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“Jordan, we got a phone call today…they found a body.” I couldn’t help but cry. My mom said they couldn’t tell if it was him or not. How could it not be him? It’s his house.
Then I was told the body was too decomposed to be recognizable. I went to bed wondering…Is it my Uncle? Who else could it be? How could this have happened? The next morning we found out, it was my uncle. I had this overall feeling of sickness and regret.
At the funeral, there was a slide show of pictures of him. They ended the slide show on my uncle’s smile. Those pictures…that smile…will never leave me.
My uncle was an alcoholic for 10 years. He died at the age of 53. I never truly got to know who he was. His addiction kept him withdrawn and my entire family soon became distant. But somehow his death brought us closer together. Our family has spent more time together since my uncle’s passing–smiling, laughing…having fun. This experience has made me realize how important friends and family truly are.
Being upset over his death wouldn’t bring him back. Instead of being consumed by sadness I made a decision…a decision that would become my future. I began looking at the positives instead of the negatives. Rather than continuing to stay distant from my family, my cousin and I chose to start talking more, thus strengthening our relationship. His death made me a stronger person. I came to understand the risk of alcohol. Therefore, I elected to not give in to peer- pressure and stay away from alcohol.

Under Armor

Under Armor.

Under armor’s willful digital move Students are required to analyze and report on marketing cases. Using cases to learn about the practice of marketing management is a powerful way to accomplish five things: Increase your understanding of what managers should and should not do in guiding a business to success. Build your skills in sizing up company resource strengths and weaknesses and in conducting strategic analysis in a variety of industries and competitive situations. Get valuable practice in identifying strategic issues that need to be addressed, evaluating strategic alternatives, and formulating workable plans of action. Enhance your sense of business judgment, as opposed to uncritically accepting the authoritative crutch of the professor. Gain an in-depth exposure to different industries and companies, thereby acquiring something close to actual business experience. Selected teams will present each case analysis in class (PowerPoint). For those teams/students that are not presenting in class that day, they will be required to complete and submit a three to five page written case analysis prior to the class (individual assignment). Shorter and well written is better than longer and poorly written. The case analysis framework for your paper will follow the following framework: Analyze and Record the Current Situation Analyze and Record Problems and Core Elements Formulate, Evaluate, and Record Alternative Courses of Action Select and Record the Chosen alternative and Implementation Details Your Case Study Analysis should follow the Headings and Instructions below: Section I – The Situation In this section (approximately 1 page) provide a summary of the main factors in the case. Identify the time frame of the situation being discussed. Who is the main character in the case and what decision or dilemma is he/her facing? What are the implications of the situation for the individual or the company involved? Identify the major issues facing this individual and/or the company. Formulate a concluding statement that succinctly summarizes the issue. When you use a citation, the format goes like this (Kotter, 2012). If there is a quote, you would say something like. According to Kotter (2012), “by far the biggest mistake people make when trying to change organizations is to plunge ahead without establishing a high enough sense of urgency” (p.4). Section II – The Causes/Hypothesis/Proof This section immediately follows the previous section. Identify the internal and external factors that have caused the situation and detail them (approximately 1-2 pages). Provide a list of these primary causes, whether they are internal or external, and the associated facts from the case to support your reasoning. Section III – Alternatives This section immediately follows the previous section. Identify several courses of action that the individual/company can pursue. Complete an analysis of each option (approximately 1-2 pages). Are there open questions or issues that could help inform the identification of alternatives? Section IV – Recommendation This section immediately follows the previous section. What is the criteria you have used to select your alternative? What is the ultimate goal for this individual/company and what is the criteria that will indicate it was a good decision? Make your recommendation and provide justification based on facts, inferences, and your own insight to support the decision (approximately ½-1 page). Section V – Implementation and Control This section immediately follows the previous section. What steps do you recommend are taken to implement the recommended course of action? Indicate how the company would determine if the strategy was successful or not (approximately ½-1 page). How should they go about figuring out the best course of action?

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