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Hilda is a heroin addict with two young children. She was homeless for two years before recently being placed

Hilda is a heroin addict with two young children. She was homeless for two years before recently being placed in a government-subsidized apartment. During those years, she and her children stayed in a succession of shelters, where caring for the children was very difficult. As a result of Hilda’s addiction, there were public incidents of child neglect that came to the attention of child protective authorities. Hilda had come very close to losing custody of her children to foster care on several occasions. She had been warned that in order to keep her children, she needed to stay away from drugs, and provide them with a decent place to live.
A few weeks after she set up housekeeping in her new apartment, she was visited by an old boyfriend and drug supplier. He gave her some drugs in exchange for her allowing him to use her apartment to do a drug deal. The drug deal somehow came to the attention of her new landlord, who paid her a visit on the following night.
He said, “Hilda, there are drugs being sold in this apartment. I saw it with my own two eyes. I am going to have to call the cops and have you evicted.” Hilda begged him not to call the police, and confided that the incident would probably cost her custody of her children. He replied that he found her attractive, and offered to refrain from calling the police – as he was truly required to do – in exchange for one act of sexual intercourse.
Hilda said: “Not on your life, you disgusting little creep.” The landlord said, “O.K. have it your way”, and he left. Two hours later, she telephoned the landlord and told him that she would give him what he wanted. He came to her apartment, whereupon she admitted him, laid down on her bed, and submitted passively to a sexual act. On the following morning, a mortified and angry Hilda complained to the police, who arrested the landlord. As he was led away, he said: “It was okay with her yesterday. She never complained!”

Part 1:
You are a New York Prosecutor. What criminal charge or charges, if any, would you bring against the landlord in Article 130 or 135 of the N.Y. Penal Law? Write a memo to your bureau chief, describing how you will prove the elements of the crime on the above facts. What legal problems you anticipate, and how you will support your case on summation. (Use only the facts that are given. Do not hypothesize or invent any additional facts.
(Maximum 500 words)

Part 2:
Do the same exercise as a prosecutor for 3 of the following jurisdictions: California; Wisconsin; England; Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; New Jersey; A state that adopted the Model Penal Code. (Suggestion: Choose 3 jurisdictions whose rape statutes are written or interpreted in a way that contrasts with New York’s in dealing with these facts)
(Maximum 500 words)

Extra Credit: Suppose that the case of Maryland v. Rusk had occurred in New York. 1) As a prosecutor applying current New York law, what is the most serious offense with which you would charge Rusk? As a juror, would you convict him of that offense or of any lesser offense?
(Maximum 500 words)




 A survey based project that includes questionnaire design, collection of data, analysis of data, and reporting results.You are required to use existing framework (preferably related to your area of study), develop the questionnaire (based on established constructs and items), collect data using the questionnaire, input data in SPSS or any other software, analyze data, and report results. The project report can be submitted on the day of the final exam. The report must not be more than 4000 words. You can attach the results as appendices. The report should cover: (1) A brief explanation on the framework, (2) The hypotheses used in the study, (3) A brief explanation on the questionnaire design, (4) Sampling method used and justification, (5) Analysis of data and results, and

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Sustainable food system

Hilda is a heroin addict with two young children. She was homeless for two years before recently being placed Sustainable food system.

Critically discuss what is meant by a sustainable food system and highlight how current food systems might need to change for them to be sustainable.

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 1. Abstract (5 Points) o What was/were the experimental objective(s) of the lab? What did you do? o What were the results of the lab? What did you find out? What is its significance? What does it mean? o Usually one paragraph long. 2. Introduction (20 Points) o What was the background (or context) of the experiment? o What were the specifications for the experiment? o Competition rules and restrictions, if applicable. o Include any formulas you will use here. o Describe any special equipment/software used. o What scientific principles were used? o Discuss product evaluation and the need for it o Discuss quality improvement and its importance o Include examples of product evaluation and quality improvement o Discuss a standard, an average, accuracy, and precision o Describe loops and switches and how they are useful in coding o Describe the light sensor, gyro sensor, and ultrasonic sensor used in the lab and their optimal position o Discuss the importance of tolerance and percent accuracy in determining product quality o NEVER JUST COPY material from the manual. 3. Procedures (15 Points) o Always begin with materials. What materials were used? o Discuss the EV3 kit and software used o Describe Mindstorms programming for only the sensors coding portion o What steps were performed in the lab, in detail? How were they done? o Any modifications made for any/all trials. o No numbered lists, past tense please. 4. Data/Observations (30 Points) o What were the measurements or the outcome of the experiment? o Describe the results verbally. o Include tables, graphs, and figures where appropriate. o Label all tables, graphs, and figures. o Compare the final code with sensors and final code without sensors; determine which is better. * * Substantiate the decision with data, observations, and other facts collected o Make a final evaluation of the product: should it go into production? Describe its accuracy and precision o Assess the techniques used in the testing process 5. Discussion/Conclusions (30 Points) o What worked and did not work? Explain any experimental difficulties. o Include a sample calculation of any formulas used (i.e., competition ratios). o Link the discussion to your objectives. o What improvements (if any) can be made to the product or design? o Can you suggest future work? o Discuss better testing methods for the robot design o Recommend if any design improvements should be made NOTE: If you don’t know an answer to a question, use your intuition. NOTE: The competition did no take place due to the following reasons: Data/Observations -Hardcoding the procedure was trial and error -Sensors would fail in one way or another -Hardcoding was inconsistent -Trying to use the sensors resulted in failure from hardware -No trials for sensor trials

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Marketing Question

You are to watch the attached Ted Talk video and read Chapter 6, then write a Reflection Paper (in a Word document) on what you have learned. You need to answer all the questions listed below on the basis of the Ted Talk video, the textbook, and your thought.
The information must clearly be organized, factual, and correct, and demonstrate a thorough self-reflective analysis of the questions asked below. The paper is to include supporting details and examples.The Reflection Paper requires well-constructed paragraphs, using proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. (please use Grammarly on this assignment).
Must be no less than one and a half full double-spaced pages, but no more than three pages long.Either 11- or 12-point font size throughout is acceptable.
Watch Link: TED Talk Video (Links to an external site.)
Questions to answer and include in your writing
1) Why is a resume important in a selection process? Note: Answer this question from the perspectives of an HR manager and applicants.
2) When you have a set of different jobs in different industrial sectors, how would you appeal to an interviewer?
3) In Chapter 6, find and explain what “Reliability” and “Validity” mean?
4) Why are these two concepts (Reliability and Validity) important in employee selection?

definition of what person-centered care means to you. Describe how you will apply principles of holistic nursing, cultural humility, and self-reflection in your future role as a nurse practitioner.

III. Integration of Evidence: The student post provides support from a minimum of one scholarly in-text citation with a matching reference AND assigned readings OR online lessons, per discussion topic per week. What is a scholarly resource? A scholarly resource is one that comes from a professional, peer-reviewed publication (e.g., journals and government reports such as those from the FDA or CDC). Contains references for sources cited Written by a professional or scholar in the field and indicates credentials of the author(s) Is no more than 5 years old for clinical or research article What is not considered a scholarly resource? Newspaper articles and layperson literature (e.g., Readers Digest, Healthy Life Magazine, Food, and Fitness) Information from Wikipedia or any wiki Textbooks Website homepages The weekly lesson Articles in healthcare and nursing-oriented trade magazines, such as Nursing Made Incredibly Easy and RNMagazine (Source: What is a scholarly article.docx; Created 06/09 CK/CL Revised: 02/17/11, 09/02/11 nlh/clm) Can the lesson for the week be used as a scholarly source? Information from the weekly lesson can be cited in a posting; however, it is not to be the sole source used in the post. Are resources provided from CU acceptable sources (e.g., the readings for the week)? Not as a sole source within the post. The textbook and/or assigned (required) articles for the week can be used, but another outside source must be cited for full credit. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources for the purpose of discussions. Are websites acceptable as scholarly resources for discussions? Yes, if they are documents or data cited from credible websites. Credible websites usually end in .gov or .edu; however, some .org sites that belong to professional associations (e.g., American Heart Association, National League for Nursing, American Diabetes Association) are also considered credible websites. Websites ending with .com are not to be used as scholarly resources IV. Professionalism in Communication: The post presents information in logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence, and is clearly relevant to the discussion topic. Grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation are accurate.

Boston Globe article on jumpy Diaz titled : Junot Diaz case

Boston Globe article on jumpy Diaz titled : Junot Diaz case.

Take a look at the Boston Globe article on jumpy Diaz titled : Junot Diaz case may be a #MeToo turning point. Does the controversy reported there make a difference in how we read diaz’s Novel ? Should it make a difference? Develop your own ideas (analyze/critical thinking/elaborate with your own opinions. Consider the specifics after your points. Why are those points important to add to your text? What did you feel after reading it? Ideas need to be precise in their expression.

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