shares in the stock market. Unfortunately, the company’s stock price has
been declining over the past year because of declining sales, cash flow
uncertainties, and weak financial ratios. The Board of Directors have
hired a new CFO, Gregg Williams to turnaround the fortunes of the
company. Gregg earned his PhD in Finance from UC in 2018. After his MBA
he worked for five years as sales and marketing consultant for a
pharmaceutical company. As a result, Gregg does not have much work
experience in corporate finance, although in his graduate finance
courses, he learnt about time value of money and its applications in
financial and investment decisions. Despite
his lack of experience in corporate finance, Gregg wants to create
value for the company through efficient management of working capital,
and prudent capital budgeting activities by expanding the company’s
products into new markets. He is considering a capital investment either
in the State of Ohio or North Dakota because of growing market demand
for the company’s products in both States and the recent changes to the
States’ tax legislations that give tax incentives to new companies. The
company has announced plans to invest about $2.2 million in its Medical
Devices and Pharmaceutical segments. Gregg believes that decisions such
as these, with price tags in the millions, are obviously major
undertakings, and the risks and rewards must be carefully weighed. Gregg
knows that good financial decisions increase the value of a company’s
stock, and poor financial decisions decrease the value of the stock.
Gregg is working hard to make Baldwin Inc. one of the leading firms in
the health care industry. Gregg
has been reading articles in financial journals on capital budgeting
decisions and risk analysis. He has written down the following ideas on
project evaluation techniques from book chapters and peer-reviewed
articles: 1. The most popular capital budgeting techniques used
in practice to evaluate and select projects are payback period, Net
Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). 2. Payback period is the number of years required for a company to recover the initial investment cost. 3. Net Present Value (NPV) technique:
NPV is found by subtracting a project’s initial cost of investment from
the present value of its cash flows discounted using the firm’s
weighted average cost of capital. It shows the absolute amount of money
in dollars that the project is expected to generate. Decision Criteria of NPV If NPV > 0, accept the project If NPV < 0, reject the project The decision rule for mutually exclusive project is to select the project with the highest NPV. 4. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is
the intrinsic rate of return the project is likely to generate. The IRR
is the discount rate or the rate of return that will equate the present
value of the cash outflows with the present value of the cash inflows
(i.e. NPV = 0). Decision Rule: Accept the project if IRR > cost of capital Reject the project if IRR < cost of capital Exhibit 1: The expected cash flows in US$ from the project in Ohio and North Dakota.

Cash flow (Ohio)
Cash flow (ND)












The company’s policy is to select projects using NPV technique. 1. You have been hired as a financial consultant to help evaluate the project. Baldwin Inc. wants you to do the following: a. Calculate the payback period for the two projects. b. Calculate the IRR of both projects. c. Use the NPV technique to recommend which investment project it should accept, assuming the cost of capital of financing the Ohio project is 12% and 10% for the North Dakota project? 2.
Gregg knows how bad forecast can ruin capital budgeting decisions. If
the cost of capital changes from 12% to 13% for Ohio project and remains
the same for ND project, does the company have to pursue the project? 3. Gregg wants to analyze the risk of the project using sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. a. Explain to Baldwin Inc. how the two risk analysis models can be used to analyze risk of the project. 4.
Gregg has estimated the fixed costs (including depreciation) of the
Ohio project to be $1.5 million, sales price is $130, and the variable
cost is $70, giving a contribution margin of $60. What is the break-even quantity for this project? 5. Baldwin Inc. wants to know the likely effect of the capital budgeting decision on its stock price (increase, decrease, no change, or not sure). Choose one and explain why.
UC Baldwin Corp Corporate Finance Risk Analysis Real Options & Capital Budgeting Essay

MGT 311 Saudi Electronic University Intro to Operations Management Discussion

MGT 311 Saudi Electronic University Intro to Operations Management Discussion.

Instructions – PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Late submission will NOT be accepted.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.Understand the concept of process selection, forecasting, capacity planning, production forecast methods and schedule operations.Apply knowledge and skills to optimize production objective of maximizing profits using qualitative and quantitative techniques in related areas of operations management.Exhibit the knowledge of lean system, quality controls and green systems
MGT 311 Saudi Electronic University Intro to Operations Management Discussion

Religious Studies homework help

Religious Studies homework help. “Can frugal innovation be disruptive innovation?” In researching and writing your report you will be expected to approach the theory as well as the practice of organisations and analyse one in relation to the other.,“Can frugal innovation be disruptive innovation?”-approach the theory,Undertake some searching of websites, journal articles, textbooks and newspapers for additional information to answer the ,following,: “Can frugal innovation be disruptive innovation?” In researching and writing your report you will be expected to approach the theory as well as the practice of organisations and analyse one in relation to the other.,a. Firstly, Use Markides’ and Christensen’s ideas as a starting point; identify and review further literature on disruptive innovation.,b. Select two examples of less popular forms of Frugal Innovation from Table 2, p 68-69 on Rao’s paper.  Further research and analyse these two products, justifying if each is an example of disruptive innovation.,c. Finally, Conclude, answering the question, with recommendations for the literature identifying any gaps you have found., ,Page of 15 C 1 9 IN Semester 2 Innovation Management Group Assignment 2019/20 (Remember to keep note of all sources of information and ensure appropriate referencing in your report.),3) In an appendix to the essay, your group should critically assess how they managed the assignment.  The following questions should be answered:, a. What did you do? (Description),b. How did you do it? (In answering this question analyse the process that you undertook, e.g. how did you, allocate time, allocate roles, prioritise the work, analyse the data obtained, organise and write the report?),c. How well did you do? (Evaluate how your group performed, e.g. how long did the assignment take? were there any critical incidents? etc),d. Identify the skills that you have used to complete this assignment and identify any new skills that you have started to develop during the coursework.,e. How did the process of completing the assignment enhance these skills? Lastly, If you were to undertake a similar group assignment at a future date, what improvements would you make?,• As part of this section your group MUST provide a brief statement of acknowledgement at the end of the assignment which gives an assurance that the work is theirs and states that the group members are aware of the University policy and regulations on copying, plagiarism and collusion in assessed work. Non-inclusion of this statement will be penalised., • The group must also complete the peer contribution declaration and include it in the submission.,4) Given the likely volume of work required for this assignment, it is essential that you work in a small group of three or four.,5) Students will be invited to ask questions about this assignment at the end of lectures, so it is important to attend lectures.Religious Studies homework help